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-Beastboy now has the personality and half the powers of Malchior and himself since they are now essentially one and the same, he's going to be a lot stronger than he was as a Titan and maybe a little unhinged as well.

-For the previous chapter, I wanted Beastboy to "Hit the ground running." As he's been inactive for six months, this sudden attack of his is catching everyone off-guard, heck even the Titans aren't aware of it yet. He knows he's under the radar at the moment and he's using it to his full advantage.

-There is a reason Terra decides to join a cult, which will be explained in the chapter after this one once I get some time to work on it.

-Sebastian's latent magic abilities will be explained later as well, he will provide another perspective to the story, but the main stage will still be Beastboy and his former team.

(Scene Break)********************

The corrupted Titan aimed his right fist at Sebastian's face, but the dark-haired young man leaned to his left, causing the fist to pass harmlessly past his right cheek. Sebastian answered with an uppercut with his right hand, but Beastboy was able to lean backwards, barely escaping being hit in the jaw as Sebastian's fist passed right in front of him. The changeling swiftly retaliated by executing a sweeping kick with his left foot, moving horizontally from his left to his right. Sebastian felt Beastboy's boot slam into his right hip and it HURT, he fought through the pain however, gripping the corrupted Titan's left leg with his right arm and trapping it against his right side.

Beastboy was genuinely surprised when his kick not only didn't send the young man flying, but he had actually trapped his leg and was now spinning him around in mid-air. Sebastian completed two circles to build momentum before tossing the changeling into the ground. Beastboy stretched his hands out and used them to contact the floor rather than his head. The corrupted changeling pushed off with his hands, sailing through the air and landing on his feet.

Sebastian wasn't about to allow him to recover, gathering his power, he raised his right arm and channeled his magical energy into it. A flat vertical disc of purple-white energy appeared just in front of his right palm and a pillar of energy the same color erupted from it, heading right towards the ruby-skinned changeling. Sebastian saw Beastboy's eyes widen in surprise and smirked in satisfaction. The energy blast made contact with the former Titan, exploding and smothering him in smoke.

The dark-haired young man lowered his hand, that should buy them some time. He turned and began walking towards Terra who was furiously stabbing the touchscreen on her phone.

"Any luck?" Sebastian asked his friend, who hissed in frustration.

"No, I can't get a signal down here. We need to get out of this basement before we can call for help." The blonde girl roughly tapped the edge of her phone on the floor a few times to see if that would help, it didn't. Sebastian was about to reply when laughter sounded from behind him.

"That packed quite a wallop." The smoke dissipated to reveal Beastboy standing tall, a small smile on his lips as he stared at Sebastian.

"Yeah and there's plenty more where that came from." The dark-haired young man began maneuvering himself away from Terra, so that she wouldn't be caught in the collateral damage

"How interesting." Beastboy's grin grew, snatching a nearby wooden bench with his right hand and swinging it as easily one would a pillow. The edge of the bench smashed into Sebastian's left side, sending him flying to his right. The young man's brain didn't even register that he'd been hit until his face was eating the edge of the stage.

Sebastian tried to shake the cobwebs out, but the telltale sound of another energy blast forced him to leap blindly backwards in hopes of evading it. The blast hit the edge of the stage right in front of him and his proximity to it caused the concussive force to send him into the ground where he slid across the wooden floor on his back and shoulders.

The corrupted Titan began walking slowly towards him, "Unfortunately for you stranger, you're going to need more than tricks if you want to stay in the game." Beastboy raised his right hand, brandishing his fingers like claws that glinted in the candlelight, "Otherwise you're just dead meat."

"You think this is just a game!?" Sebastian asked incredulously, "After everything you've just done!?"

"You don't realize it, but you became a part of the game just by walking through those doors." The corrupted Titan began advancing towards Sebastian, "The stakes are high, the winner will get absolute power and the losers will be crushed beneath the victor's feet."

