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Gosan Matawa Kainyū

Chapter II - Rikudō-Otō-san?

Last Time

They just gaped at him. He defeated a monster five times more powerful than Kyuubi by himself. It was no wonder he was considered myth.

"However," Genji spoke, his face now dead serious. "What's this I hear about the Kyuubi and why do I sense a bit of the Juubi's chakra coming from that girl I saved."

There was a pause before he continued, "Please, I am going to get my answers no matter what so you had better tell me the answers. Now."

"Well?" Genji asked, his eye narrowed further. Hiruzen finally sighed, "As I have told you, you separated the Juubi into nine biju before you died: the Ichibi through Kyuubi. As you can guess, the more tails, the more powerful the biju. Young Naruko-chan has the Kyuubi no Kitsune sealed within her."

"And that's a reason for the populace to attack her?" Genji stated, not at all amused.

"You see, the night she was born the Kyuubi attacked the village. A lot of people died and she became the one chosen to carry the beast-"

"Why?" Genji's frown deepened. "Why her? Why was she chosen?"

"She's an Uzumaki. Only the Uzumaki have the special chakra capacity to hold the Kyuubi."

The Sennin studied his successor to the title 'Shinobi no Kami' before angrily speaking, "You are not telling me everything. Why. Was. She. Chosen. Tell me all of it!"

Suddenly, an intense pressure fell upon. Sarutobi gasped in shock. This was far more power than he could ever muster, even during his prime. The pressure suddenly was removed and the old man took a couple of deep breaths before continuing, "Very well. Naruko is the daughter of my successor and predecessor: Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage. He chose her because she was the only Uzumaki born that night and the only one young enough to adapt to its chakra. Also, he believed she could use it in the future as well as wanted her to be seen as a hero for containing it."

Inoichi stifled a gasp. She was who's daughter? However, this went unnoticed by the Sennin, who was still angered at the aged Hokage.

"Then why wasn't she?" the Sennin growled.

Hiruzen sighed, "They see her as the beast. I set up a law that none may talk about the beast she contains. I wanted her to have a normal a life as possible. She doesn't know she even contains it-"

"WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN SHE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW SHE CONTAINS IT?!" Genji shouted enraged. His power rippled through the area. Hiruzen could hear shinobi crying out how people were fainting outside. For the first time in his career as Hokage, he felt truly terrified and helpless. Not even during the Kyuubi attack did he feel like this. It was no surprise though. This man could probably beat Kyuubi without much trouble considering what he defeated. He could hear the Sennin growling in rage, "You mean to tell me that not only does this damn village treat her like a demon for protecting them. . . SHE DOESN'T FUCKING KNOW WHY?! ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON?!"

The pressure increased and the ANBU hidden in the room, who were paralyzed by the Sennin's mighty fury, fell out of their hiding spots and collapsed from the sudden increase. Inoichi was already on the floor and Hiruzen looked ready to join them. The pressure suddenly released its grip on them as the Sennin took a few deep breaths to calm down. His glare was still fixed on the Hokage, "Not only that you. . . have done. . . NEXT TO FUCKING NOTHING ABOUT IT!"

Again the pressure increased and the ANBU and Inoichi who were trying to get up suddenly hit the floorboards yet again. The Sennin was outright furious, "ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON?! YOU'VE MADE THAT LITTLE GIRL'S LIFE INTO A FUCKING HELL?! DON'T YOU HAVE A FUCKING HEART YOU KAMI-DAMNED BASTARD?!"

Again the pressure intensified. Scratch being furious. The Sennin was outright pissed. Finally, the pressure let up. The Sennin was breath hard from his outburst but his soul-piercing glare froze up Hiruzen courage, "I don't know how things our in this time, but in mine, abuse of a child is punishable by death for all offending parties. . . whether they were directly involved or not."

Hiruzen, Inoichi, and the ANBU in the room all swallowed hard. Genji continued, "But to assault a child like I almost witnessed, do nothing about it at all, and for that child to be a hero and a DESCENDANT of one of the village's leaders. . . . YOU'RE LUCKY I DON'T SEND YOU TO THE KAMI-DAMNED NINTH LEVEL OF FUCKING HELL FOR THIS!"


All occupants of the room suddenly founded themselves getting very friendly with the floorboards to the point where they actually cracked. The pressure lifted again and the old Hokage struggled to get back into his feet. Suddenly, he felt the front part of his robe grasped as he was lifted up and slammed against a wall. The Sennin was looking murderously angry, "Who's taking care of her?"

Hiruzen swallowed hard, "She was kicked out of the orphanage a year ago. She's living on her own in an apartment I gave her."


The floor beneath the original Shinobi no Kami cracked under the new found pressure. He then turned and hurled the aging Hokage across the room almost through the wall.

