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Chapter 1:

With the knowledge that a secret order was forming, not to mention the threat that Voldemort was now even more powerful, it was a wonder that Harry passed his final exams at all. Of course, he did happen to have a master as his mate, but still. Getting past the exams seemed like a remarkable feat of strength, and Harry couldn't have been more relieved to board the train that would take him and Severus back to the house. Back to their home.

Judging by Severus's gleeful smirk as he left not only the hoards of students, but also the teachers and Harry's own godparents, Harry thought that Severus just might be as happy as he was. The two were traveling home on a separate train than the rest of Hogwarts, being that their route was much different than the one Hogwarts train took. Harry welcomed the privacy that the barren train offered the two.

Harry leaned casually against his leather seat, staring at Severus with a observatory gaze. The older man wasn't doing anything particular, yet Harry was still entertained by the rarely seen causal attire the man wore. Replacing his frigid black robes was a plain pair of slacks and a normal shirt that Harry briefly thought must be very warm to cuddle up to.

Without looking up from his new potion's journal, Severus smirked and patted his lap.

Harry's suspicion was peaked. "You didn't read my mind did you?" he asked semi-warily.

Severus outright laughed at that and shook his head, "No, my love, although reading your expression is just as useful. Your expressions read like an open book." He turned his head so he could meet Harry's eyes and raised an eyebrow, clearly asking whether Harry was going to sit on his lap or not.

Making up his mind in less than a second, Harry quickly clambered onto his mate and pressed his lips adoringly against the other before pulling back with a satisfied expression and turning around, settling in a more proper position. He ran his hand down Severus's chest once, not missing the slight shifting of the potions master and smiled accordingly. Yes, the shirt was indeed very comfortable to lie against.

After an hour alternating between mindlessly staring at the pages of the worn booklet and staring at Harry's black hair, Severus finally bent down to lightly bite at the neck in front of him. Harry's reaction was even better than he'd imagined. With a sharp, surprised gasp Harry jumped slightly and shifted on his lap before freezing, not completely sure whether he wanted to jump of the seat in shock or try and make sense of the odd sensation that had dragged his out of his stupor.

Sensing this, Severus lightly stroked Harry's back through the fabric of his shirt and pulled him closer. "Just me," he reassured before leaning forwards again to nip sharply at the neck before soothing it with his tongue.

Harry relaxed at the familiar action and rested his head against Severus's shoulder, offering up his entire neck to Severus's touch. Within seconds Harry was purring softly as nimble hands danced up and down and across his collarbone, followed by an occasional lick or kiss.

"Five more hours left," Severus said in amusement when Harry finally pulled away from the ministrations in favor of shifting into a more comfortable position. Harry tried to tell himself that it was only because his back was getting sore, and didn't have to do with the fact that Severus had much easier access to his neck like this. Nope, Harry was only thinking about his poor back.

Severus smiled lightly, glad that Harry seemed to be enjoying his touches. He was pleased their relationship was progressing so well, glad that Harry still was able to trust him in this manner, even after the hectic events of his fifth year. "Harry, love," he whispered quietly, waiting for a mumbled yes before continuing. "Don't open your eyes, not until I tell you to." Severus didn't bother telling Harry that it was only a request, Harry knew that he could open his eyes and look at him whenever he felt like it. Still, the idea that Harry nodded against his chest without even the slightest bit of hesitation made Severus's heart swell.

Without giving anything away, Severus quickly grew his nails back out into small claws and felt his teeth elongate to match. He'd never truly pushed his Veela attributes onto Harry, in fact, other than his wings, he very rarely showed his heritage in such a manner.

Other than a small sound that sounded more instinctual than purposeful, Harry didn't open his eyes or even turn away from his embrace as he unfurled his wings and gently wrapped Harry and sub-sequentially himself on one. Harry let out a pleased noise and relaxed even further, not noticing at first the light nails tracing his body. It wasn't until one lightly ran over his nipple that he blinked his eyes open and looked up at Severus in a heavy manner.

"Severus…" Harry carefully reached up to thumb Severus's bottom lip where tiny, almost unnoticeable fangs were resting. Despite their small size, Harry knew without a doubt that they could be quite deadly should Severus want them to be. "Has something happened?" he asked, nearly positive he hadn't fallen asleep and missed something that would have encouraged Severus to withdraw his animalistic endowments.

"Not at all, however, I felt this would be beneficial for you to become more acquainted with my natural self. I dare say you shall be seeing it much more often," Severus answered Harry's question with ease, nearly laughing when Harry shuddered at the feeling of his nails pressing lightly against a sensitive mark that he had by now memorized.

Harry stared hesitantly, trying to understand what Severus's comment could mean. Was he worried? Was there another "mating season?" Did Severus simply not want to hide his attributes any longer?

"Rest assured, love. I have no intention of strolling around the town square with fangs hanging out of my mouth and black wings trailing me," Severus smirked at his thought and moved his hand up to Harry's hair and carded his claws through it. "I simply want you to become more accustomed with the feeling of my claw and fangs. There's nothing to be concerned about, silly lion, I was merely reflecting and realized that I had yet to really address the fact that I have razor sharp nails and fangs.

