The Real Naitlyn Story

So this is my new Naitlyn story and it's going to be really long. It's not just going to be 20 chapters and that's it. I am going to try and make it as long as possible so people wont be fed up if they are enjoying it and I just give up. If its like a few moths and I haven't updated its not that I have given up on the story I will tell you in advance if I choose to end it. I would also like to make you aware that this is my first story and it is naughty so if you get really squeamish over sex scenes then I suggest you don't read this story.

Chapter 1

"Caity were going" Caitlyn's mum called out. "Im coming" she called out as she ran down the stairs.

Caitlyn's POV

I'm on my way to camp rock in the car with my mum. But before we get their we're going to Mitchie's house because she say's that she needs a whole new wardrobe and if she's going to camp rock for the whole summer she wont have time to go on a shopping spree. She says that a few of her friends are coming with us so I'm kinda looking forward to it because I've never met any of Mitchie's friends and to be honest I think their only her friends because she's dating Shane and I want to give them a good beating for it.

Yay were here!

"Caitlyn" Mitchie called.

"Oh My God, Mitchie, it's been so long" I said

"I know. I've missed you so much."

"Ok, ok lets go" I said.

"We still need to wait for my friends," she said and I sighed.

"What" she asked me

"Nothing" I said just a really nice black car came in front of us. It looked like a car that was probable used to escort celebrities around.

"Wow, nice car" I said. When Nate, Shane and Jason Grey came out of the car.

"Thanks" said the curly haired one. OMG one of the Grey brothers talked to me.

"Caitlyn, aren't you going to say hello?" Mitchie said.


"We said hello" all tree of the brothers repeated.

"Oh, hi "I said shyly.

"Looks like someone's in daisy land " Mitchie said and I glared at her.

"Well I'm Shane but you obviously already know that because I'm so hot" there was a long pause.

"Oh yeah, this is my oldest brother Jason and my youngest brother Nate" they both smiled at me and waved as I looked at Mitchie as if to ask if he was serious.

"Yeah about that, I said Shane had got a little less jerkish. I said a little we still have a long way to go." Mitchie said as Nate changed the subject.

"So are we going shopping or not".

"Oh yeah lets go "I responded trying to sound a little bit more enthusiastic about it.

We went to every single store including pets at home because Jason wanted to get birdseeds for the birdhouse he was going to make at camp rock. I said goodbye to my mum and then Connie took us the rest of the way to camp rock.

"Were here" Connie said an hour and a half later.

We all got out of the car and as soon Mitchie stepped foot outside she grabbed Shane's arm and pulled him to our cabin leaving us all knowing that they were having sex in there, Nate asked me if I would like to go to his cabin. Of course I said yes. eeeeeeeeeeep.

At Nate's cabin

"Your so lucky" I said breaking the silence we were in for 10 minuets.

"What do you mean? "He asked

"You have your own cabin," I answered

"Oh yeah I guess that's cool"

"That's cool, it's great if I had my own room I wouldn't have to worry about my cabin mate having sex with your brother" I said

"Well do you want a drink or something to eat? Cause I think they'll be in there quite a while." He asked.

"Where will you get food from" I asked suspiciously.

"I have a kitchen he said but if you say yes I don't know how to cook, just to warn you."

"Are you asking me if I want something to eat as an act of hostility or are you just hoping ill say yes so I'll cook you something too" I laughed.

"A bit of both" he admitted.

"Well then ill see what I can find cause there's no chance you'll find pizza delivery around here. Where's your kitchen" I asked as I stood up.

"The door to the right "he said getting up to walk over to the kitchen with me but just before I was able to touch the door handle Nate pulled me back and pushed me against the wall.

Duh Duh Duh what is Nate doing is he going to hurt her or is he planning on doing something else with her. Ohh well well find out. I'll try and get the 2nd chapter out Tuesday or even Monday and If sex is what you crave then you'll get it once the story builds up. I promise. I've already rated the story as m. I don't really care how many reviews I get but reviewing will make me happy and ill update more. Even if the review just says 'update' I don't care it will make me happy. And if you can understand who's speaking without me having to type he said and she said then can you tell me in the review because it's kind of annoying. And sorry about grammar I don't pay much attention to it. Thanks for reading. Wow I talk a lot fell free not to read the bold bits there not always that important. Review review review :p