"Hokage-sama!" Inoichi cried out, however, he knew he couldn't do anything for his leader. He knew what he saw sealed away within the Sennin and if this man could defeat that then what hope was there? Still, he wouldn't go down without a fight as he struggled to get up and drew a kunai. Inoichi, however, was instantly batted away by the Sennin. The Sennin again looked at the old man, who was being helped up by the ANBU, "Hokage-sama. . ."

Hiruzen looked up and the ANBU got into a fighting stance, "Yes. . ."

"I want you to assemble your councilors, elders, and what have you and I want to have a special. . . talk with them."

The Sandaime nodded, "ANBU, make it so. . ."

With that, the ANBU vanished.

Later. . .

"Hokage-sama, what is it that we're doing here?" The Hyuuga Clan Head asked. "Does it have to do with that massive chakra surge we felt earlier?"

"Yes, it does. . ." Hiruzen spoke softly. He knew this wasn't going to end well. "And it also has to do with one Uzumaki Naruko."

"What?!" The Akimichi Clan Head asked. "Did the Fox escape?!"

"No, Chouza," Inoichi spoke. His face was down and it was obvious he was worried. "But at this point, I'd rather deal with that than what's coming."

The Clan Heads, the Elders, and the Civilian Council's eyes all widened.

"Is it truly that bad?" one councilman asked.

"You have no damn idea."

"No then," Hiruzen spoke up, gaining everyone's attention. "Earlier today I was visited by a man. He inquired about our Jinchuuriki, whom he had saved from four Chūnin. When he found out, he was enraged and it was this that you all felt earlier today."

"That man's rage caused all civilians within 80 yards of the Hokage Tower to faint?!" Chouza shouted in disbelief. "Who exactly is he?!"

"His name is Usu Genji," Inoichi spoke. "However, you all know him as the Rikudō Sennin."

The shinobi council and the elders were stunned though the civilian side was just confused. Fugaku was instantly interested in this turn of events.

"And we should care about this supposed Sennin. . . why?" a councilwoman asked ignorantly. Tsume answered her question albeit very angrily, "Fool! The Rikudō Sennin was the founder of Ninjutsu! He's the whole reason shinobi even exist today!"

"Or anybody exists today for that matter," Inoichi pointed out.

"What do you mean?"

"Back in his time, all nine biju were apparently one being. . . the Juubi."

"The Juubi?!" a councilman asked outloud.

"Yes," Hiruzen answered. "Yamanaka-san here entered the Sennin's mind to proves whether or not he truly was who he said he was."

"How would that prove anything?" Shibi asked.

"Because the Sennin was its Jinchuuriki."

The entire council was silent, stunned at the fact that the founder of their way of life was a Jinchuuriki himself.

"And? What did you see. . ." Hiashi asked being the first to recover though he was very interested in where the conversation was going even though he could already guess what the Yamanaka clan head saw.

"I saw the seal holding the Juubi," Inoichi answered after swallowing a bit. "And I'll tell you what I told Hokage-sama: I'd sooner fight Kyuubi a dozen times than visit that seal again."

There was a short silence before Shikaku spoke up, "Is it truly that powerful?"

"I estimate Kyuubi at full power would only equate to one fifth of the Juubi's. . . and think about this. . . the Sennin defeated it by himself."

The entire shinobi and civilians councils paled at thought of a man with such power. Danzo was the first to shake off the shock, "And he has proven himself whom he claims to be?"


Another pause.

"And him and the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki are the reason we are all here?"

Hiruzen was about to answer but another voice cut him off, "Yes, that is correct."

They all turned towards the door and the Sennin's piercing, ripple-eyed gaze struck through them, freezing them in their place. They were paralyzed. The man's aura of authority and sheer power combined to activate their instinctual ability to sense that they were in trouble. Like a son would know he was in trouble from his father's gaze.

"Now then, let's get down to business, shall we?" The Sennin spoke, an obvious venom in his voice. Those present winced. "Now then, from what I've heard, this young girl, one Uzumaki Naruko, has been assaulted everyday for quote unquote 'As long as I can remember'. Tell me why you thought this acceptable?"

One of the Civilian Concil spoke up, "She is the Kyuubi incarnate. She deserves such treatment for causing all that death and destruction years ago. We can't kill her because the Sandaime won't allow us to."

The Sennin's eyes narrowed dangerously, "If that's the case do you see me as the Juubi?"

"Well. . . no. . ."

"Then why see someone with the same burden, one with less danger than the one I hold, as the beast she so unwillingly was forced to bear? Last I checked you don't blame infants what happens when they're born. Should a father blame his infant son for the death of the mother who died in childbirth?"

A pause.

