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Gosan Matawa Kainyū [1]

Chapter I - What Just Happened?

"What? Where am I?" spoke a young masculine voice.

The young man was roughly in his mid to late twenties. He was roughly five foot ten and had short, gray hair that was mildly spiked except for two large spikes of hair on the top of his head that gave the impression of horns. His eyes were light purple with six circles rippling from a small pupil in the center of his eyes.

As for the rest of his appearance, he was dressed in a dark gray combat gi over a simple, black monk's garb. Over the bottom part of his monk robe was samurai armor. Over all of this was a white, high-collared haori with an eye like his own over nine magatama in a block formation on the back of it. Around his neck was a necklace with six red magatama on it, and around his waste was a belt that held a sword in its seethe. In the man's hand was a golden staff with a ring on the top and six individual rings connected to it like the ends of a chain.

The man looked around. He seemed to be in a forest of sorts. Odd. He could have sworn he was in a barren wasteland not a minute ago.

"Yeah, a wasteland caused by my fight with the Juubi," the man thought. He then spoke out-loud to himself, "Okay, let me think. What happened during that fight that could have caused this?"


The young man stared down the beast before him. He showed no fear in facing such a creature. The great beast before him had ten, black tails with equal tone to its body along with black spikes jutting from its back and three jutting from its head that made it seem like a crown. A single red eye simliar to his own but with the added feature of nine tomoe stared unblinking at him. Its mouth was a simple slit that was unnoticeable when it was shut. However, one would see several rows a razor sharp teeth lined in the beast's mouth should anyone ever witness its mouth opened.

The man stared down his foe with a sharp glare, showing his lack of fear towards the raging beast. The beast appropriately named the Juubi roared.

The battle was joined.

The beast swung its arm, attempting to crush the human under the strike.

"Shinra Tensei [2]!" the man shouted as he struck out with his palm unleashes an attack of unbelievable force that stopped the Juubi's claw dead in its tracks. The man, with a great burst of speed, quickly sped to the side avoid the great claw as his attack finally ran out of power and it crashed down. The man continued his sprint until the other claw crashed in front of him. He quickly reacted, "Shinra Tensei!"

The force didn't force the hand out of the way, however. He used it to force himself away from the hand. He back flipped using the momentum of his attack and landed on the beast's other hand. Taking advantage of this, the young man ran up the length of the Juubi's arm. The beast, however, unleashed a roar that caused sound waves that ultimately forced him off. Shaking off his temporary deafness, the young man landed on a nearby cliff a good distance away.

"Damn," he thought. "With just its roar. . ."

The beast turned to its foe. It's one, red eye gazing straight into his very being with its unblinking stare. Slowly the man drew his sword and raised his staff to the beast and shouted out, "Hear me, Juubi! I am Usu Genji [3]! The Rikudō Sennin [4]! Today you fall and it will be by my blade, Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi [5], that I will strike you down!"

The Juubi's response was to unleash an earth-shattering roar. The Rikudō Sennin focused his chakra into his blade and it began to glow brightly with a white hue, "Maitiījisu no Jutsu [6]!"

He out his sword paralleled to his body and a small barrier formed around him. The roar's power didn't even effect the barrier he had made. He lowered the barrier and charged chakra into his blade, "Raiton: Ha Arashi no Jutsu [7]!"

He swung the blade a couple of times, each time sending a large, crescent wave of lightning-coated energy at the demon. The attacks hit the beast's torso and it roared in pain. He took the time to coil chakra into his legs and like a spring the chakra bolted him forward, allowing him to cover a good distance before turning to the Juubi again and using the same technique, "Raiton: Ha Arashi no Jutsu!"

Again the beast roared in pain as the lightning-enfused waves of energy sliced into its chest. However, no truly visible marks of damage showed on the creature's hide. The young man narrowed his eyes. The beast's unblinking eye glared at the Sennin in a terrible rage. Then it raised its left hand and enclosed the claw-like fingers to for form what could look like a spearhead. Suddenly, a massive surge of chakra exploded from the hand as a cyclone of wind wrapped around it. The young man's eyes widened and again coiled chakra into his legs. He jumped far into the air just in time to avoid the mountain-shattering, piercing blow from the monster's hand. The Sennin didn't focus on that however. As he ascended, he stared down his foe. He uttered another technique, "Banshō Ten'in [8]!"

