Chapter 27

Fin spooned up to his wife and put his hand on her belly, absently rubbing it in circles. She'd been restless in her sleep, unusual these days since the pregnancy had made her sleep so heavily, but tonight she'd hadn't been able to get comfortable. "Babygirl, you want me to rub your back," He muttered tiredly.

"I'm sorry to keep waking you up," Liv sounded exhausted along with the apologetic note in her voice. "I just can't seem to..." A shudder ran through her belly under his hand and she stiffened, "Oh god, that-"

"Liv," Fin sat up and looked at his wife. "Baby was that a contraction?"

"I don't know, I've never given birth before Fin," Now she sounded exhausted, and aggravated. "But oh shit that hurt."

"We're supposed to have two weeks, that's what Doctor Leese said, your due date was in two weeks," Fin was checking the date on his phone and watching his wife in the glow of the phone's face.

"Well its twins, and they're yours, so I guess they're doing things their way," Liv groaned. "I'm going to get out of bed before something happens that wrecks the mattress."

"Put something comfortable Babygirl," Fin grabbed her bag and put it by the door grabbing a pair of jeans along the way. "I'm callin' Doctor Leese, she can meet us at the hospital."

"Ohhhh..." Liv was nearly doubled over. "Shit Fin, this really hurts." She looked at him as he switched on the light and he could see how pale her face was and how huge her eyes looked.

"Well we never made a hard decision on the drug issue during the birth," Fin reminded her. "I'm all for the drugs if you're not in as much pain." He dragged on his jeans and pulled a pair of her yoga pants out of the dresser along with one of the NYPD tees hirts they tended to wear around the house. He pulled on a shirt of his own and shoved his keys, wallet and phone into his pocket. The phone beeped and he dragged it out again, "Doctor Leese is going to meet us there."

"Better call the guys too," Liv groaned as she pulled on the yoga pants and shirt. "John will have a fit if he's not there."

"And Elliot will eviscerate me," Fin agreed texting rapidly. "I'm puttin' your purse in the bag okay?"

"Good idea," Liv nodded and groaned again. "I think they're getting closer together."

"All right Babygirl," Fin knelt and put her moccasins on her feet. "It'll be okay."

"Fin," He stopped and looked up at her, her eyes huge and terrified. "Fin I'm scared."

"Me too Livia," He admitted softly. "But we're together, and we'll be all right. I'll be with you every step of the way."

"Okay," She nodded and took a deep breath. "Babe...if I forget later...and start doing all the stereotypical things I've heard women giving birth do, cursing you, yelling and telling you that we're never having sex again..."

"Oh, yeah I remember that part," Fin chuckled. "Just means I really gotta seduce you after you're all healed up." He kissed her gently, "I'm not gonna take any of that seriously Babygirl."

"Well, if I start doing that, just remember, I love you," She smiled at him and let him help her up. "And I've wanted this...with you...for longer than I even realized. So thank you."

"Hey, you have no idea how many times I felt like a horny teenager when I thought about you," Fin shook his head and grabbed her bag. "You're it Liv. You're my life. I love you. Hell if you asked... I'd probably really think about giving up the job for you."

"You wouldn't do it of course," She teased with a half smile.

"No, but I'd think about it really hard," Fin laughed as they left the apartment.

With Teresa he'd come in while she was in labor, screaming and cussing at him fit to turn the air blue. She'd been pissed that he hadn't been there when it had begun. Even more pissed when he'd had to leave after Kenneth was born. But he'd been undercover and lucky to get away long enough to be screamed at. He'd been so excited about his son being born.

And now he was driving Liv to the hospital, reminding her to breathe and thanking god that she wasn't in so much pain yet. Liv was texting her partner and John and telling them they thought she was in labor and headed to the hospital. "We'll have to update them in a bit, if it turns out this isn't a false alarm."

"John'll call Cragen and George if this is the real deal," Fin nodded. "Any more contractions Baby?"

"One really long one," Liv nodded, "Ten minutes after the last one." She took a deep breath, "But they're getting closer because- Ah!" She clenched her jaw and rode it out, "That was only eight minutes."

"Almost there Liv," Fin turned the corner, the hospital was only a block away.