"No, Usu-san," came a reply from the shinobi side. It was a man with white eyes, Hyuuga Hiashi. "No, we should not."

"Then how is Naruko-chan any different?"


"I thought as much," Genji muttered accusingly. "Now then, onto the subject of Naruko-chan's heritage."

"What about it?" the Sandaime asked nervously.

"I mean who knows it?"

No one but Inoichi raised their hands. Genji turned slowly towards the old man who held the title of Fire Shadow, "You mean to tell me that nobody but him there KNOWS?!"


The entire Civilian Council hit the floor. The Shinobi side were struggling to breath.

"T-th-this power. . ." the Akimichi Clan Head stuttered. "He truly. . . lives up to his title as the Shinobi no Kami. . . more so than Hokage-sama."

"This type of power is insane!" Tsume thought in amazement. "I like this guy already!"

"I was expecting the Sennin to be able to control himself a little better," Shikaku groaned inwardly. "I guess he doesn't gain that until later in life. This is so troublesome."

"So this is the power of the Sennin of legend?" Fugaku sneered to himself. "So the tablet wasn't an over-exaggeration of his abilities. . ."

The young man took a deep breath and the pressure faded. His glare, however, was still dangerously sharp, "So, why don't you tell them what you told me."

It wasn't a request, it was an order, and everyone recognized it. However, the elders weren't so willing to comply as the rest of the shinobi.

"How dare you try to give orders to our Hokage!" Koharu shouted at the Sennin. "Despite who you are, you have no authority here!"

"That's right! What authority to demand information from our leader!" Homura shouted equally as loud.

"And why do you defend that demon brat so fiercely?" Danzo asked calmly. "Why should you care about a child who contains a piece of the very demon who defeated yourself?"

The young man's glare pierced them heavily before he sighed and spoke, "Perhaps I don't have the authority to demand things of you, but that child's treatment is something that no human in my time would ever condone, no matter if that child was the Juubi itself."

They were silent at the answer. . . and were surprised at his answer. Genji continued, "You see, there reason for this, is that abuse of any child no matter the reason, according to the laws of my time, is punishable by death for all involved be it directly or indirectly. No one let's a child suffer from abuse. You know about it, you do something about it."

That much was true. Back in his day, with the Juubi causing a reign of destruction, it was important for children to grow up healthy and loved because the human race at that time was in dire straits and they needed every child ready to some day care for his fellow man. It didn't matter who they were; you could be of the line of a chieftan but they weren't immune to universal law. Quite the opposite actually. The race needed to stand united and strong, and the way the Sennin believed this was through love and due to him being the most likely to stop the beast itself, it was clear whom everyone had decided to follow.

These universal laws were strictly enforced as the universal morals of humanity of the time and any breaking of these laws led to terrible punishment. Humanity was on the brink of extinction and no breaking of laws would go unnoticed or unpunished. It was a time for unity not for selfish acts. The end of the world was neigh and humanity needed to survive.

No one was ever exempted, not even the Sennin himself.

"So," Genji spoke up. "Are you going to tell them all or not?"

All eyes turned to the Sandaime and the old man took a deep breath, "Uzumaki Naruko is the daughter of Namikaze Minato, the Yondaime Hokage, and Uzumaki Kushina, the Akai Chishio no Habanero. She is also a descendant of Uzumaki Mito and her husband Senju Hashirama, the Shodai Hokage [1]."

Everyone present either gasped, paled significantly, or both. The Civilian Council was in an uproar of denial since they had slowly recovered from the Sennin's killer intent. They instantly had a déjà vu meeting with the floor due to the return of said killer intent.

"QUIET!" the Sennin roared.


"Now then," Genji continued calmly. "Now that you've realized how'd badly you've fucked up-"

The entire Shinobi Council bowed their heads in shame except for Fugaku, who didn't seem amused, and interrupted the Sennin, "Why should we care about the girl's ancestry? She still has the demon in her. It will eventually take over and then what?"

The Sennin's eyes narrowed, "I am a seal master. I can make sure the Kyuubi stays there should the seal ever weakens. Honestly, I can't think of any other reason why I'm here other than divine intervention, and if that is true I know exactly what it is I was sent her to do."

The Sennin turned to Hiruzen, who tensed under the Sennin's gaze. The Sennin then spoke, "Sandaime Hokage. I wish to make a formal request to adopt one Namikaze-Uzumaki-Senju Naruko. That is her full name if her ancestry is correct, no?"

The council was stunned. Both the elders, the civilian council, and one Uchiha Clan Head was furious.

"No! Absolutely not!" one councilman shouted.

"You cannot adopt that demon! We won't allow it!" another screeched out.

"No! We cannot obliged with that request!" Koharu yelled.