The Juubi's head jerked forward allowing the Sennin to land on its head. He prepared his sword to strike downward as it again glowed due to the man's chakra empowering it, "Ryū no Giji Piasu no Ōda [9]!"

The blade's edge suddenly glowed with the image of a majestic dragon as the man fell to one knee and drove the blade into the Juubi's skull. The beast let out a piercing scream of pain as ripples of chakra energy were unleashed from the piercing point and proceeded to send shock waves of energy through the beast. Unfortunately, the Sennin was too focused on his damaging thrust to see one of the beast's tails swing and it struck him off the Juubi's head and sent him hurtling to the ground. He didn't even have time enough to react to the impact and he hit the ground with incredible force; blasting away trees and sending rocks flying.

The man slowly started to get up. He took a deep breath as circulated healing chakra through him. Slowly, the cuts and bruises caused by the impact started to heal. Instantly, however, his instincts acted up and he bolted ahead just in time to avoid another hit from one of the Juubi's tails. However, the force of the impact sent him flying ahead straight through another tree. He managed to recover and prepared himself to use another technique only to realize he didn't have his sword. He looked up and saw his sword still stuck in the beast's head, which was looking down at him. He deadpanned at the sight.

Once again, it roared. But this time, a ball of black chakra began to form in front of the creature's mouth. The Sennin's eyes widened as the ball of condensed chakra fired straight at him. He quickly raised up the open palm of his now-free hand and proceeded to absorb the chakra in the Bijūdama [10]. The energy of the beast's attack surged within him, threatening to overload his massive chakra capacity. He struggled to move but still unleashed his next attack using the beast's absorbed chakra, "Shinra. . . TENSEI!"

The technique was used at its full power and coupled with the energy used in the Bijūdama. This caused the technique to unleash a force similar to the one caused by the impacting of a large, mountain-sized meteor. The entire landscape was utterly desimated and the Juubi was thrown back a very far ways. Nothing was left on the area except for a crater several hundred times the size of a mountain. The Juubi was on its back; low rumbling echoed from its person as it recovered from its daze and pain at the attack. The user of the technique was panting, having never unleashed such a powerful attack before.

Again, however, the Sennin looked up at his adversary. The beast was again starting to get up, albeit very slowly. He took a deep breath.

"Knew it was going to come down to this," he muttered before slamming his hand on the ground. "Kuchiyose no Jutsu [11]!"

A large puff of smoke filled the center of the crater. When it faded, three giant animals stood there. A toad, a snake, and a wolf.

The toad was red-orange in color with the two kanji for knowledge etched above his left eye. He wore a gray vest with two gauntlets and a shoulder pad. He also a claw-like scar on his chest as well as a giant spear in his right hand. On the back of his vest was the kanji for oil. The snake was a greenish-gray with a pointed snout and two yellow-slit eyes. Just passed the eyes of his was the hood of a cobra with kanji for power on the back. The wolf was gray in color and had a scar over his right eye. He wore a sort of iron helmet that covered his entire head except for his snout, eyes, and ears. On his left shoulder was black-colored fur than shaped the kanji of loyalty.

"Gamafurui, Mamushi, Banpei [12]," the Sennin addressed the toad, snake, and wolf respectively. "Thank you for coming."

"Genji-san," the wolf rumbled. "What on earth happened here?"

"I absorbed one of the Juubi's Bijūdamas and used its power to unleash a Shinra Tensei at full strength."

"What?!" the toad named Gamafurui rumbled in surprised. "Baka! That could have killed you! What were you thinking?!"

"I had a Bijūdama pointed practically point blank at my face! What did you want me to do!"

"Enough," Mamushi spoke bluntly. "The Juubi's almost up. So tell us what you need us to do."

"What? No demand for sacrifices?"

"This summon is a free one, due to the obvious circumstances," Mamushi glanced at his fellow bosses. "I believe we can agree with that."

The other two bosses nodded and the Sennin gazed at his foe, "I need you to hold the Juubi off while I enter Sage Mode."

The summons nodded, "Leave it to us, boy. Just do it quickly; I doubt we can hold it off for long."

