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Chapter 4

It had been several days since Severus's mission and Harry's admittance to abuse and Severus was determined in finding the muggles. No matter how many times Harry had tried to dissuade him from his murderous thoughts he always ended up, usually after a much heated debate, on the couch under Severus with a thigh thrust between his legs. Harry was beginning to think Severus was turned on by their fighting. Scratch that, Harry knew it turned him on.

Unfortunately for Severus, his mission was going to have to take a little break.

"I am not sick!" Severus venomously protested even as his hands trembled softly and his stomach heaved with nausea. "I do not get sick."

"Apparently not," Harry rolled his eyes and resumed his efforts in getting his Veela to take in the soup. "Dammit, would you just eat it already?"

"There is no need, as I am not sick," he protested once more and Harry barely restrained himself from jumping on the man and strangling the life out of him. "Stop being ridiculous; if you're not sick then what do you call this?"

"Frustration for you not listening to me," Severus snapped back.

"What a coincidence," Harry set the meal on the bedside table and crossed his arms and glared at his mate. If logic wouldn't work then blackmail certainly would. "I'm not eating until you do."

Severus's irritated grimace quickly morphed into a look of shock and slight anger. "Yes, you will." He set his jaw in a firm line and crossed his arms and Harry couldn't help but think that he looked a bit ridiculous with the sheets bundled around him and what could only be described as a pout on his face. If only he could take a picture...ah, well, a pensive would work just as well.

"Please, love," Harry sighed. "Just let me take care of you."

"I'm supposed to be taking care of you!" Severus settled back against his pillow still seething in indignant rage. He was not sick, Harry was merely attempting to stop him from achieving his goal of finding his relatives. He would not be distracted.

Harry raised an eyebrow and smirked to himself. He definitely knew how to get Severus to give in now. "Fine then, if you insist you aren't sick then I suppose I should very well give up."

The Veela stopped his sullen inner monologue and looked up just in time to see his submissive offer up an innocent smile and move in to join him on the bed and kiss him. Severus jumped back before he even realized what he was doing. "Stop! Imprudent imp you'll get infected."

Harry snickered as a look of irritation flashed across Severus's face. "Infected with what? I though you weren't sick."

"You're an evil creature," Severus, despite his anger at his mate for refusing to give in to him, could not help but feel pleased at the undivided focus of his mate, not to mention his Slytherin tactics.

"Thanks, I can just feel the affection rolling off you in waves."

The Veela rolled his eyes and gave his mate a reproving look as if to say that, yes, he loved him, and yes, he was still an evil creature.

Harry picked the warm bowl of soup back up and handed it to Severus with a pointed look. Severus reluctantly took it and began eating though Harry could still clearly see the petulant thoughts in his eyes. Oh, how the tables had turned. "If you would just take better care of yourself you wouldn't have gotten sick, you know. Just because it's summer does not mean you can't catch a cold."

As soon a Severus finished eating Harry took the bowl and walked it to the kitchen then joined him back in the bedroom. He offered up a small commiserating smile and move to curl up next to him but Severus raised a hand immediately and coughed out a meager protest. "Relax, Sev, I never get sick. It's been years since I've had a cold," he placated before sitting down on the right to his sick mate and shuffling under the covers.

Severus's protests died in his throat when he felt a warm hand wind itself around one of his own frozen ones and curl them between their bodies. One night wouldn't hurt.


One night certainly could hurt, as Severus found out the next day. He had woken up, feeling even worse. His head was throbbing, his throat twinged, and the only comfort was, ironically, Harry's feverish body besides him. Oh, hell.

Harry let out a hoarse groan and rolled over one his side until his burning forehead was flush against Severus's neck and the Veela could feel the heat emanating from the smaller body surrounding him. He attempted to rise out of bed - both he and his mate were in serious need of, at the very least, some pepper up potions - but Harry seemed to think otherwise.

"No," he grumbled in his sleep and attached himself to Severus's arm. The man sighed and tried to gently disentangle his appendage from the tight grip without waking his mate. After a few more seconds of fruitless struggle he gave in.

"Harry, love, wake up."

A grunt was all he received in response. Severus tried another tactic. "Harry, if you don't wake up now I'm going to go find Madame Pomfrey and insist you need to be quarantined at Hogwarts."

This time a shift and a tiny snort of laughter was his award. "Hogwart's closed for the summer. Pomfrey's not there."

"If you don't let me out of bed this instant I'll ensure that you're stuck on bed rest without me for the rest of the week."

Harry sat up immediately at that and sent his mate an almost insulted look. "You wouldn't dare."

"Perhaps not," Severus snorted and now exerted the necessary force to pull his arm out of the protective grip. "I'll be back in a moment, I'm just going to gather up some potion's supplies while I still feel relatively healthy."

"Lucky you," Harry snorted and fell back onto the pillows. His head was pounding and now that he was fully awake, even closing his eyes made his vision swim. He heard Severus shuffle down the hallway and took a deep steadying breath before somehow dragging himself out of bed and to the wardrobe where he clothes himself a pair of boxers. He had noticed Severus was wearing actual clothes. He respected that kind of strength, sadly he had none.

When Severus made it back to the room the first thing he noticed was that Harry was sprawled entirely across the bed and everything but his face was visible. A muffled groan sounded from the bed and Harry rolled over and shuffled under the covers, aiming a petulant glare in Severus's direction as soon as his head was situated. "I can't believe you got me sick."

Severus's nose flared and he set his jaw. "You insisted that you couldn't get sick. Apparently not," he mocked, using the words Harry had said previously against him.