"Do you honestly think we will allow you to take our weapon?!" Fugaku shouted out. The last one caused the Sennin to snap. Suddenly, a dark pressure filled the room as suddenly all the shinobi were on their knees gasping for breath and terrified as hell. The Civilian Council was out. Fugaku suddenly felt himself being held up by his throat, staring straight into the Rinnegan eyes of the Sennin. Only they weren't a surreal, glowing purple anymore. They were as blood red as the sharingan with nine tomoe on three of the rings. A dark gray aura formed around the Sennin and his features suddenly became much more feral. He growled out in a furious, dark tone, "Weapon?! You see that poor, innocent girl as a WEAPON?!"

His grip tightened.

"You honestly have no soul. To see another human, a little girl of all people, as nothing but a tool for you to us. YOU ARE A KAMI-DAMNED BASTARD!"

His voice suddenly turned deep and demonic, shocking the shinobi in the room. He quickly caught himself and released Fugaku. The aura faded and his eyes returned to normal. He took a few deep breaths before uttering, "I guess Naruko isn't the only one to who needs to master a demon."

He gazed back over at the down Uchiha Clan Head and glared, "I'm adopting that little girl. And you are doing nothing to stop me."

He turned his eyes back over Hiruzen and the Shinobi Council, "I trust no one has any objections to such?"

Hiashi stood up, "We do not Rikudō-sama."

"Good," Genji spoke. "I also have one request."

"And that is?" the Inuzuka Clan Head asked.

"I believe that there is some way to train new shinobi am I not correct?"

"The Shinobi Academy. Why?"

"What age do they start that school?"

"Eight. Again, why?"

"Very well," the Sennin nodded. "I seek to take young Naruko on a bit of a training trip outside the village. She is obviously not welcome and I do not think you wish to reveal my existence to the village just yet."

After a pause, the Hokage finally spoke.

"You are correct on that," Hiruzen spoke up. "However, I have one condition."

"And that is?"

"I request you take one of our shinobi with you. Just to guarantee the return of our Jinchuuriki."

"You honestly think one shinobi's going to be able to deter the Rikudō Sennin?" Inoichi deadpanned. "He just made us all hit the deck with his rage. How is one shinobi going to guarantee her return?"

"I agree nevertheless," the Sennin answered. "We'll be gone for three years. We'll be back when she's old enough to join the Academy. Who is going to be joining us?"

"Mitarashi Anko."

"That sadist?" Tsume blinked in surprise.

"She's become an outcast due to something she couldn't control either," Hiruzen replied. "She will be able to relate to Naruko better than any other shinobi."

"Finally doing something for the girl I see," the Sennin spat. The Hokage winced, "Good. Now, I believe I have adoption papers to sign."

Naruko was sitting in her room; her arms crossed in annoyance. She had tried to go outside many times but the ANBU always stopped her from going anywhere. She didn't like being coupe up in this small room. She needed to stretch her legs. Curse her hyper-activeness. The fact that she liked to wear bright orange clothing didn't help either. She fiddled with one of her blonde ponytails as she waited.

Then she thought back to the man who had saved her. He was obviously much more powerful than any other person she had ever met; maybe even the Sandaime. She had felt a terribly powerful force of pressure earlier and she couldn't help think it was him. He was strong and he had saved her from a terrible beating. His strange eyes were so calming after he had saved her. She felt no fear of him. She liked him. He was one of the few people who were actually willing to help her and he did it at first glance.

He did seem a little suspicious of her for a bit but it was only a second or two then he didn't care. Few people if any could claim they liked her so easily. She hoped she saw him again.

Just then, the Sandaime Hokage entered. A warm smile directed at her, "Hello, Naruko-chan."

"Hi, Ojī-san!" Naruko loudly spoke. She was happy to see him again.

"ANBU, you are dismissed."

With no noticeable change in the room, Hiruzen turned back to the young, blonde girl.

"Naruko-chan, I have some wonderful news for you!"

"What is it, Ojī-san?" Naruko asked, tilting her head to the side.

"You've just been adopted."

"W-wh-WHAT?!" Naruko shouted surprised. She was stuttering both in excitement and in disbelief, "R-r-really? W-who ad-adopted m-me?"

"I did, Naruko-chan," came a voice behind Hiruzen. Naruko looked and gasped in surprise. Standing there was the same man who had saved her earlier that day. The man who had the power of a kage but still held kindness for her. The silver-headed, purple-eyed man got down on one knee and put a hand on her shoulder. Tears started running down her face, "You. . . you're my new O-Otō-san?"

Genji gave her a warm smile, "Yes I am, Naruko-chan."

Naruko started to cry even more before finally jumped forward embracing Genji in a tight hug. Tears fell from her eyes as she cried, "OTŌ-SAN!"