The young man nodded and jumped off the Wolf Boss's head. Once he did so, the wolf charged and crashed straight into Juubi as it was just about to face them after getting up. Despite only being barely larger than the beast's head, the blow did knock it off balance. What knocked it down was the less-lethal end of Gamafurui's spear smacking into its head after the toad to a rather large leap into the air. The Juubi raised its head as it began to get back up but Mamushi wrapped himself around its neck and began to squeeze. The toad finished it jump by landing on the monster's left arm while the wolf secured the right.

The beast attempted to roar but Gamafurui's spear suddenly found its way down the Juubi's throat. Its response was to unleashed a powerful, sound shockwave from its maw, that shot the spear out of its mouth and knocked away Banpei and Gamafurui. As the spear fell, Gamafurui jumped up, caught his spear, and proceed to bring the spearhead crashing down into the beast's chest. It didn't go in very far due to its tough hide, but it went in far enough to cause it to scream in pain.

The toad boss pulled out his spear and spun it. He then proceeded to bring the other end of it down into the monster's chin, halting the beast's cries.

"Well, that's was easier than I thoug-," Gamafurui began to comment before two of the beast's tails grabbed him and Banpei and threw them across the crater. The beast quickly rose up, grabbed the Snake Boss, and hurled him on top of his comrade. Banpei snarled, "Dammit, Gamafurui! You had to open you big, insect-eating mouth!"

The Juubi roared fiercely, recapturing their attention, before charging up a Bijūdama on each of its ten tails. Their eyes widened in horror. One of those things was powerful enough to destroy three large valleys. What ten of those things could do was too terrible to imagine.

However, a voice shouted out throughout the battlefield. One that brought hope and relief to the three bosses, "Rest now, my friends. Your brief part in this is over."

Then, the call of a mighty technique ran through their ears, "Rikudō Senpō: Inton: Ryū Tamashī no Kuchiyose no Jutsu [13]!"

In that moment, a gigantic mass of blazing chakra erupted from the ground in front of the Juubi. And proceeded to wrap around its legs, body, arms, and finally its neck. The force of its initial burst, caused the Juubi to lose its balance and to fire the Bijūdama's into the sky, where they denoted. The only damage they caused were the shockwaves that knocked the three summons down. The gigantic mass of chakra stopped its extension above the Juubi's head where it formed the head of a dragon with flaming, red eyes. On top of the chakra dragon was the Rikudō Sennin. However, there were a couple of changes to his face. One was that he now had three black magatamas below each eye facing inward towards the center of his face. The second was that his Rinnegan eyes were now a combination of light purple and blue with what appeared to be wisps of white chakra leaking out of them. The last was on his forehead, which was a symbol of a diamond with two spikes jutting off from it. The Sennin looked down to his summons and smiled, "Thank you, my friends, but I will finish the fight I started."

They nodded, "Good luck, Rikudō Sennin-sama."

With that, they vanished in a poof of smoke. Now, the Sennin refocused his attention on his enemy. "Like I said: 'Today you fall'."

With that, the chakra curled around and chomped into the side of the beast's head. The Sennin jumped off the chakra dragon and grabbed his sword before ordering the dragon to squeeze tighter. Feeling the chakra dragon tightening its grip on it, the Juubi charged another Bijūdama straight into the ground below it. The man's eyes widened as the attack hit the ground at unbelievable speeds and denoted in a gigantic explosion that destroyed the chakra dragon and sent both the Juubi and the Sennin flying. Luckily for the Rikudō Sennin, the Juubi took most of the impact from its own attack.

He stared down at his foe as he and it recovered. He breathed out slowly, "Rikudō Senpō: Tengoku no Yūgō no Jutsu [14]!"

He clashes his staff and sword together and a shock wave erupted from them as they glowed white. In the place of the two weapons, in his right hand, was a naginata with a large, dark-gray blade, jewels on the shaft and blade, and between the blade and shaft was the wrapped cloth once worn by a kami. The naginata was Ame-no-Nuhoko [15], the weapon of the gods.

He circulated chakra into the weapon and he bolted straight towards the massive chakra beast. The Juubi responded by charging up another Bijūdama and firing it at the Sennin. His response was raising his mighty weapon and swinging it at the oncoming sphere of chakra and deflecting it away from him, denoting it a far distance away from the battlefield. The man continued forward and jumped far into the air reaching eye level with the Juubi and proceeded to deliver a high-numbering combo of lightning fast slashes mid-air at the Juubi before knocking the beast away with a Shinra Tensei.

