Izzy pulled on a green t-shirt dress with black stripes, putting on ripped leggings, green star bracelets, and black flats. She fixed her hair the best way possible, in its normal curly state, and knocked on the door across from hers.

"SIERRA! We only have half an hour left till the boys get here. Hurry up!" Izzy shouted, and went to watch TV. Not long after, Sierra appeared in a blue Hello Kitty top saying, "You Had Me at Hello", along with a jean skirt and black leggings. She pulled on a pair of regular converse, black diamond-shaped earrings, and her necklace that had an electric guitar on it. Grabbing a bag matching her necklace, she sat next to Izzy and hugged her.

Izzy was siting in a trance, feeling odd. Even for her.

"Iz? Are you alright?" Sierra asked. waving her hands in Izzy's face. "Izzy, I know you here me. C'mon, you can tell me what's wrong. Best girlfriends forever, right?"

"Izzy sighed, and put her hands on Sierra's shoulders. "I need to do something, but I'm scared. And you know it's big if I'm scared. Should I do it?"

Sierra took the redhead's hands and smiled. "Do it, because you'll regret it if you-"

Sierra stopped, for she was cut off by Izzy's lips mashing onto hers. The redhead's green lipstick mixed with Sierra's blue one, making them mix. Sierra, though surprised, yet still excited, deepening their kiss.

They suddenly stopped. "Sierra, are you okay?" Izzy asked her, worried.

Sierra looked at her for a second. "W-what? Izz, are you trying to tell me something?"

Izzy laughed, feeling free. "Nah, just wanted to see what you taste like. It's strawberries and cream by the way."

"Oh, but I didn't get your taste, I was too shocked," Sierra joked, putting her hands on Izzy's and squeezing them.

Suddenly she put her lips on the redhead's. What was just a normal 5 second kiss turned to an all out french, with Sierra on top.

"Oranges," Sierra breathed, parting for air. "You taste like..." Sierra began, but stopped upon seeing Cody's face in the window. "Cody?!"

He suddenly disappeared. "Izzy, We have to attack my boyfriend. I just saw him in the window." Sierra stated, straddling Izzy.

" 'Kay, Sierra, we'll do something to him after the double date. C'mon, let's go." Izzy told her, carrying Sierra outside.

Noah's car was sitting in the driveway. "Hey, Noah! Have you seen Cody?" Sierra asked him once Izzy stopped in front of his window.

"He went to get you two." Noah replied, looking out of his window. "There he is." Cody came panting from behind Sierra and Izzy's house.

"Hi, Cody." Sierra waved to him as he opened the car door for her. "Thanks, sweetie." She smiled, pecking his cheek.

"I think I was seeing things when I saw you in the window." Sierra thought aloud, while Cody breathed an internal sigh of relief.

"Eh, I bet it was nothing," Cody smiled at her, and she smiled back.

"Yeah, maybe."

Hours Later...

Sierra and Izzy continued their frenching in their living room after their double date. Little did they know that Cody and Noah were watching from Cody's telescope.

"I don't believe this." Noah stated, clearly surprised from the view.

"I didn't either. But can I confess something to you?" Cody asked pleadingly.

"Sure whatever." Noah replied, looking from his telescope

"I think it's kinda hot." Cody said, his face red.

"You're such a perv." Noah said, writing down notes in his pad.

"Sure, sure. If you don't mind, I'm gonna watch from their window."

"God. He is weird." Noah laughed, watching him run across the street.

A/N: Hello, random one shots are shooting out of my brain, and this is the one which made me laugh the most. Hope you enjoyed the Siezzy luff!