Genji smiled as he returned her embrace. She was sobbing uncontrollably, burying her face into the crook of his neck. He stroked her back, "Shh, it's okay, it's okay Naruko-chan."

He held her there for a few minutes until she calmed down. Then, he held her at arms length in front of him, "While I may not be your real father, Naruko-chan, I promise to see you as my own daughter. I will never be able to replace the real man, but I will do my best to be his substitute."

Again, she embraced him, "Thank you. . . Otō-san. . ."

He smiled again, "You are most certainly welcome. . . Naruko-chan."

Later. . .

It had been a couple of hours since Genji had adopted Naruko as his daughter and he had spent some time researching Naruko's parents and heritage after 'persuading' the old Kage to let him have access to old records of Naruko's ancestry so that when he told her he'd have all the info he needed. Once he was satisfied that he had enough information, he approached her.

"Naruko-chan," he began, gaining the attention of his new, adoptive daughter. "I have information that you need to hear. . . . . It's about your heritage."

Her eyes widened, "Y-you mean my parents?"


"Who. . . who are they?"

"Your mother is. . . was the heiress of the Uzumaki Clan, a powerful clan whose expertise was kenjutsu and fuuinjutsu. They ruled the land of Uzu no Kuni and had their own hidden village, Uzushiogakure."

Naruko could only gape in surprise.

"Your father was one of the most famous shinobi alive. His name was Namikaze Minato, but you know him as the Yondaime Hokage."

Naruko gasped in surprise and shock. She quickly broke down into tears, "WHY?! Why do they love my father and mother but not me?! What did I ever do to them?!"

"Naruko-chan, it's not what you did. It's what your tenant did."

"My. . . . tenant?"

"Naruko-chan, I think it's high time we took a little trip into your mind."

With that, the Sennin pressed his finger against his new daughter's forehead. Her eyes slowly became calm as a wave of tranquility washed over her. She closed her eyes and entered the darkness of her mind. . .

Inside Naruko's Mindscape

Genji and Naruko both appeared within the darkened, damp sewer that was her mindscape. Genji frowned. It was obvious that the girl's life had deeply affected by the all the assaults and insults given to her by the villagers. Even going so far as to affect her mindscape. For some reason, he doubted it was the biju sealed within her, but he didn't know why. . . . Instinct?

"Um. . . Otō-san. . . where are we?" she asked closely hugging his leg. She was scared and instinctively Genji rubbed her tiny head to comfort her.

"Do not fear, Naruko-chan," Genji soothed. "We are within your mindscape. I can only guess it looks like this due to your treatment from the villagers."

"Oh. . ." Naruko uttered sadly.

"Come, Naruko-chan. It's time to meet your tenant."

She slowly nodded as Genji led his young daughter forward into the blackness. It wasn't long before they came up to an iron cage with a large paper with the kanji for 'seal' on the front. Genji gazed straight ahead. No fear eminated from his eyes.

"Awaken, I know you are there."

With that two, massive, red, slitted eyes opened inside the cage. Naruko 'eeped' and hid behind Genji. Genji had to hold himself back from smirking. Honestly, he had faced the Juubi. There was very little, if anything, that could frighten him anymore.

"So, my new jailor has come to greet me. I didn't expect you to come so soo-," The demon's eyes widened in surprise and fear as it gazed at the man before it. "N-no. . . it. . . it couldn't be. . ."

"I assume you know who I am?" Genji asked nonchalantly.

"Yes. . . you created me. . . all nine of us in fact," Kyuubi replied. Genji nodded, "I see. . ."

"Otō-san. . ." Kyuubi uttered respectfully. "What is the matter? Do you not recognize me?"

"My apologizes, Kyuubi-san," Genji bowed with equal respect. "I fear I do not know much of what is going on. You see, to me, I have just defeated the Juubi and sealed it within me. After that, I ended up in Konohagakure. I don't know what happened. So forgive my lack of knowledge but the reason I do not know who you are is because in my time you do not exist yet."

Kyuubi's eyes widened in surprise but slowly nodded, "I-I understand, Otō-san, my name - the one you gave me - is Kurama, greatest of the nine biju."

Genji bowed, "It is a pleasure, Kurama. As you know, I am Usu Genji, and this is your container and my new adoptive daughter, Uzumaki Naruko."

Naruko peaked out from behind Genji's leg. Her fear slowly melted away but even still she was frozen at the beast's gaze, "Y-y-your Kyuubi. . ."

Kyuubi grinned, "Indeed, young one. So my Otō-san adopted you? Should I be calling you imoto?"

Naruko looked very scared, "Otō-san, I'm scared. What's going on? Why is the Kyuubi calling you Otō-san? Why is Kyuubi inside my head? Please answer me, I'm scared!"