Her phone beeped and she laughed shakily, "John says he's on his way."

"Leave it to him to not care if its a false alarm or not," Fin had to laugh along with her. "Though from the sound of those contractions, I think this is the real deal." He pulled into the parking lot and they'd managed to get halfway to the doors when Liv nearly whimpered.

"Fin...I..." She looked down and he saw her pants were soaked down the legs with fluid.

"Your water broke," Fin slung her bag over his shoulder and wrapped an arm around her waist. "Yeah this is the real deal." He half carried her into the emergency room and went straight to the desk for a nurse. "My wife's water just broke, her contractions are eight minutes apart and Doctor Leese was meeting us here," He told the woman in flowered scrubs.

"You want obstetrics and maternity, second floor, the wing to your right," The nurse didn't even look up. "Take an elevator, I'll have an orderly get you a wheelchair if you need one."

"No, I can walk," Liv shook her head, "Lets just go. I'll feel better once I see Doctor Leese."

"Yeah," Fin nodded and helped her towards the elevator.

John really hated waiting. Waiting in hospitals wasn't exactly an improved version of the thing he hated, though at least no one was shot this time. He'd gotten to poke his head in the room when he arrived, before the serious labor had begun and Liv had seemed happy to see him. Fin had been distracted by his wife and he'd nodded at his partner but John was almost glad to not have his attention at the moment.

Alex was on her way in, George and Cragen were close and Elliot was hunting down Maureen because Kathy was at work and he couldn't leave the kids home alone. He was calling or texting every five minutes and John wouldn't want to be his oldest daughter when Elliot got hold of her.

George came in, Alex right behind him and both of them headed straight for John, "How is she, how's Fin doing? Any news? What's going on?" He could barely tell who was asking what for the rapid fire questioning he was getting.

"Her water broke in the parking lot," John told them what he knew. "The contractions are getting a lot closer and apparently Liv's really close right now. She's not there yet but its getting pretty near to the time."

"Fin must be terrified," George murmured as he sank into a chair.

"He's at least been through this before, Liv hasn't," Alex reminded them.

"What do we know?" Cragen was demanding answers before he was all the way in the door.

John gave him the same summary he'd given Huang and Cabot and rubbed his hands over his eyes. "It's twins so it could take a while. Also I'm told first time labor...not always proceeding in a timely or orderly fashion."

"No, generally not," The captain agreed with a sigh. "She's lucky that this didn't start a full month before her due date. That's been known to happen with twins."

"I wouldn't want to think about it," Alex shuddered and without thinking John patted her hand.

"She'll be fine," He offered. "Fin's with her and really that's all she needs."

"Has anyone called Kenneth yet?" George asked after a moment.

"I think Fin texted him but we haven't heard anything back yet," John thought for a moment. "I've got his number though. I'll give him a call." He rose to move outside to make the call and came back in with a frown. "Turns out he was at his mother's for the evening, he just got his father's text. He's on his way in now."

Cragen looked up from his phone, "Elliot finally found Maureen, he'll be here in the next hour at the latest. He sounds really pissed."

"He really wanted to be here for Liv," John nodded. "I think lately he's as excited as she is."

"Well like the man said, he's slow and steady but he gets there," Cragen chuckled. "And he's finally got an inkling of how important this is to Olivia."

Elliot had gotten to the hospital a quarter of an hour before, Kenneth and Alejandro had arrived a few minutes before him, and everyone was on edge with bad coffee and stretched nerves. It was eerily quiet in the waiting room, quieter than John liked when the doors opened and Fin came out, "Liv's doin' fine." He told them, his cafe au lait face exhausted. "Both the twins are good. Aced all their tests, flying colors and everything."

"When can we see all of them?" Elliot asked the question they all wanted to know.

"They're cleanin' the three of them up now," Fin smiled tiredly. "So a few mintues." John absentmindedly calculated that Fin and Liv had been awake and going through this for at least twelve hours now. His supposition was confirmed when Fin continued, "She's kinda exhausted, the contractions started when we were tryin' to sleep last night. So if she drops off on us it's not 'cause she's bored or anything."

"Dad, how are you doin'?" Kenneth asked with a concerned smile. "You look a little..."

