A Smile And A Look

Chapter 1

His first impression was that he had never seen a police detective look so beautiful and not be undercover somehow. She was ballsy, smart and compassionate but she wasn't condescending the way her partner was. She laid out how SVU was different than regular crimes, how living victims made it harder, but she didn't act as if he'd never get it right.

Narcotics had been in his blood, but in all his living victims there were also potential perps. Every junkie was a victim, but also a criminal, just by being what they were. He'd gotten so tired of the endless war on drugs that it seemed like he'd lost a long time ago. And going undercover had eroded what few relationships he'd had in his life.

It was strange to walk into a precinct and see the detectives in suits or at least nicer slacks and button down shirts. He'd felt just a little out of place, especially as he was apparently replacing the very fine woman he'd introduced himself to, that had been awkward to say the least. Detective Benson had been resigned but polite and she hadn't made him feel like he was destroying the squad for existing. His new partner, John Munch, was just plain old bag of cats weird and Benson's partner Stabler had that holier than thou attitude that Fin just knew was going to drive him crazy.

Benson smiled at him though, he'd been pouring coffee and she'd been on the phone when he held up the pot to offer her some. She hadn't been able to talk, apparently interrupting the person on the other end of the line would be a bad idea but she'd smiled and mouthed 'thank you' with the fervent gratitude of a true caffeine addict. He couldn't help thinking that for a few smiles like that a week he'd put up with a weird ass partner, a superior acting detective and a captain who was old enough to be his grandpa.

She wasn't sure what to make of the new detective. Odafin Tutuola was an interesting man, very nice looking, but not very forthcoming. He'd asked intelligent questions, not always something she could expect from detectives, showed sympathy for the victims along with a healthy amount of skepticism and he didn't throw his weight around. He stood by his theories until he came across new facts and then if need be he discarded his hypothesis and worked another avenue. He was very smart, and a smart ass which he'd need to be if he was John's partner.

He was quiet though, when they were all doing paperwork in the squadroom John would be rambling on about conspiracy theories, Elliot would usually be on the phone to someone, his wife or kids so there was always noise. Even Monique had ended up gabbing with Munch more often than not, and Cassidy hadn't been able to prevent himself from talking, but he'd been pretty young. But Detective Tutuola, Fin, he'd said to call him, just filled out his paperwork and took it all in.

He did make frequent trips to the coffee pot, nearly as many as she did. He'd nearly saved her life by offering coffee when she'd been stuck on the phone. She'd make a point of returning the favor one of these days, when he looked tired and was stuck on the phone.

Fin was certain that Olivia Benson was an angel. He wasn't sure how his ex had tracked him down but she'd gotten him on the phone and was ranting about Kenneth and how his life would be ruined and it was all his fault somehow. He'd picked up his coffee cup to get another jolt in the hopes that with enough caffeine he might just figure out how to interrupt Teresa long enough to get her off the phone but he'd had his last swallow before the damn phone had rung.

And then, the angel of the squad, Detective Olivia Benson had brought him a fresh cup, given him a squeeze on the shoulder and a smile and he'd felt half of his tension drain away. Finally he got off the phone and sighed before he looked over at her, "You," He paused and grinned. "You are a lifesaver. If I hadn't gotten coffee in me she woulda kept me on the phone the whole damn day and night."

"Wife?" Benson grinned teasingly, "Or your mother."

"Fin doesn't have a mother, he sprang from Zeus' head fully formed," Munch interjected sardonically. "Or so he would have us believe."

"I am godlike but no way am I Athena, no matter how good I am at hunting down bad guys," Fin shook his head before he answered Benson's question, "No, it was my ex. My son's mother. Apparently Kenneth is going to ruin his life and its my fault even though I barely get to see him."

"That sucks," Benson's face was sympathetic without being cloying, as if she couldn't help stating the facts. "If you need us to run interference just say so," She winked at he and Munch, "John here is good for at least a half an hour of time wasting if the call gets routed through him. She'll never call again once he starts going on about the little grey aliens."

"Those are real," Munch retorted. "And they're helping the government to spy on us."

"So that's where all my tax dollars go," Fin quipped and was rewarded with Benson's laugh. She was damn beautiful when she laughed.

"Stick around, John'll enlighten you as to all sorts of things the government keeps from us lackeys," She grinned as she bent over her paperwork again.

Author's Note: So this is a new ship for me and I like where its going. Once again I started something on a Friday night that took on a life of its own. I'm not going strictly canon with this as there would be a lot to write and canon doesn't totally interest me. There'll be some Elliot bashing though nothing truly abusive and there'll be some eventual lemons.

I'm mostly interested in writing the relationship, not the cases so you'll find some mention of episodes but nothing in regards to casework. We see a lot of detective work on the show and I don't think I can write it better than the SVU writers.

I'm very interested in feedback for this as I'm worried about the character voices and if I'm getting something wrong. Please humor me and give me some honest critiques.

And a huge thank you and shout out to downwivluv as she was the one who told me that I may as well write out the new story idea because it probably wouldn't go away until I did.