As he landed, he faced the beast again. It was injured, but far from dead. He took a deep breath, "I will become the sacrifice for the world and you, Juubi, shall never see the light of the sun."

He thrust the naginata into the ground in front of him and formed a hand sign. He began to glow an aura of blue, white, and black and a yin-yang symbol formed on the ground below him. He separated his hands and a black flame with a white dot formed in one hand and a white flame with a black dot formed in the other. He took one last deep breath before slamming the two tongues of flame into one another, "Rikudō Senpō: Onmyōton: Kurai Kami Jigoku no Kusari Fūin [16]!"

The Rikudō Sennin shot his arms forward and six, black, smoking chains burst from the white and black flames in his hand and pierced the Juubi. The Sennin ripped his arms outward, pulling the Juubi's soul and chakra from its body. The chains were no longer connected to the body but to the embodiment of the beast's soul and power and began to pull it towards the Sennin, who slowly started to bring his arms back to his center. One arm set parrallel to the ground around chest level and was pointed down while the other was at waste level, parralleled to the ground, and facing upward. The Juubi's soul and power condensed into a small orb of red, black, and white as it traveled struggling towards the Sennin. As the orb reached between his two hands he moved said appendages behind the orb and slowly pushed it into his body. There was a blinding flash and a massive shock wave that followed.

When the Sennin regain his sight, he saw the Juubi's body collapsed on the ground, unmoving. He breathed a sigh of relief, but caught himself as he looked down and opened up his gi. On his chest was a black seal with the yin-yang emblem in the middle and six, short tendrils spiraling off of it in a clockwise direction. Again, he breathed out a sigh of relief and then looked at the Juubi's body. He allowed his Sage Mode to fade, grabbed the divine weapon in front of him and undid the fusion of his two weapons. He sheethed his sword and held a hand out to the body, uttering two words, "Chibaku Tensei [17]."

The black orb flew from his palm and over the Juubi, where the gravitational pull of it pulled the Juubi's body against the small orb as it continued to absorb more and more of the surrounding terrain until finally an sphere that filled the blackened sky of night was created. He used Shinra Tensei to force far above the earth into the space beyond until finally it was but a tiny ball in the sky, reflecting light off the far-distanced sun bringing a dim light to the night sky. He smiled, "Even in the darkest part of the day does light now has a foothold."

He gazed up upon his creation, "I think I shall call you. . . The Moon."

With that, he finally gave into his exhaustion and collapsed.

"So, I actually did it," the Sennin named Genji thought and then smiled. "So the world is safe, but why is it I am now in a forest? Who brought me here?"

He looked around again and for the first time noticed something with him in the forest. A large block stone with names inscribed on it. It had two horizontal, black stones beside it and behind it as well as brick tiles below it forming a hexagonal shape. There were four, stone circles on four of the corners of the hexagon. It was obviously man-made.

"What is this?" he thought and approached the stone. He looked at the names and then saw the inscription of the stones name.

"The Konohagakure Memorial Stone?" he spoke outloud in surprise. He'd traveled all over the world and had never heard of a place called Konohagakure. "What on earth is going on?"

He finally extended his sensory skills trying to find a person to talk to but to his surprise he felt thousands of them all around him, "What in the. . .?"

He took to the trees, jumping through the forest, until finally coming to the edge. He stopped on one of the branches of the final row of trees and gaped. Before him was a large collection of wooden buildings surrounded by a wall and thousands of people filling paved roads between them. True, there were very small villages here or there as the Sennin had seen but it was never like this. "What in the blazing heavens is this place? Where the hell am I? What's going on? The only time I've seen this many people gathered in one place is for war!"

He jumped down from the tree and began walking the street, looking around as if he were a child seeing a sight of spectacular wonder. The people around him were looking at him with a mixture of confusion, curiosity, and suspicion. He gazed at what he was seeing and ignored the people's reaction to seeing him. Tall buildings, people gathered and chatting away without a care in the world, and four heads carved into a mountain. The last thing was what really got his attention. That was something he had never seen and nothing relatively close to such a structure had never entered his mind.

