WOW: Break (I used broken .. what can I say? I'm a maverick) It's not funny; broken ribs are never funny. Unless ...

Warning for Dean's pottymouth.

Disclaimer: If I owned them, I'd be far too busy to write about them.


It wasn't funny.

So why was Sam struggling not to laugh?

Dean's broken rib had been healing nicely until they found this crappy motel; they'd barely arrived, but were already packing to leave.

It was a combination of the room's dust layer, so thick it could be topsoil, and the owner's fourteen pet cats that did it.


Sam watched Dean stagger across the room. Bent double, he clutched his ribs; snot-and tear-stained face a grimacing mask of breathless agony.

"Friggin'-dickballs-douche…AAHHXHHCHOOOOOO…bag crappin' *sniff* fre-freakin'-asshat-douchewad…GAHHHHHH…CHOOOO! Holy m-mother-o'-f-fah-fudgin'…AAHH…AHHH…ASSBUTT…ohnonono…CHHOOOOOH... ooooowow… *snuck* Sammy – HURTS!"

No. It wasn't funny at all.