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Far Longer Than Forever



"Come on, Gray-sama." The blue haired woman asked, pouting a little as she followed the object of her happiness around their guild. "It's been a while since we went together in a mission."

The man groaned as he finally found a place to sit and because the little water mage was asking the same question for the last ten minutes. He had a sandwich in hand and just wanted to eat it in peace. "I just returned from a mission, Juvia. I am tired and taking the rest of the week off."

The girl pouted and sat beside him. "Juvia thought that we could use some alone time." She emphasized the word on purpose. It was funny when he blushed and it happened more frequently than before.

Gray's cheeks were red in a second once the innuendo of her words sank in his mind. "B-baka! What are you saying?"

"You know, Gray-sama." Juvia put her hands over her cheeks and looked away from him with a silly smile on her face. "We should go out alone more often. We are hardly together these days."

"Shut up." Gray groaned, still blushing. Juvia giggled as she leaned over the table, using her arms as support/pillow and stared at him, smiling brightly. "What?" He asked after a moment, looking at her warily. Anything could come from her.

"Don't know." She shrugged. "Juvia's just happy to be here with you, Gray-sama." He frowned; that came out of nowhere. The girl was very vocal about her happiness when she was around Gray, but she never looked like that. She never looked at him with those sincere eyes and just told him that she was happy with being blown off. "Unfortunately Juvia has to go to her mission now." A bad feeling spread over his gut. Something wasn't right and his gut knew it. She was getting up and still talking to him, but the bad feeling was still bothering him. "When Juvia returns, she'll find you, Gray-sama and… maybe we can have Frank's Caramades again?" She asked with uncertainty. "Just… us?"

"Sure." He shrugged; a slight pink appearing on his cheeks. He was trying his best to be more open about her and what he might let himself to feel for her. It wasn't like he didn't know that they had something going on he couldn't quite identify just yet.

"Then Juvia must go to return soon!" She said, hands in fists, really fired up to return soon. Gray frowned when the bad feeling returned. "Bye, Gray-sama." The blunette started to walk away, when Gray grabbed her wrist.

She stopped and looked at him with confusion. "Gray-sama?"

The man had a frown on his face and was staring at their hands together. Even he couldn't understand why he had done it. It wasn't like any other time he touched her. This time, he was feeling like he had to hold her there.

His gut was telling him to not let her away from his sight.

"Be careful." He said and let go of her wrist, feeling uncomfortable all of a sudden. Gray was not one to show publically his affection towards others very often.

Juvia tilted her hand to the side, confused by his actions but at the same time, she thought it was sweet that he was worried about her. "Juvia always is."

Gray nodded and returned his attention to his sandwich. He was about to take a bite when he felt a warmth on his cheek, he was surprised when he understood that Juvia had given him a butterfly kiss. He turned to stare at her, but she was already leaving.

She was walking away when she turned to look at him over her shoulder and offered him a smile.

After the shock, Gray couldn't help but smile a little himself. Ever since the games, their relationship had been developing in a way he was finally getting comfortable with. Juvia was still Juvia, but she didn't seem pushy to him anymore. If anything, he liked to have her around and was well aware that she was more than just a nakama to him at that point.

When she left the guild, the bad feeling returned. He didn't know why, but he just wanted to see her back, safe and sound.


Juvia's eyes snapped open and she felt nauseous and dizzy at the same time. The back of her head was throbbing and for a moment, she thought she was going to get sick. What had happened to her? She blinked fast so her vision could get clearer, but there wasn't much light to get used to.

She could see that there were more people with her, a few meters away. Juvia looked to her hands and could see that she had handcuffs around her wrists. The blunette looked around and also could see that she was behind bars.

But what worried her the most was that she couldn't feel her magic. Not even a bit.


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