Sandra walked through the woods alone. The stars shone brightly above her. Kyoya would've been with her but he was out training with Benkei. He never stops, she thought. She pulled Leone out of her pocket.

"We'd better train too, huh? We don't want Emma coming around and beating us, do we?" she said.

Suddenly, her phone vibrated in her pocket. She pulled it out. There was a text from Emma.

"Speak of the devil," Sandra joked. When she opened the text her smile vanished to be replaced by a serious look.

The text said, 'Sandra! It's happening! You've got to come find me! Bring the pendant!'

Sandra put her phone away and raced back to the apartment building. She silently dug under her bed until she found a small chest. She opened it to reveal an unusual pendant inside. It had a bright blue circle with a yellow and green lightning bolts crossing on top. On top of all that there was a red heart. Sandra slipped it around her neck. She then packed a few things in a bag. Before she could leave though Alex woke up. Sandra then realized that she had been up all night. Sandra quickly kicked her backpack under the bed and put on and zipped up her red jacket to hide the pendant. She can't know, Sandra thought as Alex sat up.

"Good morning, Sandra," Alex said.

"Morning," Sandra replied simply. Alex quickly got dressed and headed for the door, but stopped when she realized Sandra wasn't following.

"Aren't you coming?" she asked.

"Where?" Sandra asked.

Alex laughed. "Don't you remember? We're hanging out with Gingka, Kenta and Madoka today."

"Oh, right," Sandra said in realization. Reluctantly she followed Alex outside. How am I going to get away now?

They saw Gingka, Kenta and Madoka in front of the bey shop. Gingka was holding a note in his hands. "Hey, guys! What's that?" Alex asked.

"A challenge note," Madoka answered.

"Alright! Let's go, Pegasus!" Gingka exclaimed dashing off.

"Hey! Wait up!" Madoka called. The group dashed after him. Sandra was about to follow when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her behind the shop.

"Hey!" Sandra exclaimed, jerking her arm away and turning to face the person. "Who do you..." She trailed away when she realized it was Emma. "Emma? What are you doing here? I thought I was supposed to find you."

"You took to long," Emma replied.

"I just got your text last night!" Sandra retorted.

"What's happening is because of you, so don't yell at me!" Emma countered.

Sandra sighed in defeat. "Ok, get me up to speed."

"Not here. Anyone could hear us. Let's talk on the Misty Island off the coast," Emma said. Sandra nodded.

"First, I need to get my bag," she said. With that the two girls dashed off.

Hey guys! Just a few things.

1) This takes place during Metal Fury

2) There are going to be a few characters we meet throughout this story. I know some of them but if you want to make on up the by all means feel free! I would be glad to put your characters in this story.

3) If you've read what I have so far on Ryuga's Return, you'll know that Sandra has a brother. He will come into play in this story.

4) I know I haven't finished the stories yet, but just to make things clearer I'm giving you some spoilers:

-in A New World Championships Alex get's together with Tsubasa.

-in Ryuga's Return Emma gets together with Ryuga.

5) I'm not going to be going the exact dialogue in this story like I do in my Beyblade/Warriors crossover. (This is just me being lazy. It's Sunday and I'm tired. I woke up earlier than I usually do)

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