Chapter 21 - Riding Miss Daisy


This isn't turning out to be my finest hour. Fluff seems to have completely forgotten her starring role in the hottest kiss of my life, and my mom has decided I should spend the day bonding with my `brother` while she catches up with an old friend in Santa Barbara. This turn of events would normally be a slight irritation, but for the fact that I have to go into the studio to record a scene.

And the fact I want to spend the afternoon inside Bella Swan.

Cujo is sitting in the corner of Fluff's living room, baring his fangs and staring at me like I'm a month old piece of shit turning white in the sun. A low level growl vibrates from his chest, and I'm wondering just what the hell I'm going to do with him while the cameras are rolling.

Fluff drags herself out of bed just before midday, making up a tall story about her sculpture class being cancelled because they ran out of clay. I try not to look at her too closely, aware that every time I do, my cock has a flashback to the other night, when she climbed all over me in Jasper's pussy wagon.

As soon as Fluff walks into the room, Emmett morphs into Lassie, almost purring with delight and scampering over to her, his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging like he isn't a hound from hell.

"How's my sweetest little baby," she coos, picking him up and rubbing his fur. The way she blows him kisses makes me want to cut a dog, and I fist my hands in an attempt not to fling him out the window of her third floor apartment.

"I ... ah ... need your help today." My last few words tumble out fast. She looks up at me, forehead creased, and I swear Emmett turns around and gives me the evil stare.

"What's up?"

My cock, that's what.

How the hell can I make her remember? I'm at a loss, desperate for her to look at me the way she did when she was grinding against my dick, but half afraid she'll think I took advantage of her inebriated state.

"I have to take Emmett to the studio with me. And you owe me a favor."

"I owe you a favor?" Her face is blank. I lift my hands up and curl my fingers, mimicking the way she moulded the clay. Her lips drop open and she shakes her head rapidly. "No way, Bunny. I know you did the nude modelling, but I'm not going to polish your python."

If I didn't find her response amusing I'd be offended. For a start, my hands are way too closed up to be mimicking a hand job, and anyway, she does owe me.

"Not that." I glance at my watch and realize I have to be there in thirty minutes. I'm going to have to put on my best sweet talking voice. "I need you to come to the studio and dog-sit Emmett."

At the sound of his name, Emmett looks at me and bares his teeth, lips pulled back until all I can see is the pink-white expanse of his gums. He growls again, louder than last time, and I start to worry he's going to come in and kill me while I'm sleeping tonight.

I fucking hate dogs.

"You want me to come to the studio?" she asks, her face falling. "Im not sure I can do that."

I bite my lower lip in frustration. "You promised." I remind her.

Bella reaches down to put Emmett back on the floor. He stays by her legs, nuzzling against them, his white fur rubbing on her tanned calves. She reaches down and ruffles his head and I feel my stomach contract.

I'm jealous of a goddamned pug.

"Why can't I look after him here?" Emmett looks almost gleeful at this. I swear he can understand every word we are saying.

"Because mom could come back at any time, and if she finds out I've left him here with you, I'll never hear the end of it. We can take pictures of him in the studio or something?" I grab my sunglasses and look for my keys. I can't believe I've got to take the four-legged Satan in my Chevelle with me. If he shits in it, he dies.

"Photos, that sounds great," Fluff deadpans. "Maybe I can pose him on your naked ass while I watch you pump another woman?"

I open my mouth to respond, but nothing comes out. We stare at each other, her mouth screwed up in anger, mine wide with surprise. For some reason her flash of envy gives me hope and more than anything I want to cling on to it. She has me whipped—heart, body and soul, and all I want to do is drag her to bed and spend the day wrapped up inside her.

"We're filming external shots today. No sex," I tell her, and now I want to take a picture of the relieved expression that runs across her face.

Christ, I want her.

"Externals?" she clarifies, pulling on her chucks, and fishing my car keys from behind the sofa. I'd bet good money Cujo put them there.

"You know, Batman and Throbbin?" I remind her. Her lips curl up and she bites down on them as if to muffle a laugh. "We need to film a couple of climbing scenes and stuff."

"That sounds very ... ahm ... technical." She can't hold it any longer. The giggles spill out of her lips, and Emmett starts to bark, his eyes dancing with what looks like amusement. I stifle the urge to strangle him then stuff his body down her throat.

"It is," I huff, pulling open the front door and stalking out of the apartment. She scoops up Emmett and catches me, her hand reaching out to squeeze mine in a gesture of reconciliation.

"Let's go, Batman."

. . .

When we get to the studio, the sun is burning high in the sky, the perfect lighting for our next scene. I grab the Batman suit from the trunk of the car, and we walk into the studio together, heading for the make-up room where I'll change and get ready for the scene.

Alice is already there, brushes at the ready, and when she sees Fluff, a huge grin crosses her face and she squeals, throwing herself into Fluff's arms. They do that strange jump-dance thing girls do when they're happy to see each other, both talking so fast I can't understand what on earth they are saying.

"Blah blah blah paparazzi" Alice squeals, making Fluff's face fall and her eyes slide sideways as if she is trying to look at me while trying not to look like she's trying to look at me. It's a move that's as complex as the description.

"Blah blah blah In and Out?" Fluff replies, and she's shaking her head in confusion, her eyes staring straight at Alice's cell phone. Emmett is clearly growing as bored of this conversation as I am, and starts to run around the room madly, barking at an invisible person at the door.

"Shut the hell up, Emmett!" Fluff shouts, and his little doggy face falls. I feel my feet tapping the ground in a little victory dance.

Emmett starts scratching at the door, whimpering, his claws scraping at the dark green paint. Fluff is whispering in the corner with Alice, who appears to be showing her something on her iPhone, so I walk over and push down the handle, wondering if Emmett needs to go outside to do his doggy business.

I almost jump when I pull the door open. Standing on the other side, naked as the day she ... came out of the cosmetic surgeon's office ... is Rosalie Hale, also known as Tits McGee. Three things happen at once, making me a little unsteady on my feet, and unsure of how things get out of hand so quickly.

Bella gasps, pointing at Rosalie, and screaming something about getting her tits out of my face.

Rosalie yells at me, complaining that I'm late as usual and she has a hair appointment at four.

Emmett launches himself at Tits McGee like a furry cannonball, his little body flying through the air. He clamps his entire torso around her leg, moving himself up and down in a pretty great imitation of a dry-hump. Rosalie screams and kicks, trying to unlatch him from her ankle. Emmett yelps but carries on gyrating, his eyes shining like a man who has gone without for a long, long time.

Alice runs over, trying not to look at Rosalie's crotch as she wraps her hand around Emmett, pulling him away from Rosalie's naked leg. He howls loudly, his paws scrambling in thin air as he tries to get back to her, Alice having to use all her strength to restrain him from leaping out of her grasp.

I take one look at the mayhem and feel the hysteria bubble up through my chest until I bark out a laugh, my eyes watering at Rosalie's horrified expression.

"Well, that was interesting." I observe, folding my arms in front of me. "It looks like you just met your biggest fan."

Rosalie starts shouting about lawsuits and dog pounds-which sounds like a movie she could definitely make-but I'm distracted by a gentle hand wrapping around my larger, rougher version. I turn to see Fluff staring up at me, a quizzical expression on her face and her eyes shining under the harsh light of the makeup room. She snakes out a tongue to moisten her lips and I want to eat her face off, lift her body against mine until we are both panting with anticipation.

"Edward?" Her voice is tremulous, and it makes me realize the thing I've been both dreading and hoping for since In N Out has finally occurred.

Fluff has remembered our fuck-hot kiss.

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