"Tired," Alejandro interjected. "You seem a bit tired."

"Aw, I'll live," Fin's smile was joyous even through his exhaustion. "This is one of the four best days of my life."

"Fin you sound almost sentimental," Elliot chuckled. "One of the nurses check you for a fever?"

"Laugh it up," Fin rolled his eyes before he turned to see a nurse in the doorway of Liv's room. "They're all set so c'mon in when you want." He turned and hurried back to his wife without another word.

John shook his head, "The coolest cat in the precinct and he's..."

"So not when it comes to Liv and his kids," Alex laughed along with him. "I'm texting Warner so she knows to come by before she goes on her shift at work."

Surprisingly it was Stabler who shrugged off Fin's behavior, "Doesn't matter how many times you become a dad, its overwhelming each time."

Cragen seconded the notion, "Fin might not show his feelings easily but he feels very strongly, especially about family." John noticed that the captain was looking at Kenneth and Alejandro as he spoke. "I can't imagine what it must be like to be Fin right now."

"He's amazed, terrified, overwhelmed," Elliot looked up as Kathy came in. "Hey." He wrapped his wife in a hug. "Fin just came out and said we could see them in a minute, you an' Alex wanna take a peek? Make sure Liv's okay with a bunch a guys invading her space?"

John grinned at Alex and nodded towards the room Fin had entered, "I'd feel better about visiting if I was sure that everything Fin would kill me for seeing was covered."

Kathy laughed and nodded, "Sure, we'll reconnoiter for you guys."

Liv wasn't sure when she last recalled being so tired and so happy at the same time. Fin was cooing over their baby girl while she held Abe and her husband looked like he couldn't possibly be happier. "So did I say anything I need to apologize for," She murmured as she drew her eyes from her son's face to her husbands.

"Nah," Fin chuckled as he sat down on the end of the bed. "Apart from threatening to shoot me if I told you that you were doing great one more time. I switched phrases at that point."

"Oh babe," Liv giggled and then groaned as everything ached. "Sorry about that."

"Hey, you didn't threaten to withhold sex, castrate me or pull my bottom lip over my head," Fin smiled at her. "You gave me two beautiful children. I'm pretty sure that if you'd actually shot me no jury in the world would convict you."

Alex and Kathy came in as he said that and Alex laughed, "Fin I don't think labor pain is a sufficient defense for manslaughter."

Olivia smiled at her friends, "The guys send you in?"

"Yeah, John seems convinced that if he sees parts of you he shouldn't that Fin will make good on all those old threats," Kathy shook her head over Munch's paranoia as she came to peer over Fin's shoulder. "She's adorable Fin. Look at that pretty skin. And those eyelashes, already..."

Liv smiled as she turned Abe so Alex could see his face more clearly, "Doesn't he look like his daddy? My handsome little man," She couldn't help cooing.

"The shape of his eyes... so much like Fin," Alex agreed. "And that little mouth."

She couldn't help grinning, "I know, he's like a mini Fin. Going to break hearts."

"Okay we couldn't wait any longer," John's voice interrupted. "Let me see my niece and nephew."

Tears just welled up in her eyes at John's words and she sniffed, "Oh." Liv tried to calm down. "Damn hormones. Here John, hold your nephew."

Munch looked pleased and alarmed but willingly let her transfer the baby to his arms, "Hey there little man." He smiled down at the baby. "How're you doin'?"

Liv wiped her eyes and felt Alex's arm wrap around her shoulders, "I thought the day Fin and I got married was the happiest I'd ever feel." She whispered to her friend, "But this..."

"Yeah," Elliot had come around to her other side so he could look over Fin's shoulder at Odilia, "The brain really can't anticipate feeling that much at once."

"Exactly," Fin was still staring at his daughter and finally sighed and let George hold her so he could come and wrap an arm around Liv's waist. "Thank you Babygirl," He whispered pressing a kiss to her cheek.

"Thank you," Olivia looked at him. "If you hadn't been...brave enough to tell me what you did a year ago..."

"We'd have gotten here eventually," Fin disagreed, pressing another kiss to her cheek and one to her mouth. "I was getting to the limit of my resistance to you Babygirl."