"Naruko-chan," Genji said calmy. "What were you told about Kyuubi?"

"T-that the Yondai- I mean, Otō-san, killed it."

"Naruko-chan. . . a biju cannot be killed. Only sealed. The Yondaime, your real father, sealed the Kyuubi into you to save Konoha. He did it to protect Konoha and his last words were apparently to treat you as a hero. However, he underestimated human prejudice and their need of vengeance."

Naruko was silent for a minute, "But why does it-"


Naruko gulped, "- he. . . call you Otō-san?"

"I don't exactly know much that happens after I was transported here so, Kurama, would you mind?"

"Not at all, Otō-san," Kurama spoke with a grin at it's container. "Otō-san, as you now know him, created the nine biju. He is whom you know as the Rikudō Sennin, the Shinobi no Kami. He founded the ninja world almost three thousand years ago."

Naruko's eyes widened, "T-the Rikudō Sennin? But didn't he die three thousand years ago?"

Genji looked at her, "Apparently, but something did happen after the battle with the Kyuubi's predecessor I ended up here. I honestly don't know what happened."

"Oh, I se- wait, the Kyuubi's predecessor? What are you talking about?"

"Around the time of Otō-san, there were not nine biju but one. A being known as the Juubi. . ."

Over the next hour or so, Genji and Kurama explained the Sennin's story to the young five year old. Needless to say, she was astonished by whom her new father actually was: the Founder of the Art of Ninjutsu. Regardless of her amazement, she was also extremely hyped, "Awesome! I have the most powerful Otō-san ever! Dattebayo!"

Genji couldn't help but chuckled at the girl's enthusiasm. He then turned back to Kurama, "Kurama, I'm going to need you to explain to me what happen over the years I have been gone; preferably what's been going within the last hundred years. I trust you can inform me of this soon?"

"Of course, Otō-san," Kurama replied, then he smirked, "Or should I be calling you Old Man [2]?"

Genji's eyebrow twitched. Kurama laughed, "Sorry Otō-san, you make it too easy."

"Um. . . Kurama-san. . ." the Kyuubi looked down at the little girl. "Would you mind calling Otō-san something different? It feels weird with both of us calling him Otō-san."

Genji smiled and turned to Kurama, "Kurama, just call me Genji-san."

Kurama smirked, "Alright, Genji-Jī-san."

A tick mark formed on Genji's head as his eye began to twitch again. He sighed before turning to leave, "Come on, Naruko-chan. It's late. I'll tell you the rest of your heritage in morning, okay?"

"Hai, Otō-san," with that, Naruko faded from her mindscape. And just as Genji was fading he spoke to the Kyuubi, "Kurama, please work with her and protect her. Even though I've only known her a little while I feel a strong bond with her. She is my child just as you are. Please. . . I won't always be around to make sure she's safe."

"I've kept her alive this long, Otō-san," Kurama replied. "I don't intend to start neglecting that job now."

Genji nodded, "Good."

With that, Genji left Naruko's mindscape.

The Next Morning. . .

Naruko woke up the next morning rubbing her eyes, "Ugh. . . what a dream. I can't believe I dreamed the Yondaime was my father and I was adopted by the Founder of Ninjutsu."

"Very realistic dream then," Naruko's eyes shot wide open. She looked besides her bed to see Genji smiling at her from a chair. He chuckled, "Good morning, sleepy."

Naruko got on all fours and slowly crawled to the edge of the bed, 'Y-you mean. . . t-th-this is all r-r-real. . .?"

Genji nodded and Naruko jumped into Genji's arms crying tears of joy. Genji was laughing in joy. After awhile, Naruko looked at Genji, "Um, Otō-san. . ."


"You said you were going to tell me the rest of my family."

"Ah, right," Genji chuckled sheepishly. "Now then, the rest of your family. . ."

Soon, Hokage's Office. . .

The Sandaime Hokage sighed as he continued with his paperwork. His mind was still focused on the events of the day before. The fact that the very founder of their art, the man whom he had had the unimaginably high honor of sharing the title Shinobi no Kami with, had verbally ripped him and his council apart. He now knew that the title he bore had lost a lot of meaning since the days of the Sennin; the sheer power Genji had demonstrated in his rage had demonstrated that. The fact that the young man had lived in a time where every human was worth an incredibly amount of care, compainionship, and compassion, especially children, had obviously sent him over the edge when learned exactly what was occuring with young Naruko.

