Moving On: Senior Year

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Summary: Sequel to my stories It was Never Goodbye and Returning To Lima (I would recommend you read those before reading this one so you know who all the kids are). It's 3 years later and the New Directions kids are now in their Senior Year and pretty soon have to make big decisions about their future. High school may almost be over but the drama is just continuing (sorry I am rubbish at summaries). Parental ships are Finchel, Quick, Klaine, Brittana, Samcedes, Wemma, Rugar, Artie (by himself- his girlfriend left him when his son was 4), Jarley and Ryder/Kitty.

A/N: This is not really a chapter, just a recap of the characters (plus introducing some new ones). Sorry if you've read Returning To Lima and already know all this but this is just in case you haven't. I will update the first real chapter soon.

Chapter 1: Character Recap

The Hudson Family

Scarlett Anna Hudson-23- Scarlett looks like a carbon copy of Rachel- long brown curly hair, brown eyes, lips and jewish nose. She also has long eyelashes. Scarlett was kidnapped by Jesse St James when she was a baby and was only found again by her parents when she was 3 years old. Scarlett loves to sing and dance just like Rachel and they are really close. Scarlett graduated from NYADA in 2031 and she was offered a job at a local dance school in Ohio when she came back home. She has a boyfriend Sam who also lives in Ohio (he went to school in New York just like her) and they have been dating for 5 years. Scarlett is average height and has a dancer's physique.

Christina Quinn Hudson-18- Christina looks more like Finn than Rachel, she has straight black hair and brown eyes. She has Rachel's nose as well as long eyelashes. Christina was raped by Jesse St James in her freshman year. Christina likes to sing but she enjoys playing basketball and football with her dad as well. She plays drums and guitar. She doesn't want to be on Broadway like her mom was and like her sister aspires to be- she wants to work for The New York Times. Christina is the editor of the school paper and aspires to be a journalist. She is quite tall. She is dating Alex Hummel-Anderson and they have 2 children (after they slept together whilst trying to find Alex's mom)- Sapphire and Toby Hudson who are 3 and were born after the Glee Club's National win in 2029. She is frightened of cars after a car accident that she was in when she, Mackenzie, Alex and Kevin went to Kentucky to find Alex and Kevin's mom after she swerved whilst trying to get away from Alan Black (because she owed him money). She has several scars from her rape and from the car crash.

Christopher "Chris" Finn Hudson- 15- Chris is Finn and Rachel's only son. Chris is closer to his sister Christina than Scarlett (unlike his younger sister who is closer to Scarlett). Chris is quite spoilt by his dad as he is Finn's only son. He loves football just like his dad and is the quarterback for the McKinley High football team (just like his dad). Chris has short black hair and brown eyes and he is quite muscular. He wants to be an artist when he leaves school- he is good at drawing and painting but also at baseball. Chris gets into trouble a lot because he is quite the practical joker and a bit of a juvenile delinquent-he really admires Matty Puckerman's talent for getting into trouble. He is straight and likes Cayley Puckerman. Chris is a freshman. Chris is almost as tall as his dad.

Lyndsey "Lyndy" Alice Hudson-13- Lyndy is a mixture of Finn and Rachel- she has curly brown hair and brown eyes but Finn's nose and lips. She has long eyelashes like all of the Hudson children. Lyndy as the youngest of the family is very spoilt and loves her big sister Scarlett the most. Lyndy may be spoilt but she is very good at giving advice and she notices things that other people don't, she is also very sensitive. She is the only one of the Hudson's children to have developed her mother's love of gold stars.

Sapphire "Sapphy" Anna Hudson and Toby Liam Hudson- Sapphy has black straight hair and wide brown eyes. She has the long Hudson eyelashes but she has a small nose and mouth (like Alex). Toby has curly black hair and brown eyes with a large nose and mouth (like Christina). Sapphy is quite shy and quiet but she loves to sing and dance whereas Toby is a little troublemaker and likes to make as much noise as possible. They are 3 year old twins. They were born on the 17th May 2029. Their mom is Christina Hudson and their dad is Alex Hummel-Anderson (Christina's boyfriend).