Harry finally relaxed at the explanation and smiled obligingly as Severus continued to play with his hair, and after a few moments, twisting his own fingers through Severus's long strands and pulling his mate's face down so he could kiss him. It was lazy kiss, slow and languid, and Harry figured that it might have been one of the better ones he'd ever shared.

Harry let out a peaceful sigh and relaxed against Severus's frame as the older man finally released his claim on Harry's lips. "Severus."

"Hmm?" Severus hummed noncommittally as he once again began to trace his claws gently over Harry's scalp, smiling when Harry gave a purr of content.

"About the Order," Harry lowered his voice slightly, knowing that this was not a subject to be talking about loudly, "Who all is in it?"

Severus thought for a few seconds on how to answer, but when he did, he withheld nothing. "The Order was created years ago, before your parents death. Many people were a part of its effort, but the main participants were your parents, the Weasley's, Sirius, Remus, and a few professors from Hogwarts."

Harry listened patiently, resisting the urge to comment when his parent's names were brought up. "The Weasley's, are any of they're sons involved in it? Bill or Charlie, the twins?" He couldn't really imagine any of the Weasley's being involved in a war effort. Mrs. Weasley was so motherly, and Ron's father didn't exactly seem the type…

"Neither Bill nor Charlie are members, however, they do occasionally add input. As far as the twins go, e only let those who are out of their schooling join," Severus caught Harry's expression and smiled a bit before shaking his head in rely to whatever question showed on Harry's face. "No, that Susanna not the reason I don't want you to join. While it is true you don't meet our requirements, my issues with you're joining revolve more around the danger factor."

"It won't be...dangerous for you right?" Harry asked cautiously, hating the bad feeling that filled his gut at the thought of Severus being hurt. It made his feel physically ill.

Understanding too well how Harry was taking that new information, Severus gently tightened his wings and buried his head in the mop of black hair, purposefully brushing grazing the skin with his nails. "It will not be dangerous for me, darling, I have more than enough skills to take care of myself."

Harry couldn't bring himself to even roll his eyes at the cocky nature of Severus's words. He wouldn't let on to how much the confidence in the words reassured him. "Thank you," he whispered, and Severus understood that he wasn't only thanking him for answering his questions, but also for reassuring him of something he should have already trusted in.

"Silly Gryffindor," Severus murmured before loosening his grasp and offering Harry a smirk that looked like a smile. "Now, we've got four more hours to waste and I for one intend to enjoy them."


Harry's eyes stared calculatingly down at the ground, his expression wary. Every step was planned out with the uttermost precision in order to avoid the wet death trap leering below him.

The steady "plop plop plop" of raindrops did nothing to help his concentration either. Then again, part of that blame could easily be given to his mate, who, according to his superior senses, was currently standing a hairs width behind him and chuckling near silently. Harry turned to make a scathing remark, but that brief lapse of judgement turned out to be a mistake. With flailing arms and a short yelp, Harry's feet went flying from him and only the quick reaction from his mate saved him the embarrassing experience of falling on his arse in the middle of the town square.

Harry clenched on to severus's hand and carefully righted himself, not before sending a fierce glare towards the perpetrator. "Stupid rain, it's not even supposed to be wet, damn weather..." Harry grumbles as he let go of severus's hand and instead wrapped his arm securely around severus's waist.

There, now at least if he fell, his mate would too.

"Now, you wouldn't happen to be thinking about taking me down with you, would you?" Severus arched an amused eyebrow and smirked at the tightening of the arm as they passed another slick patch.

At the soft posed question, Harry halted and pouted, but didn't dare cross his arms. No, crossing them would mean he's have to let go of Severus, and that certainly wasn't a pliable option. "You're mocking me, aren't you."

"Not in the least, my little lion," Severus smirked at the new nickname that Harry had yet to comment on and lightly kissed the pout of his mate's lips, "Feel free to touch me whenever you want."

Harry's eyes brightened mischievously at those words as they finally came to a stop at the nice little French restaurant they were planning to eat at. Oh, Harry would certainly be taking advantage of that casual encouragement. He offered up a bright smile and tugged his mate inside, eager to get away from the sloshing water under their feet.

"Party for two," Severus pulled Harry back to his side and wrapped a firm arm around his waist. While the muggle's had stopped spreading gossip about he and Harry should after their return for summer, he was still wary.

Harry gave Severus an understanding smile and obligingly cuddled more firmly into his side, hardly caring that it made walking slightly difficult.

The waiter gave Harry a funny look as he led the couple to a relatively secluded table in the back. In reply, he simply stared stubbornly at the worker and wrapped Severus's arm tighter against his waist. He didn't care what some waiter said, his mate wanted him close and he certainly wasn't going to argue, not when that secluded table beckoned to him and his mate's earlier words echoed in his ears..."feel free to touch me whenever you want."

A perfect opportunity to tease Severus back for the previous day's activities. No, he wouldn't be taking mercy on his mate, not when he had received so little before. Severus had truly started it all, too. It wasn't his fault it was hard to control himself whenever Severus touched him like that.