It was then that he had bumped into someone. He quickly caught himself and gazed at the other person, "Oh, pardon me. I wasn't looking where I was going."

"That's alright," answered the person, who turned out to be a young man in blue pants and a shirt with black, spiky hair and a gear jacket-like vest over everything. The upper, side-part of both of the arms of the shirt had a red spiral on it. Around the man's head was a headband with a metal plate with a the symbol of a leaf with a spiral in it. He also had a beard and a cigarette in his mouth. Around both of his arms and ankles were a couple of bandages, and around his waste was a simple triangle-shaped cloth with a red symbol in it. On his feet were sandals the same color as his other gear. The Sennin eyed him, "Must be some kind of soldier."

"Um," Genji began. "You must forgive my ignorance but I'm afraid I am terribly confused right now. I hope you will be able to help me."

"I am Sarutobi Asuma," the man answered holding out his hand. "What do you need."

"Usu Genji is my name and I'm afraid I have no idea what's going on."

"What do you mean?"

"Not ten minutes ago I was fighting a terrible foe of mine and now I am here with no idea of where I am."

"You are in Konohagakure, the strongest shinobi village," Asuma answered as he raised his eyebrow. Questions were already beginning to rise with this strange man, and what was up with his eyes? Were they some kind of Dōjutsu?

"Yes, that's the problem. I've never heard of Konohagakure."

Asuma's eyes widened in surprise. How was that even possible? "You've never heard of Konoha? Never?"

Genji shook his head, "No, never. Can't say I've heard of a shinobi either."

"What?! You've haven't?!" Genji shook his head. "I think I'd better take you to the Hokage. You, unfortunately, scream suspicious. He will decided what to do with you."

Before Genji could answer he heard a crash and turned around to see a young girl about five or six years old with long, blonde hair, bright, blue eyes, and six whisker marks on her cheeks turn out of a nearby alley over some tossed around barrels. A scared look covered over her face as she ran as if her life depended on it. Mere seconds later four men with similar garbs as Asuma expected with a slightly different green jacket run out from the same alley with a murderous look on there faces. They charged after the girl.

"Come back here you demon brat!"

As they passed, Genji gazed at Asuma with a look that demanded an explanation, "Demon brat?"

"I'm afraid you cannot know," he replied simply. "Now come, the Hokage must see you."

"What about the girl?" Genji asked venomously.

"There are a couple of ANBU watching her. They should protect her."

"Oh really? If that were the case, then why haven't they stopped them yet?"

"Why do you care so much?"

"Because a child is about to be assaulted and you aren't doing a damn thing about it!" Genji snapped releasing his killer intent. Asuma gasped in surprise. The man's power was rather large. "Now if you can excuse me, I've got a child to save."

With that, Genji vanished, leaving a stunned Asuma behind. "I've got to inform the Hokage about this."

The young, blonde girl sprinted through the streets of Konoha running for dear life as a group of four Chūnin chased after her. She had to get away. They were going to hurt her. She didn't even know what she did. All she did was walk passed them and they started shouting at the 'demon whore', drew their kunais, and began to chase her.

She turned down an alley only to find too late that it was a dead end. She gasped and whispered in horror, "No. . ."

She turned around only to see the four Chūnin standing there gazing murderously. She back up, pressing herself as close the wall as she could and then slowly curling into a ball as the men approached her. They raised their kunais and were about to stand downward until a harsh, authoratative voice spoke, "Stop."

The Chūnin whirled around to see a man in a gi, haori, and holding a golden monk's staff in his hand staring them down with dark intentions. His six-ringed, purple eyes gazed into them, as if he was staring directly into their souls, judging their actions.

It was very unnerving.

"Why do you seek to harm her?" the man asked darkly. The Chūnin were still angry at the demon brat, however, the still gulped at the aura radiating off the man before him. Their shinobi instincts were screaming at them to run for their lives.

"She's the demon brat," one of them answered. "She caused she much pain and death! She deserves to suffer!"

"I didn't do anything!" the girl screamed out. She knew she had to keep this person on her side. He was one of the few who actually stood up for her. "I just passed by you and you began to chase me yelling at how you were going to kill me!"