The Puckerman Family

Beth Puckerman-22-Beth is a college senior and is graduating this year. She is training to be a dance teacher (like Scarlett is). Beth is closer to Puck than Quinn and she is really close to her siblings. Beth will probably be seen more in conversations than in person. She has a boyfriend called Jamie who is in law school.

Mackenzie Anne Puckerman-18-Mackenzie is one half of the Puckerman twins and she is the older one (10 minutes older than Matty). Mackenzie has straight blonde hair like her mom whilst her brother has her dad's hair but they share the same eyes, height and face shape. Mackenzie walks with a cane as she was shot in the leg by Tony Black (the son of a guy that her dad owes money to) as her leg became infected. She has several scars from the car accident she was in with Alex, Kevin, Christina and Alex and Kevin's mom and she hates getting into cars because it reminds her of the accident. Mackenzie was on the cheerios but she had to quit because of her leg injury. She also has a bad shoulder from the car accident and still needs physical therapy. Mackenzie hates Felicity because it was her fault that Matty went to jail and her best friends are Tia, Tori and Christina. Mackenzie is dating Kevin Hummel-Anderson. She plays guitar unlike Matty (who plays drums). Mackenzie wants to be an actress like her mom. She has 2 scars on her head, one from the car crash and one from where she fell through the floor of the barn she was kept in when she was kidnapped by Tony Black and a scar on her wrist.

Matthew "Matty" Louis Puckerman-18-Matty is the other half of the Puckerman twins and he is younger (by 10 minutes). Matty is slightly more nasty than his twin sister and is more likely to slushie people. Matty has been in jail for the past 2 years because he took his dad's car for a joyride whilst he was drunk and he hit Christina (this was when she was 12, just before she moved back to Lima). Matty is a real ladies man and he basically sleeps with anything that moves. He did like Felicity Shuester but she got him sent to jail when she found Christina's diary and used it for blackmail material so he hates her now. He is on probation this year since he was let out of jail. He also likes Tori and Tia, who have fought with Felicity over who gets to have him. He plays drums and wants to be a footballer when he is older.

The Hummel-Anderson Family

Alex Hummel-Anderson-18-Biological son of Blaine. He is straight and dating Christina Hudson. He has black curly hair and brown eyes and is quite tall. He has 2 children Sapphire Hudson and Toby Hudson with his girlfriend Christina (he got her pregnant after she slept with him when she was helping him find his mom). Alex went to find his mom in Kentucky with Christina, Kevin and Mackenzie and she died in a car crash (she swerved whilst trying to get away from Alan Black- whom she owed money too). Alex was really sad about his mom's death because he spent years wanting to know her and then she died as soon as he got to meet her. Alex dreams of having his own business one day. He hates cars because he blames them for taking away his mom. He has a scar on his head from the accident. Alex is average height. He is 6 months older than Kevin.

Kevin Hummel-Anderson-18-Biological son of Kurt. Kevin is dating Mackenzie Puckerman. He has light brown curly hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his foot from a gunshot wound where he was shot when he was kidnapped by Tony Black with Mackenzie, several burn scars, a scar on his head from the car accident and a scar on his back- also from the car accident. He like his brother hates cars but he hates them because of the accident not because a car killed his mom- Kevin didn't really like his mom very much because he felt she abandoned them. Kevin is better at dancing than his brother and has some interest in fashion. He hopes to be a designer one day as he is really good at drawing and is interested in fashion. Kevin is 6 months younger than Alex.

The Lopez-Pierce Family

Tia Lopez-Pierce-18- Tia is the "bad girl" of the Lopez-Pierce sisters. She is the biological daughter of Santana (hence her bad attitude). She likes Matty Puckerman and this did cause fights between them but they are working together to take down their common enemy- Felicity- she and Tori both hate her because she sent Matty to jail and because she shot both of them. Tia has a huge scar on her left ribs where she was shot and scars on her foot. Tia and Tori are planning on taking Felicity down. Tia doesn't care what she does when she's older as long as she's rich and famous. She likes to sing but she also wants to be popular. Tia is 3 months older than Tori and she is extremely protective of her. They get on pretty well but they do fight occasionally. Tia has long, straight black hair and Santana's latina complexion.