"Yeah I wasn't sure how much longer I could go without jumping you," She admitted. "But I'm glad it worked out this way...that we didn't waste anymore time."

"So have you guys thought about names?" Elliot asked with a smile.

"Oh yeah, you weren't there when we talked about it," Fin smiled. "Liv an' me, we picked the kids names out already." He pointed at his daughter, "Meet Odilia Johanna Tutuola." George turned the baby slightly so Elliot could see her face.

"And John is holding Abiola Elliot Tutuola," Liv smiled at her partner.

"You named your son after me?" Elliot was astonished, Liv hadn't ever seen him quiet so surprised.

"We named our kids for our family," Fin corrected him. "Know that if anything happened to us you guys would make sure they were taken care of. Between Kenneth and all of you, the twins are set for family."

Kenneth was smiling as he looked down at his sister, "Well I'm glad I'm big enough to be intimidating to any guy she wants to date." He chuckled. "Would have been a lot harder if I was five when she was born."

"Yeah and now they've got two of us," Alejandro seconded. "Fin'll have the gun and the ranger background, not to mention being a cop. Liv's a cop too and she's scary as hell when she's pissed." He grinned and looked at Kenneth, "Why will the kids need us again?"

His boyfriend laughed at him, "Style man, we got style!"

Olivia couldn't help laughing and leaning against Fin, "Hmm... I love our family babe. Thanks for giving it to me." She mumbled tiredly. "Fell in love with that smile of yours...and that silly smirk, that look you'd give me, like you could see all of me. Love you Odafin." She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment, just a minute to rest and then she'd talk with the family some more.

Fin looked down at his exhausted wife and grinned before he bent and scooped her into his arms, "Fin?" She woke up as he was carrying her to bed.

"Expectin' someone else?" He set her on the bed and kissed her forehead. "How'd the party go?"

"Five year olds running around the apartment, Kenneth and Alejandro also running, fueled by cake, ice cream and my idiotic idea of pizza," Liv groaned. "They're asleep finally. And you, you had to work a late shift."

"I'm sorry Babygirl," Fin sighed. "We got the son of a bitch though. Thanks to you and your work this morning with the witness, we got a solid case."

"Well that's something," Olivia sat up and began to pull of her shoes. "I wish I could have been there but you did lose the coin toss."

"Yeah," Fin scowled. "I say next time we go rock paper scissors to see who gets to stay home for the party."

"Birthday's on a weekend next year," Olivia grinned. "I vote for something quiet, just for family."

"Yeah, maybe have some energy left over for the two of us afterwards," Fin agreed as he watched her undress and began to do the same.

"Oh I've got enough energy for you," Her smile was wicked as her hands began to flick open the buttons of his shirt.

"Yeah?" Fin grinned and kissed her, the taste of her mouth, even after six years, it was still perfection. "I tell you I love you baby?"

"Yeah, but you can tell me again," Liv grinned at him. "Since I'm so in love with you."

"I'll tell you every day for the rest of my life," Fin promised. She was everything he'd ever wanted and needed when he didn't even know what it was.

"Well I'll love you for the rest of the that makes us even," She draped her arms around his neck.

Fin kissed her, couldn't resist her mouth anymore, the feel of her lips, so sweet and soft under his. "I love you Olivia Benson-Tutuola," He murmured into her mouth.

"I love you too Odafin," Olivia's words were so soft, a whisper against his lips. The words he wanted to hear first in the morning, and last at night. She was the last thing he thought of before he slept, and his first conscious thought when he woke up. Through the day she invaded his mind, a wonderful phantom that wandered her way through his consciousness and left love in her wake. It only took one look from her for him to remember how easily he'd fallen in love with her. And one smile to ignite his passion for her all over again. Just a look and a smile and he was falling in love, every day of his life.

And they lived happily ever after...

The End

Author's Note: So I have a couple of one shots in mind for this but I doubt I'll write them for a little while. They're both from Fin's POV so it'll really depend on how much L&O: SVU I see that features him because that really helps me find his 'voice'.

I knew how I wanted this story to wrap up, and I liked the symmetry of it being similar to the beginning. So I hope you all have enjoyed this and thanks for reading.