See, Harry fully deserved the chance to enact revenge of his mate. He'd see who really had the best self control after this lunch.

"I'll be right back out with your menu's." the waiter said politely before giving the couple one last look and walking away, leaving Harry and Severus to take a seat side by side.

Harry snickered quietly at this motion. He was always curious why Severus say by his side, as opposed to most couple who sat across from each other, but now that silly habit was coming in handy.

He slyly crept his hand along the seat till it met the supple skin of Severus's thigh. So far the man had not commented other than a cocked eyebrow and a small smirk, then again, Harry hadn't done this yet.

Severus grunted quietly as Harry's hand found his cock through his pants and teasingly brushed it. He carefully shifted his body so Harry couldn't do so by accident again - assuming it had been an accident, and took a deep breath to calm himself. So when Harry's hand once again teasingly touched him he barely managed to stop himself from making an exclamation, and it was no wonder. Harry was rarely ever this bold in this particular subject, and to do so in a public place...

"Harry," he growled quietly, daring now to move.

"Yes?" Harry's smile lit up his entire expression and he sent Severus a wink at the same time his hand "accidentally" twitched.

Severus tried to hide the start in his breath unsuccessfully and instead growled once again at his mate in an effort to show his displeasure. No such luck.

Harry giggled slightly and shrugged under his breath, muttering a nearly silent, "now lets see who's gonna whine."

Severus's eyes widened at that and he sent a slightly wary look at his seemingly innocent mate. "Now Harry, was yesterday truly so terrible?"

"Not at all, in fact I quite enjoyed it. A little too much...bastard. You made me whine for hours." He said casually, his hand now stroking the attentive member.

Severus stifled his groan at the sight of the waiter approaching with two menu's. "Harry," he warned, but his sly little mate merely scooted closer and rested his hand innocently over his lap.

"Here you are. You're server will be out in a few minutes to take your order," said the waiter casually as he set the plastic covered paper down on the table.

Severus gritted his teeth and remained quiet even as Harry's hand continued its smooth actions. And despite Severus's admitted surprise, he couldn't help but be proud at how Slytherin his mate had been. That didn't mean he was going to take it, however.

"I promise you, my little lion, that any further actions will have dire consequences." Severus tried to threaten in a silky voice, knowing that Harry wasn't likely to continue knowing that his entire purpose of making his beg for a change would be defeated the second the got home.

Harry shuddered at the threat that promised pleasure and his hand halted for a long enough time period for Severus's to come along and lace it in one of his. "When I said feel free to touch me whenever, I was thinking more of a private setting," he whispered casually in Harry's ear, smirking victoriously when Harry merely whimpered as his hand rested calmly on Harry's inner thigh.

"However, I must thank you for the wonderful idea. Even I had not thought of something so...bold when I thought over possible ways to influence staff to leave you alone."

Harry squeaked in alarm at the suggestive idea and squirmed lightly, only succeeding in making Severus's hand slip further in between his legs. Despite his slight discomfort, however, he spread his legs slightly wider to accommodate the limb and closed his eyes as Severus teasingly traced patterns.

"S-Sev, the waiter...-"

Harry's uncomfortable whine was answered by the slight twitch of the hand and a soft chuckle. "Have I not said that I will take care of you?"

Severus's hand continued its swirling motions for a few more brief seconds before it finally retreated back to a more publicly acceptable place. Not that Harry was able to concentrate with his hand on his thigh either. "As per our agreement, I won't publicly place my claim," Severus's lips twitched upwards then. "Of course if you asked..."

Harry snorted and tried to shift closer without Severus noticing. His attempts were in vain, Harry knew by the lightened smirk on his mate's face that he had caught the subtle movement. "Don't act as if its some sort of great expectation that you be able to act as a normal human being and not grope me in restaurants."

Severus chuckled even louder at that. "Ah, but you forget. I'm not a normal 'human' being, and you, my darling Gryffindor, are the one who initiated the groping tonight.

Harry spluttered lightly at that but couldn't protest, knowing Severus was right. "But you offered so temptingly," he whines slightly, and who could resist that? Severus should have been more careful with his words, after all, it wasn't his fault his mate was so appealing.

Severus smirked as Harry's voice trailed off and a thoughtful expression crossed the gentle face. He watched the shifting emotions avidly until the voice of the waiter interrupted both their thoughts.

"Are you ready to order?"

Severus looked up and met his gaze with ease. "I believe we'll need a few more minutes, thank you."

The waiter nodded and moved on to another table while Severus slyly traced Harry's thigh one last time before relinquishing the touch. "Don't worry, my love, I'll be sure to continue later," he said nonchalantly as he picked up his menu.

Harry flushed brightly. Distantly in his mind he felt he should feel a bit more embarrassed at their randy thoughts, but a bigger part interceded. Why should he care? Severus was his mate after all, and a wonderful one at that. He certainly wasn't protesting the touches, and as long as he didn't have anything to say against them, Severus would continue.

Harry shook his head out and sneaked a small smile in Severus's direction before picking up his own menu.