Victoria "Tori" Lopez-Pierce-18-Tori is nicer than her older sister except to Felicity Shuester who she absolutely hates because she sent Matty to jail and because she shot her and Tia. Tori and Tia have been working together on a plan to bring down Felicity for the past 2 years. Tori is Brittany's biological daughter and isn't as dumb as Brittany but she is a little naïve and has a very trusting nature. Tori has blonde curly shoulder length hair (like Brittany) but her skin is more tanned (like her dad). Tori has scars on her left hand and her left shoulder from where Felicity shot her. Tori wants to be a professional dancer when she is older like her mom as she is really good at dancing. Tori doesn't know who her dad is but she is kind of curious to find out.

The Evans Family

Oliver "Ollie" Samuel Evans-18- Ollie is the eldest son of Mercedes and Sam. Ollie is biracial and has light brown skin. He has short black hair and doesn't have his dad's trouty mouth. He also has hazel eyes. Ollie thought that he liked Tia Lopez-Pierce until he realized he was gay and he is now dating Josh Abrams (whom he is also helping to regain his memory after he lost 11 years due to a car accident). Ollie is a good football player and shares his dad's love of avatar. He speaks fluent Navi and he does like to sing as well. Ollie has a huge scar on the right side of his back, just below his shoulder where he was stabbed by Josh's abusive ex-stepmother.

Kiara "Kiki" Michelle Evans-9-Kiki is Ollie's younger sister. When she was 7 Kiki took up dancing and now she wants to be a dancer when she is older because she loves it. Kiki has a beautiful voice which sounds just like her mom's. She has curly black hair and light brown skin. She has her dad's trouty mouth. She has hazel eyes like her brother. She loves her big brother but he finds her a little annoying.

The Shuester Family

Cassidy April Shuester-18- Cassidy has straight red hair and pale skin and freckles. She has green eyes. She is quite tall. She doesn't have the same neuroses as her mom but she does have bulimia and is really self-conscious about her appearance. She has a scar from a gunshot wound on her shoulder (she was shot when she went to find Adam and his drug dealer shot her). Cassidy dated Adam Flanagan briefly but found him a little stupid and so she cheated on him with her sister's ex-boyfriend (and Adam's brother) Callum whom she is still dating. Cassidy isn't not close to her sister at all as she feels her sister is a bitch. Cassidy wants to teach music when she's older like her dad does. Cassidy plays guitar as well as sings and she dances quite well but not as well as her sister. She has a twin sister Felicity Shuester, she is the older twin. Cassidy is a lot nicer than her older sister.

Felicity Amanda Shuester-18-Felicity has curly light brown hair like her dad and brown eyes. She has the same face shape as her mom (but she doesn't have her dad's chin). Felicity is to put it bluntly a bitch and uses people for her own ends so everyone hates her. Ollie hates her because she slept with him, taped it and then showed the sex tape to the whole school, Christina hates her because she stole her diary and then made her testify against Matty when she found out he ran over her and reported it to the police, Tia and Tori hate her because she sent Matty to jail and shot them and Cassidy hates her simply because she cares more about being popular than anything else. She is determined to get back on the cheerios to regain popularity after the Glee club got her kicked off as payback for sending Matty to jail. Felicity doesn't care about not having friends as long as she's on top. She did date Callum Flanagan but they broke up because she cheated on him with Ollie in order to gain popularity and so he hates her too. She sings well and loves to dance- she wants to teach ballet when she's older. She is the younger one of the Shuester twins and she doesn't play guitar.

The Flanagan Family

Callum Thomas Flanagan-18- Callum is the eldest (and only) Flanagan child. He did have a twin brother Adam but Adam became addicted to heroin and when Callum found him in an alley with his drug dealer beating him up, he chose to let the drug dealer shoot him because he couldn't stand to see his brother take drugs. He blames himself for Adam's death and so do his parents which creates a lot of tension in his home. Callum is average height and has short, light brown hair and brown eyes. Callum did date Felicity Shuester but they broke up when she cheated on him. He then fell in love with Cassidy Shuester and although she was dating his brother at the time they soon broke up (after Adam realised she was cheating on him) and Callum and Cassidy began to date. Callum has a scar on the back of his leg from where Adam's drug dealer stabbed him. Callum plays guitar just like Cassidy and he dances much better than his brother did. He wants to be a lawyer when he is older.