"Quiet, demon whore!" a Chūnin shouted but him and his comrades were suddenly floored by a massive wave of killer intent. They, weakly, gazed back up at the man. His glare pointed towards them practically made them soil themselves. They didn't have much time to dwell on it though as they noticed the man slowly getting closer, "Attempting to murder a child for no good reason is a serious crime. Where I come from, you would be executed."

They swallowed hard as he now stood over them, "However, since you didn't follow through I won't do that."

They sighed in relief until one of the them found themselves eating dirt as the young man's foot drove it into the ground. Before the other three could react, they found themselves thrown into the walls of the alley. They were all unconscious in under two seconds. The young man turned back to the girl. He knelled down so that he was at her level and smiled, "Hello, little one. My name is Usu Genji. What's your's?"

She slowly smiled back at her savior and jumped up, her fear now completely gone thanks to him, "My name is Uzumaki Naruko, dattebayo!"

The man stood back up, laughing a bit at the girl's personality, "Well Naruko-chan, it sure is a pleasure to meet you."

"Thank you, Genji-san! Thank you for saving me."

"About that, does this happen often?"

"Everyday," she answered, slipping a bit into a depressed state. "The worst ones are on my birthday."

"How long has this been going on?"

"I can't remember a time where it wasn't."

The Sennin frowned, "Where is your village leader? I have some business to deal with with him."

"He's right behind you," came a voice behind the Sennin, who turned to see an old man in red and white robes and a diamond shaped white and red hat with the kanji for fire on it. Naruko grinned, "Ojī-san!"

The young girl ran passed by Genji and straight in front of the old man who proceeded to smile, "Hello, Naruko-chan. Are you all right?"

"Hai, Ojī-san. And it's all thanks to Genji-san, dattebayo!"

"Is it now," the old man looked up at Genji with a sort of mixture of gratefulness and suspicion.

"So your the one who my son spoke about," he spoke. "Usu Genji right?"

"That is correct. And you are?"

"Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Sandaime Hokage."

"Hokage, huh?" Genji asked raising an eyebrow. "Sorry, but just like so many other things around here, I've never heard of it."

"I see," Hiruzen answered. "How about we continue this in my office? It's a nicer place to talk than out here."

"Very well," the Sennin answered nodding. Hiruzen returned the nod, "ANBU!"

With that a young man with silver, gravity-defying hair wearing simple blue gear and a dog mask appeared and bowed to the old man, "Hai, Hokage-sama?"

"Take Naruko-chan back to her apartment and guard her for now. Make sure she doesn't leave that room until I say otherwise."

"Hai, Hokage-sama," the man replied as he walked over to the little girl who looked back at Genji and waved, "Bye, Genji-san!"

Genji smiled and nodded. With that, the Dog-masked man picked up the girl and vanished. The Sandaime then regained Genji's attention, "Shall we?"

Genji nodded, "Indeed."

"So," Hiruzen spoke as he got comfortable in his chair. Genji was right in front of him, looking at the old man. "Who are you exactly?"

"I am Usu Genji," he replied.

"Yes, now you told my son you were fighting a terrible foe before somehow ending up here. Who exactly was that foe."

"The Juubi of course," Genji answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. Hiruzen proceeded to have a coughing fit when he heard this bit of information. "What?! That's impossible! The Juubi doesn't exist any more! It hasn't for centuries!"

"Centuries?" Genji raised an eyebrow. "I swear to you I just defeated it. Caused a hell of a lot of damage to the enviroment, too."

"How is that possible? The Juubi was defeated three thousand years ago by the founder of our very art: Rikudō Sennin."


"Just what I mean. The Rikudō Sennin defeated the Juubi three thousand years ago and towards the end of his life separated the Juubi's soul and chakra into the nine Biju that roam the world today."

Genji's eyes were wide with disbelief. He looked down, silver hair covering his eyes, "Hiruzen-san. What if I told you that the Rikudō Sennin is me?"

Hiruzen gazed in shock at the man, "How is that even possible?"

"I do not know. All I remember was sealing the Juubi within me and then sealing its body into a sphere of rock that I decided to name the Moon. Then the next thing I know I'm waking up next to that Memorial Stone out there."

Hiruzen thought about what he had just said. However, one particular part of it stuck out to him, "You have the Juubi imprisoned within you?"

