A/N: takes place after Tokyo and the cartoon series. The Titans are all around 19ish.

Pain. That was the first thing Beastboy felt as consciousness returned to him. A terrible pain that originated from his sternum, with a groan the green Titan opened his eyes. He drank in the sight of Jump City's most populated beach, except right now there was not a single soul in sight. What was he doing here? his mind was still reeling and his memory was foggy.

Slowly Beastboy rose to his feet, the waves had washed over him repeatedly while he had been unconscious and now his uniform was soaked. Looking around he noticed that the streets, vehicles and buildings seemed...off somehow. They were slightly blurry and seemed bent or warped. The sky also seemed a weird shade of blue. The changeling shook his head, maybe his eyes were playing tricks on him still.

He took a step forward and immediately doubled over in pain. His chest felt like it was on fire and he looked down to examine his chest to look for the wound. The torso area of his uniform was stained with blood, right around his right pectoral, had he been stabbed? he couldn't remember.

Regardless, Beastboy knew he needed medical attention, he had to contact his teammates. Raven would probably be able to fix him up, good old Raven, she always complained and called him an idiot when she healed him, but she never once refused. The girl was a big softie underneath her cold exterior. As the emerald-skinned superhero reached for the communicator in his belt, he realized with great alarm that his belt was gone. Frantically he searched his surroundings for it, but all he saw was sand and water, did it get washed away with the waves?

His search was interrupted when he spotted a couple walking on the boardwalk forty feet in front of him. They were in their thirties it looked like, the man was of average build, tall with short blonde hair and the woman was short and slender with brown hair that went to her shoulders. They were dressed in casual street clothes, but that's not what held Beastboy's gaze, what grabbed his attention were their faces, the changeling's eyes widened with shock as he recognized them.

"Mom...? Dad...?" He whispered quietly to himself, there was no mistaking it, they were indeed his parents. Mark and Marie Logan, the ones who created the serum that saved his life and gave him his morphing powers. As he watched, his parents started to exit the boardwalk, heading deeper into the city, they looked like they were having a pleasant conversation.

"Wait!" Beastboy called out, taking a few hurried steps before the pain in his chest spiked. The jade Titan grunted, clutching his chest tightly with his right hand. "Mom! Dad! Wait up!" Angrily he shrugged off the pain in his chest and ran after his parents. As he reached the boardwalk he realized that they were no longer there.

Beastboy desperately looked around, trying to catch sight of them. Eventually he was successful, watching them cross a street and head into the city's business district. Once again the changeling called out to them, but they didn't seem to hear him, he had to get closer...

As he started to cross the street, movement to his left caught his eye. Something big was headed his way, and it was moving fast. Adrenaline began flowing through his veins and with cat-like reflexes the emerald-skinned morphling leapt to his right. A second later, something heavy crashed into the ground he was just at, cracking the concrete in a ten foot radius around it and shooting up a cloud of grey dust.

Beastboy waited for the dust to settle to identify what just almost crushed him. Once the dust cleared and he got a good look at the thing his eyes narrowed. Standing in front of him, clad in his red and grey battlesuit, was Adonis. The narcissistic villain stood to his full height and smirked at him.

"Where do you think you're going little man?" Adonis taunted, the changeling glared.

"I don't have time for your crap Adorkus, move it." Beastboy demanded, the villain chuckled in response.

"What? trying to have a happy reunion with your mommy and daddy?" Adonis mockingly questioned. "Well let me tell you wimp, it ain't going to happen, not when I'm around." Beastboy was shocked, how did Adonis know the couple was his parents? The villain smirked at his silent question. "Oh we know all about you...Garfield!"

"Who told you all of this!?" Beastboy inquired, eyeing him suspiciously "And what do you mean by 'we'?"

"That's the least of your worries right now twigboy! I'm about to crush you like an ant!" Adonis boasted, flexing the mechanical muscles of his battlesuit. Beastboy frowned and prepared to morph into a tiger, he had to catch up with his parents, he'd just have to waste Adonis really quick.

Something went wrong when he tried to morph however, as his body tried to shift into a new form, pain exploded once more in his chest. The green-skinned Titan fell to his knees, his right hand clutching his chest tightly. Why couldn't he transform? His chest wound shouldn't prevent his morphing, so what was wrong with him?

Adonis raised his left hand high and brought it down like a hammer. Quickly Beastboy rolled to his left, the villain's mechanical fist smashing so close to his body he could feel the wind from the blow. Adonis then brought his right foot up, intending to step on the small changeling. Beastboy saw this and immediately dove under the space between the ground and the villain's right leg. Once again, Adonis' attack succeeded in only hitting concrete.

Beastboy turned his dive into a roll, as soon as he was standing again he dashed for the battlesuit-wearing villain's exposed back. The changeling ran up his spine, crouched onto Adonis' shoulders, steadied himself by gripping the villain's left collarbone with his left hand and raising his right fist, preparing to hit the narcissistic man's face. Without his powers, Beastboy had no choice but to go for Adonis' only weak spot, his exposed face.

The changeling's plan went awry however, when Adonis swiftly reached back with his right hand and gripped the material between the shoulderblades of Beastboy's costume. The battlesuit-clad villain proceeded to peel the emerald-skinned Titan off his back and toss him roughly to the ground in front of him. Beastboy landed hard on his left shoulder, bounced once and landed on his back this time, sliding a small distance further. Adonis stood tall, striking an arrogant pose with his hands on his hips.