Harry was silent for a few seconds but his angry stare didn't leave Severus's until with a great sign he heaved himself from the bed and staggered towards the dresser to at the very least put on something more than boxers. "You were the one who insisted he wan't sick to begin with."

Severus hissed in anger and strode forward until he was standing directly in front of the Gryffindor, forcing Harry to tilt his head up to meet his gaze directly. "You are insufferable," he growled before gripping Harry's chin and pulling him forward to press their lips together.

Harry grinned into the kiss, all anger forgotten, and leaned to kiss back furiously, fighting for dominance. It didn't matter that he would probably never win, it was the fight that he enjoyed. And judging by the heat in his mate's eyes he knew he enjoyed it just as much.

They kissed for a few more seconds, Harry finally admitting defeat and allowing Severus to do as he pleased, before he pulled away and gasped for breath. His cheeks were flushed from not breathing but his eyes were much brighter. He smiled cheekily up at Severus before grimacing. "You taste like potions."

Severus rolled his eyes and lightly pushed Harry to bed. "Just lay down and shut up."

"Yes, Sir!" Harry saluted mockingly and jumped in bed. Severus rolled his eyes and settled in next to him, scowling at their attire.

"I don't even know why you bothered to get dressed when you knew you were just going back to bed," he grumbled.

Harry sheepishly shrugged. "If you pissed me off enough I was gonna go sleep on the couch."

"Idiot," Severus muttered as he shifted and slid his hands over Harry's hips, teasing the lining of the pants. "I want these off."

"Demanding, aren't we?" Harry mocked before attempting to squirm out of his sweats with Severus's presence at his back and the hands on his hips. Severus hummed and impatiently pushed the pants off the bed before sliding his outer robe off and setting it on the chair next to the bed.

Harry sighed and rearranged himself so he was lying his head against the still clothed chest of his mate. He scowled and plucked at the silk. "Off."

"Mmhn, I still need to brew more potions. Unless you wish for me to brew naked, I think it would more wise for me to stay dressed," Severus captured Harry's hand in his own and laid it flat on his chest next to Harry's head.

"Then why'd you make me undress?" Harry said indignantly.

The hands sliding down his sides and hips were enough answer for him. He tried to forget the fact that he was naked in a bed while his mate was fully dressed and instead turned his attention to the miserable state of his body. Arguing with Severus earlier had taken a lot of effort out of him, and he knew that even if he had wanted to he probably would have been able to make it to the couch without crawling.

"I'll have potions ready by the time you wake up."

Harry sighed in agreement and closed his eyes. He fell asleep, despite his headache, in a matter of minutes.


Harry woke up with at least three potions sitting innocently next to him. His groan woke up the sleeping man by his side. He could feel teeth grazing his neck and he turned slightly so he could see that in his sleep Severus had allowed for his teeth and claws to come out slightly. "Careful with those," Harry groused, pulling his neck away slightly from the sharp teeth hovering only a few inches away.

Severus's arm tightened around his stomach and pulling him back until his body was pressed against the veela's front and those sharp teeth were once again pressed against the vulnerable skin of his neck.

"Aren't I supposed to be taking potions or something," Harry squirmed and immediately regretted it as his body screamed in protest at the simple move. He let out a pathetic whimper at the unsettling pain coursing through his body and forcefully stilled his body as much as he could. A single mantra ran through his head as he tried to settle himself: I will not puke, I will not puke.

Behind him he could feel a soft growling spreading through Severus's chest and one clawed hand gripped his waist as the other clumsily reached towards a violet colored potions bottle. "Drink this." The voice still contained a hint of a growl and Harry shakily took the offered bottle and tried to uncork it with his shaking hands, whimpering again in frustration when his weakened hands refused to cooperate. His frustration quickly changed into embarrassment when he felt Severus's hardened member press into the curve of his arse when he leaned forward.

"Did you just get hard at the sound of my pain-filled whimper!" Harry demanded reproachfully.

"Shut up," Severus growled again, though this time it was much rougher. "I can't control it while I'm sick." He took the potion from Harry's hands and pierced the cork with a nail instead of bothering with his hands. He handed the vial back to Harry who immediately downed it all and snuggled back into Severus, trying to ignore the hard pressure behind him.

"Just ignore it," Severus said as he stretched out and flipped on his back. Harry hissed in irritation at being startled from his comfortable potion and resentfully shifted as well, brushing his hand against Severus's member in a way that made it clear it was on purpose. "Careful, or I'll make you take care of it," Severus growled in Harrys ear as the Gryffindor got comfortable on his chest but Harry just ignored him and nestled his head in the man's neck, taking a deep breath of the calming scent and relaxing even further at the feeling of light claws protectively caressing his body.


By the third day, Severus had relatively regained his body. Harry, on the other hand, was still feeling more or less like he had been run over by a train.

"Please don't leave," Harry moaned in protest when he felt Severus's cool body detach from his side and leave his typical space. "Please," he whined again.

Severus groaned but knew he couldn't refuse such a request. "Harry, love, I will need to get up at some point. We do both require food."

Harry's stomach gave an uncomfortable roll as the thought of food. His grimace didn't go unnoticed. "You either eat the food I give you or I forcefully spell it into your stomach. Your choice."

Harry glared balefully at the man and halfheartedly made a move to shift away from his arms before remembering the exact reason he had them there in the first place. One groan and two curses later, Harry was sitting cuddled up on Severus's lap comfortably. Or at least he was, until Severus's erection once again made itself known. "Are you fucking serious right now?" Harry hissed in irritation.

"I can't help it when you act so submissive like that," he growled back, attempting to rearrange himself so Harry would be more comfortable.

Harry sighed and rested his cheek against his shoulder. "So….food?"

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