Genji nodded.

"Can I see the seal."

Slowly, Genji grabbed his gi and opened it up, revealing the seal in all its glory. Hiruzen's eyes widened, "I've never seen a seal such as this."

"It is the Onmyōton: Kurai Kami Jigoku no Kusari Fūin which can only be used while I'm in Sage Mode."

"Onmyōton!" Hiruzen whispered in an amazed tone.

"Indeed," the Sennin replied.

Hiruzen thought for a moment then spoke, "We have a shinobi here who can enter a person's mind and scan their memories. I want him to search yours for confirmation of all this."

"Very well, that's reasonable."

"ANBU!" Hiruzen called and two ANBU appeared next to Genji. "Bring me Yamanaka Inoichi."

"Did I hear this right?" Inoichi asked in surprise when he heard who this newcomer supposedly was.

"Yes, this man claims to be the Rikudō Sennin, the very Founder of Ninjutsu," Hiruzen repeated his earlier statement, motioning towards Genji.

"So, what do you need me to do?"

"Scan is mind and memory to make sure he really is whom he says he is."

"And you are okay with this?" Inoichi asked Genji. "We don't have to tie you down in the T&I Department and force the information out of you?"

"No," Genji asked cocking an eyebrow. "Why do you ask?"

Inoichi nodded towards the Hokage, "I don't see why I need to do this. No spy would ever agree to that. And to top it off, this is no Henge."

"I still want you to scan his mind."

"Very well, Hokage-sama," Inoichi answered and faced towards Genji holding out his hands. "Shintenshin no Jutsu [18]!"

Inside Genji's Mindscape

Inoichi had just entered the Sennin's mind and to be honest he was impressed.

He was on the upper-most peaks of a mountain range with only clouds below him. Tan brick platforms with ornate designs where connected to the sides of the peaks and were, in turn, connected by stone bridges. In the center of these collection of platforms was a small pillar with a stone tablet with five tails curving towards the center either side. The tablet had the symbol of the Sennin's eye with nine tomoes on three of the rings. Above the eye was the symbols for Yang, Yin-Yang, and Yin, and below it were the symbols of Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Lightning. Six small, glowing blue orbs floated mysteriously around the tablet. It was honestly a beautiful sight.

"I suppose I should be welcoming you to my humble abode?" Inoichi turned around to see the Sennin standing nearby. Inoichi smiled, "All I need is proof you are who you say you are."

Genji nodded, "Then come with me."

Inoichi followed Genji over a stone bridge onto another platorm. He was walking straight towards the mountain until a stone-arch doorway faded in on the mountain side. What surprised Inoichi was the kanji for seal directly over the door. Genji walked into the door and the Konoha Jōnin followed suit. What he saw was the complete opposite to outside the door. It was dark, omnious, and Inoichi could feel his mind screaming at him that there was an absolutely mighty and dark foe just ahead of him.

They continued to walk down the dark path and he could barely even see the stone walkway anymore. He tried to look ahead passed Genji and he saw what appeared to be a red-tinted light emanating from what appeared to be a barred doorway. Genji stopped before the doorway and stepped out of the way. He motioned the Konoha shinobi to look through. Inoichi complied despite his instinct screaming at him at the top of their lungs not to. Inoicih gazed through the bars and instantly gasped in shock and horror.

The doorway led to a large cavern with lava filling the bottom. But that was not what got his horrified reaction. No, it was the fast that chained against the wall by six, dark, ethereal chains was a massive, black beast with three horns, ten tails, and a single red Rinnegan-like eye with nine tomoe on three of the rings. Not only that, but its head alone was almost as big as Kyuubi itself. However, what really got him was the power coming from it. It seemed to have no end and the shinobi would swear up and down from that day on that it felt like the chakra coming from the beast was going to drag him in and swallow him whole due to its sheer vastness. Not even the Kyuubi could compare to this.

Inoichi jumped back from the bars and faced the Sennin, breathing heavily. "What the hell is that thing?!"

"Haven't you already guessed?" Genji asked rhetorically. "That is the Juubi, the Ame no Hitotsu no Kami [19]."

Inoichi whispered in disbelief, "The Juubi. . ."

He couldn't take it anymore. Inoichi disengaged himself from the Sennin's mind faster than he had ever done so before.