"What's the matter wuss? why don't you try using your stupid animal forms?" Adonis taunted, charging at the morphling once more. Beastboy snarled in frustration as he managed to get up to one knee. He wouldn't be able to get back up in time to dodge, in desperation, the green superhero threw his forearms out in front of him in a cross formation.

Beastboy felt his arms go numb as Adonis slammed his left foot into his raised forearms. The force of the impact, enhanced by the villain's battlesuit, sent Beastboy flying back a good twenty five feet. The changeling landed hard on his shoulderblades, sliding another seven feet before finally stopping.

The green Titan hastily moved into a sitting position, trying to get feeling back into his arms as fast as possible. Things weren't looking good, his powers were still not working and Adonis was preparing another attack. Beastboy was not about to give up though, he was going to catch up to his parents if he had to drag himself to them.

Adonis raised both of his fists overhead and then slammed them onto the ground, creating a powerful shockwave that tore up the street as it headed towards the emerald morphling. Beastboy rose to his feet and tried to leap out of the shockwave's path. He was too slow however, and the concrete beneath him gave way, revealing a hole about six feet in diameter.

Desperately Beastboy flailed his arms about, trying to find purchase with anything before falling into the hole. He did not want to fall into sewer water, it was one of the nastiest things ever, right up there with getting slimed by Plasmus. Fortunately his right hand found purchase with some solid concrete, he hung there like fruit from a branch. Small pieces of the street were still falling in from the edges of the hole Adonis had made and a small fist-sized piece of concrete fell into Beastboy's left hand. He was mildly surprised and was about to toss it away when a plan formed in his head.

As the changeling tried to pull himself back up to the street, an armored red foot stepped down hard on his right hand. Beastboy cried out in agony, but stubbornly hung on. Adonis smirked at the green superhero's predicament.

"You always were a pushover without your friends wuss." Adonis taunted, adding pressure to the foot standing on the emerald Titan's hand. Beastboy grit his teeth to cope with the wave of pain that washed over his hand and fingers.

As hard as he could, Beastboy brought his left hand forward and tossed the piece of concrete right at Adonis' face. The projectile nailed the narcissistic villain right between the eyes, he grunted in pain, backpedaling away from the hole's edge as he brought his hands to his hurt face. Quickly, the changeling clambered up the lip of the hole, dashing towards the staggering Adonis.

Gathering his legs beneath him, Beastboy leapt forward, landing on the chest of Adonis' battlesuit. With his left hand, the green Titan pulled on the arrogant villain's right hand as hard as he could. He managed to actually remove Adonis' right hand from his face with a great amount of effort.

The arrogant villain's right eye widened in shock as Beastboy brought his right fist forward with all the strength he could muster. He slammed his fist into Adonis' eye and the villain lost his balance and toppled over. Beastboy was still crouched on his chest and he reared his right hand back for another swing.

"Who's the pushover now!?" He shouted in Adonis' face bringing his fist down again, this time hitting the narcissistic villain's nose, the changeling felt the nose give and heard the cartilage snap. Rage fueled him and he punched Adonis' face repeatedly until the villain could only give a weak groan of protest.

Finally after a few moments, Beastboy ceased trying to turn Adonis' face into hamburger, breathing heavily. Beads of sweat rolled off the changeling's face to drip onto Adonis' battlesuit. Suddenly, the villain's face caught on fire and the emerald-skinned Titan leapt off of him in surprise, landing on his feet a short distance away.

Beastboy watched mesmerized as the flames from Adonis' face spread to his entire body and just as quickly as they had come, the flames vanished, leaving behind nothing but ashes. The wind picked up and the ashes drifted into the sky, leaving behind a small red orb of light where Adonis' body used to lay. Before the changeling could try to decipher what he just saw, the orb suddenly shot forward and hit him in the chest.

He expected pain, but found none, the orb glowed a bright red when it impacted his body and then vanished. Beastboy rubbed his torso, trying to find injuries, his mind racing. What the hell was going on? Was he dreaming? Realization came to the green Titan as the pain in his chest had been lessened, it was still there, but it wasn't as crippling and he felt...stronger.

Shrugging these thoughts aside for now, the green Titan continued his quest to find his parents. Leaving behind the shattered street that marked his battle with Adonis. Entering the business district he passed a coffee shop that Raven and him went to during one of their "Not-a-date" outings. He wasn't a coffee person, but he had to admit, even he enjoyed the beverage he had there. Maybe when he got out of this crazy place Raven and him could come again.

After a bit of running around, Beastboy finally caught sight of his parents again, they were walking right in front of the pizza shop he and his friends always frequented. The changeling took note of the lack of people, but filed it away in his mind for a later concern. Right now he just wanted to see his parents again.

"Dad! Mom!" He called out this time he was only a mere seven feet from them and this time they heard him. Mark and Marie Logan turned around and were greeted by the sight of their grown-up son, their eyes became as wide as saucers.

"G-Garfield?" His dad managed to say, Beastboy tried to speak, but he found the words were caught in his throat. He was so elated to see them again, even if he knew in his heart they were dead. After failing to do a verbal reply, the green Titan just smiled and nodded, tears welling up in the rims of his eyes.

Their response was not what he expected.

His mother began crying as well, but they weren't tears of joy, they were of despair. She collapsed to her knees, sobbing. His dad's face had become an unreadable mask, but Beastboy could see the pain in his eyes.

"What? What's wrong?" The changeling asked frantically, his father couldn't meet his gaze and his mother choked back a sob.

"Garfield...if you're here...then...you're dead!" She told him.