Obviously, the Sennin was young but due to his experiences in a time where the Juubi threatened every living thing Hiruzen could only conclude that his wisdom and maturity rivaled even his. He could only imagine how fast the people of his time had to mature and adapt to live with the growing fear of the chaos and destruction ravaging around the land like a living plague. The Kyuubi attack alone had raised many young shinobi's maturity levels in response to the destruction and chaos of that night alone. Decades of suffering under the same condition due to a being whose power dwarved the Kyuubi's was a terrifying thought. The affect such a beast roaming the land must have been so harsh towards the people; living on the brink of extinction wasn't something to joke about.

It was obvious that due to the harsh realities of the past world that the Sennin would be powerful in general despite his gift from Kami. His eyes were very interesting in that regard for it seemed his eyes were designed to be a mockery of the Juubi's. Inoichi had described the beast to him and its eye is remarkably similar to the Sennin's Rinnegan except for being red and having nine tomoe. However, the Professor doubted that this similarity would've gone unnoticed by the people of that time.

"Despite child abuse being a horrible crime worthy of capital punishment, he seemed a little too angry at the revelation," Hiruzen thought back to the Sennin's rage. He was furious at the girl's treatment or even possible treatment for being punished over something she had no control over. "Could it be the reason he got so angry is because he too felt such pain and loneliness? Could his eyes have cause him so much pain in the past with the populace of the world? From what we know of him, I doubt he would want anyone to suffer the same way had if this is true. If that is so, then the reason he acted so violently was because the situation itself was very personal."

Hiruzen sighed. If it were indeed true then the situation was already much worse than he originally meant that not only did Konoha break a universal law of the Sennin's time but they also made a very personal offense to the Sennin on more than one occasion. He knew Genji's assumption on the situation was true, so this unnerved the aged Hokage quite a bit. Sarutobi knew that even if he were in his prime he would not be able to hold a candle to the Sennin himself. This made the fact that said sage was pissed off at him and the village Hiruzen himself had sworn to protect with his life was much more nerve-racking.

It was then he heard his door open. His secretary was standing there, "Hokage-sama. You have two visitors."

"Very well, who are they?"

"One is the demo- the brat and the other goes by the name Usu Genji."

Hiruzen took a deep breath and nodded, "Send them in."

The secretary bowed and exited the room. After a couple of seconds Genji and Naruko entered the room. Hiruzen smiled at Naruko, whom he considered his own granddaughter, however, the reaction he got was not as he expected. Instead of the big, toothy smile she always gave, she frowned at the old man and lowered her head so that her blonde hair created a shadow over her eyes.

"Ojī-san. . . why did you lie to me?" Hiruzen stiffened. Naruko looked up at him; she was staring straight into his eyes. "Why did you keep so much from me?"

After a moment of silence, the Sandaime Hokage sighed, "I'm sorry I never told you your heritage but if your parent's enemies knew they had a chi-"

Before Hiruzen could react Naruko snapped in anger at him, "NO! NOT THAT! WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME I WAS A JINCHOROKI!"

Hiruzen was stunned silent at her outburst. Never before had she reacted like that. Genji sighed, "Jinchuuriki, Naruko-chan."

Naruko blinked before turning to Genji and scratched her head sheepishly, "Sorry, Otō-san."

Genji shrugged, "No harm done."

Hiruzen's eyes could only gaze on in sadness. Naruko was angry at him for the first time but within a second Genji could calm her down. He sighed, "Naruko-chan. . . I'm so sorry but-"

"No, Ojī-san," Naruko interrupted again. Her eyes returned to sorrow, anger, and disappointment. "Stop saying sorry to me. . . that's all you ever say to me. . ."

He could only nod, "Okay. . ."

"Ojī-san. . . why didn't you tell me of my bu-bor. . ." Naruko blinked. She couldn't remember the word her new father had used. "Um, Otō-san, what was the word you used to describe my. . . er-?"

"Burden, Naruko-chan," the Sennin chuckled. He couldn't blame her. He was actually impressed she could speak so well at the age of five.

"Right, burden."

Her looked then turned serious again as she looked at the old man in front of her again. "Well, Ojī-san?"

The newest holder of the title of Shinobi no Kami [3] was surprisingly intimidated by the little girl before him. Her disappointed, sad gaze gave off a feeling very similar to the Sennin who had become her father. He gave him the feeling that a child would as he was about to be punished and this little girl was no exception. He truly did feel sorry for letting her down all these years. He was about to speak but Genji spoke up, "There is no excuse, Naruko-chan. To hide such a burden from a prejudice village is one thing but to hide it from the container herself. It is inexcusable!"

Hiruzen stood up, "What did you want me to do, Genji-san?! Tell a child she was the container of a demon that caused so much pain, death, and destruction to the village."

"YES!" The fiery rage that Genji unleashed as he slammed his palms onto the desk. This single word caused Naruko to back up a bit while Hiruzen quickly sat back into his chair. "At least so that she could know why she was hated so much, but you didn't even give her that pleasure. If she at least knew why the village hated her, she'd have less of a chance from losing her own self-esteem, which I am amazed at how high it still is for her!"