When Inoichi rejoined his real body only about thirty seconds to a minute had passed, but when the Hokage saw his face, he instantly began to worry. The man, who was the member of the T&I Department no less, was pale, sweating, and was breathing heavily. His face screamed terror and the Professor wondered what on earth he saw to get him into this state, "Inoichi, what's wrong? What did you see?"

"Hokage-sama," Inoichi said, recovering slightly. "There is no doubt that man is who he claims he is."

Hiruzen's eyes widened, "What did he show you?"

There was a long pause before Inoichi mustered the strength to speak, "He showed me the seal of the Juubi. . ."

The response was a gasp, "Hokage-sama, that. . . thing is by far the most terrifying creature I have ever seen. It was chained against a wall yet I would sooner face Kyuubi in battle a dozen times before I went to gaze at the seal of that demon again. It's chakra. . . it was overwhelming."

"How powerful was it? In your opinion, of course, Inoichi-san."

Inoichi thought back a bit, still recovering from the experience, "I'd say the Kyuubi at its most powerful would only be a fifth of the Juubi's power."

Hiruzen slowly leaned back into his chair as he processed the information. That was. . . enlightening. The old Hokage looked back up at Genji, "And you defeated it by yourself?"

Inoichi's eyes widened. He hadn't thought about that. Just how powerful was the man next to him to be able to seal such a creature inside himself and live? Genji scratched the back of his head sheepishly, "Well. . . sort of. I did summon three bosses to help me while I entered Sage Mode but for the most part I fought by myself."

They just gaped at him. He defeated a monster five times more powerful than Kyuubi by himself. It was no wonder he was considered myth.

"However," Genji spoke, his face now dead serious. "What's this I hear about the Kyuubi and why do I sense a bit of the Juubi's chakra coming from that girl I saved."

There was a pause before he continued, "Please not, I am going to get my answers no matter what so you had better tell me the answers. Now."

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[1] Gosan Matawa Kainyū - Miscalculation or Intervention

[2] Shinra Tensei - Heavenly Subjugation of the Omnipresent God

[3] Usu Genji - Usu is the name I got after putting together the first letter of the family names of the Uchiha, Senju, and Uzumaki clans. Genji is the name of the mythical son of a Japanese emperor.

[4] Rikudō Sennin - The Sage of Six Paths

[5] Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi - Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven, the original name of Kusanagi-no-Tsurugi, the sword found in Yamato no Orochi after Susanoo slew it.

[6] Maitiījisu no Jutsu - Mighty Aegis Technique; forms a barrier made of a dense layer of chakra around the user.

[7] Raiton: Ha Arashi no Jutsu - Lightning Release: Blade Storm Technique; unleashes crescent waves of lightning-enfused chakra.

[8] Banshō Ten'in - Heavenly Attraction of All of Creation

[9] Ryū no Giji Piasu no Ōda - Piercing Strike of the Dragon; amplifies a single blade thrust with the spirit of a dragon.

[10] Bijūdama - Tailed Beast Ball

[11] Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Summoning Technique

[12] Gamafurui and Mamushi are the chiefs of the toads and snakes (respectively) long before the current Great Sages of both animal species were even born (or if they were they were very young). Banpei is the current Wolf Boss (current as in the Sennin's time that is).

[13] Rikudō Senpō: Inton: Ryū Tamashī no Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Six Paths Sage Art: Yin Release: Dragon Soul Summoning Technique; uses incredible chakra control and power to form a massive, chakra dragon to fight against the user's enemies.

[14] Rikudō Senpō: Tengoku no Yūgō no Jutsu - Six Paths Sage Art: Heavenly Fusion Technique; uses nature chakra to fuse two weapons together.

[15] Ame-no-Nuhoko - The 'Heavenly Jewelled Spear' which, according to Shinto myth, was used by Izanagi and Izanami to created Japan.

[16] Rikudō Senpō: Onmyōton: Kurai Kami Jigoku no Kusari Fūin - Six Paths Sage Art: Yin-Yang Release: Dark God Hell Chain Seal

[17] Chibaku Tensei - Heavenly Body Bursting from the Earth

[18] Shintenshin no Jutsu - Mind Body Switch Technique

[19] Ame no Hitotsu no Kami - One-Eyed God