The Abrams Family

Joshua "Josh" Michael Abrams-18- Josh has blonde curly hair and grey eyes and is very tall (he looks exactly like his mom). Josh is gay and is dating Ollie Evans. He was abused by his stepmother for years until one night his stepmother abused him badly and when Ollie came to rescue him he passed out in the middle of the road and was hit by a car. His stepmother was jailed and his dad got a divorce. He has many scars from his stepmother's abuse. Thanks to the car hitting him, he lost 11 years of memory and although he has remembered some things about his life he hasn't remembered everything. He and Ollie broke up briefly due to Josh outing Ollie before he was ready but they got back together.

The Puckerman Family (Jake and Marley's Family)

Robyn "Robbie" Alexandra Puckerman-16-Robyn has curly black hair with a straight fringe, brown eyes and tanned skin. She has brown eyes. She has a heart shaped face and a small nose. She has small lips and ears but big feet. She has quite an athletic figure and is muscular. She has a scar on her cheek and long legs. She is cheeky and has a good sense of humour. She is independent and likes to do everything herself. She is stubborn and determined and loyal to her friends. She is brave and will do anything to protect her friends. She is clever but dyslexic and this frustrates her (and she is easily frustrated). She has a very short temper. Robyn is a lesbian but she's in the closet. She plays the drums and she runs well- like her sister Cayley.

Mallory Rose Puckerman-15-Mallory has wavy dark brown hair with a side parting. She has chocolate brown eyes and naturally tanned skin (like all of the Puckerman kids). She is very tall (5'11) and slim. Mallory can be quite shy but once she gets to know people she is very talkative. She has a great sense of humour. She likes to play guitar and draw-she is an incredible artist and that is what she wants to do when she grows up. She is blind and she has been since birth and has asthma. She is very close to her mum Marley. She has claustrophobia. She is straight and likes Connor Lynn. She is the eldest of triplets and has two younger triplets- Cayley and Riley.

Cayley Marie Puckerman-15- Cayley has straight black hair and brown eyes. She is 5'7 and has big feet. She has a prosthetic left leg (her left leg was crushed by a car accident when she was 7). She has tanned skin and a side swept fringe. Cayley is rebellious with a short temper. She is a great artist (like her sister) and runner and she plays the guitar. Like her sister she can't dance very well. She is terrified of drowning (she almost drowned when she was younger). She likes Chris Hudson.

Riley Noah Puckerman-15- Riley is the youngest of the triplets. He has the same tanned skin as his sisters and short light brown hair. Riley is quite tall and muscular. He has brown eyes. Riley plays football and guitar (like his siblings). Riley is a joker and he loves to pull pranks on people. Riley is gay but in the closet and no one knows. Riley is the only one out of the triplets who inherited his dad's dancing skills- he can dance well. He likes Harry Lynn.

The Lynn Family

Katrina "Ketty" Louise Lynn- 16-Ketty looks like a carbon copy of her mom Kitty. She has long light blonde layered hair which is almost always tied back in a ponytail as she's a cheerio. She is quite tall (5'9) and thin. Ketty has the same bitchy personality as her mom and is often sarcastic. Ketty is a cheerleader and dances well. Ketty enjoys scheming. Ketty is a closet lesbian and likes Robbie Puckerman.

Connor Martin Lynn-15- Connor has short brown hair and brown eyes (like his dad). He is tall (6'0) and muscular but he's quite modest and he is shy sometimes. Connor is athletic- he plays football and baseball-but very clumsy. He has a good sense of humour and is quite clever. He wears glasses. Connor is straight and likes Mallory Puckerman. His younger twin is Harry Lynn.

Harry Daniel Lynn-15-Harry has dark blonde, short hair and brown eyes. Harry is shorter than Connor but still quite tall (5'11) and is muscular but he likes to run rather than play football. He plays the drums. Harry has large feet. He has a good sense of humour and is very confident. His older twin is Connor Lynn. Harry is gay and likes Riley Puckerman (he is not out either though).