The aging Hokage bowed his head sadly. After a few seconds, Genji spoke up again, "Now, onto why we are here. I believe the deal was that that shinobi of your's would occompany us during Naruko-chan's training trip?"

Hiruzen nodded, "Hai, her name is Mitarashi Anko if you recall. She should be here any moment."

Genji nodded. They waited a few moments before a woman entered the room, "You rang?"

Genji's eyes widened at the appearance of said woman. She was tall with spiked, purple hair tied into a large, spikey, and short ponytail. She had brown, pupiless eyes along with the Hidden Leaf hitai-ate on her forehead. She wore a tan overcoat with a light brown skirt strapped to her by a black belt. He had chain mesh covering her chest and her upper thighs as well as having ninja shoes and leg guards on her shins. She was munching on some dango when she entered. Genji only had one thought in his mind when he saw her appearance, "What on earth have I gotten myself into?"

"Indeed I have, Anko," Hiruzen spoke to her kindly.

Anko looked over at Genji and Naruko, specifically Genji, "So, who's the handsome, young man you've got her Hokage-sama?"

Genji sweatdropped, "Seriously. . . what on earth have I gotten myself into?"

"Before we get into that, Anko, I must ask," Hiruzen's face turned serious before he continued. "What do you know of the Rikudō Sennin?"

"You mean that ancient shinobi that founded Ninjutsu?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well, I know he was considerably powerful. Why?"

"What if I told you that he's the young man standing right next to you?"

Anko blinked did a double-take at the silver-haired man standing next to her. She looked back at her kage and point her thumb towards him, "You mean this guy?"

"Yes. We don't know how, but this man was transported three thousand years into the future. The man standing next to you is the whole reason the art of utilizing chakra even exists."

Anko cocked an eyebrow, "You sure he ain't pulling your leg?"

"I'm sure," the old man replied. "I assume you remember that insident yesterday?"

"You mean with everyone within eighty yards of the Hokage Tower falling unconscious?"

"That was caused by this man getting angry. And, just to seal the deal, Inoichi went into his mindscape and came out a terrified wreck practically begging me to believe the man was who he said he was."

Anko whistled and faced him, "Well, I'm sure impressed. If you've got them to believe you then I guess I can as well."

Anko held out her hand, "So what's your name, tough guy?"

"Usu Genji," Genji shook her hand and smiled pleasantly. Anko nodded then gazed down at Naruko. "May I ask what the village pariah is doing here? Not that I mind but. . ."

"She is Genji-san's new, adoptive daughter."

"Really?" Anko asked interested. She turned to the little, blond-haired girl. "That true?"

Naruko nodded, "Yep! I got the most powerful Otō-san ever! Dattebayo!"

Anko chuckled, "The girl's got spunk. So, what'd you need me for anyway? I doubt it was just to get introduced to the mighty Sennin here."

The Sandaime nodded, "Indeed. You see, Genji wants to take young Naruko-chan on a three year training trip. However, the council wouldn't allow it, but Genji being the forceful, authoritative powerhouse he is forced them to accept it at the agreement that one of my shinobi would occompany him."

"To prevent him from taking her to some other village?" Anko asked.

"No. I doubt even myself in my prime would be able to do much to phase him. Asking a simple subordinate of mine would be suicide."

"So, why the one shinobi?"

"It at least provides us with the possible assuarance of Naruko-chan's return though Genji said he would return her for the Academy and I honestly doubt he would lie about that."

"And I guess I'm the one accompanying them?" Anko asked catching on.

"Yes," Sarutobi confirmed. "Due to your past with the village yet remaining to stay loyal, I believed you be the best to help Naruko since your lives have been similar. The fact you and Naruko are the same gender is a bonus since Genji, as a male, can only teach Naruko so much."

Anko nodded then turned to Genji, "So I guess we're going to be seeing a lot of each other for the next few years."

Genji nodded, "Indeed. If you want to know when we're leaving; it's tomorrow morning at eight o'clock."

"Okay, I'll be there," she turned to leave but before she did she smirked and said to Genji, "It'll be interesting to see what the great Rikudō Sennin can do."

After she left, Genji let loose a shudder he'd been holding in and then sighed, "Why do I feel there was a double meaning to that last sentence?"

"Sadly, there probably was," Hiruzen sighed. "Good luck with both of them, Genji-san. You'll need it."

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[1] This fanfiction follows along the lines of Naruko being Tsunade's granddaughter, so those who guessed Naruko would have the Mokuton were correct.

[2] May be recognized as what Kurama used to refer to the Sennin in canon.

[3] Shinobi no Kami - God of the Shinobi

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