Emily Fields, Aria Montgomery, Hanna Marin, and Spencer Hastings are all being threatened by a person that goes by the initial A. One of these girls doesn't belong.

Just 6 months ago the Liars have stopped getting messages from their tormentor, A. They have accused a guy named Toby Cavanaugh of being A. People believed them, I mean, the pieces fit the puzzle. But the pieces didn't go to THAT puzzle. Sure it's confusing now, but you'll get where I'm going with this if you haven't already.

The four girls meet up in the cafeteria. "Did any of you guys get notes?" Emily leaned forward. Spence and Aria shook their heads. Hanna sat quietly. The girls all looked at Hanna with worried looks. "What did it say?"

Hanna looked a bit embarrassed. " I think that A is a guy…" Everyone's eyes widened in surprise. " You saw A?!" The girls had to quickly shush Spencer for her exclamation."I-I didn't SEE him…But I think he likes me…" Aria raised an eyebrow." He is actually HELPING me, even though he is hurting you." Aria rolled her eyes. "Come on ,Hanna. Get real. A obviously wants something from you." Emily narrowed her eyes at Aria's comment. "Maybe A really does like Hanna, I mean, she's not ugly…" Everyone had to admit, this sounded kind of weird coming from Emily because she's a lesbian." Well I think A is just some creepy stalker that needs a life of their own instead of messing with ours." Hanna pretended to be annoyed.

They all stood up and got ready to go to class. As they all parted, Hanna went to the trash to throw away her lunch. Her iPhone started to vibrate in her pocket. As she reached in her pocket to look at her new text, she saw a blocked number.

Lucky you, Hanna. You're the most special out of the others. But you need to do as I say if you want me to do any favors. And Remember: If you hurt me, I hurt you


Hanna didn't know how to react to this message. She slowly put it back in her pocket and went to the bathroom to reapply her lipstick. On the bathroom sink there was a Vera Bradley bag that Hanna had been wanting since she saw it in one of her magazines. She assumed it was a gift from A. When she looked inside, there was another threatening message. A picture of Hanna and her way OLDER boyfriend Johnathan.