One day in my living room I met a hobo named hobo Joe. He ate my family. I was so proud I adopted him. Then I found out my dog named bob ate my adopted friend.I killed my dog and started a new life.

I grew i Knew a lot. I was ruler of Happy wheels. I needed to find some characters, so I began by kidnapping an old man in a wheelchair. That man tried to call 911 but he had a heart attack and lived. I turned my basement into a jail. He was first. But I needed more people. As I was walking I saw a father and son bike ridding. I kidnapped them too. I gave the dad a pill to make him locked him in the cell with his son. Over time I gathered many more characters and gave them stupid vehicles. It was time for the games to begin. But where would I get the courses?

"Dad next time we are never going bike riding,"said the son

"Son we must be active and fit so I can't make promises,"said Dad

"It's not like you keep your promises anyways"

"what was that son? I smack you!"

"911 what's the number for person what is the number for 911?" said the son.

"Umm it is-OOF!" The old man got hit by a harpoon!

As I started make courses many people wanted to help and became it became populaire. People forced me by law to make people able to make accounts.

"That is how babies are made!"

"Dad that story made no sense,"said the son
"Say that again and another bike ride,"said the dad

The End