Sebastian shook his head, he didn't understand any of it, "All I hear from you is a bunch of crazy babbling. How about you shut the hell up!" The dark-haired youth was suddenly on his feet and he leapt into the air, positioning himself just above Beastboy. He then brought his left fist forward as hard as he could, intending to hit the top of the changeling's skull, but Beastboy was too quick and he leapt backwards, narrowly avoiding the punch. Sebastian's hand slammed into the floor, cratering it. He had missed his first attack, but he had another ready.

Extending his right hand, the dark-haired young man fired a huge blast of energy, about six feet in diameter. Beastboy had no way to dodge while in the air and was forced to erect a circular wall of flame to shield himself. While the shield did absorb most of the blast, the force of the impact and the remaining energy was enough to send him sailing over the stage and into the far wall, where he bounced off of it. Amazingly he landed on his feet, but he was clearly dazed, holding his head and shaking it furiously to try and get the cobwebs out. Sebastian's eyes narrowed in focus, he wouldn't get a better chance than this, he had to try and finish him off now.

Summoning the rest of his energy, Sebastian fired a volley of purple-white energy blasts at Beastboy. The first few blasts made contact and slammed the corrupted Titan back into the wall, where the rest of the blasts homed in and connected, engulfing him in a huge ball of purple fire that took up a majority of the stage. Sebastian didn't let up, continuing to pour blast after blast into the ball, until finally he collapsed to his knees in exhaustion.

Slowly the ball dissipated and Sebastian saw that Beastboy was somehow still standing, embedded into the wall, his head was lowered so he couldn't see his eyes, but Sebastian could still see his lips.

And he was smiling.

Digging deep, Sebastian grabbed a nearby piece of wood, about six feet in length with a jagged edge and flung it at the changeling. The wet sound it made as the spike connected solidly with Beastboy's chest and went through it caused the young man to cringe. The corrupted Titan's eyes went wide for a moment before he sagged, his arms and legs dangling uselessly as the wooden spike kept him pinned to the wall. Blood began flowing from the new hole in Beastboy's chest, trickling down his torso and legs where it began dripping onto the stage floor, forming a pool of the red liquid underneath him.

Sebastian immediately tensed at the sight before him. It was as if someone poured a bucket of cold water onto his face. He had killed someone, ended someone's life. He didn't want to do it, but the man before him was slaughtering people left and right. Whatever happened to Beastboy had messed him up pretty bad in the head and in Sebastian's gut, he felt the crazed Titan would've killed him, Terra and anyone else he could've got his hands on if he had the chance. There was no choice, he had to keep telling himself that.

"Sebastian!" He heard Terra call his name, she was at his side in an instant, the hand she placed on his left shoulder was warm and comforting. "Sebastian it's okay, you did what you had to do."

"I know, it just…it's just hard to digest right now." The dark-haired young man replied.

"Don't worry, it's over now, you saved us." She reassured him, she was right, for once these powers that he had came in handy.

"Yeah." Sebastian stated, his lips curling upward into a slight smile. "Yeah I did."

Terra was about to help him up when they both heard it, the sound of a distorted voice chuckling. Instantly their eyes snapped back to Beastboy, who's arms and legs suddenly weren't so limp anymore. He lifted his head, staring at the pair with his glowing orange pupil-less eyes, his teeth could be seen due to his wide grin.

"Not bad 'Sebastian.' You've got a killer instinct, good. You're going to need it." The changeling gripped the spike that was impaling him against the wall, using his feet, he pushed off the wall and dislodged himself from it, landing on his feet at the center of the stage. "Excuse me for a second." With a strong tug, Beastboy ripped the wooden spike out from his chest, tossing it aside like a toothpick. Terra and Sebastian watched in amazement as the hole in his chest gradually became smaller, until it was gone. "There! Much better! Though it's still going to hurt like hell for the next few hours."

"What…" Sebastian started, his face pale. "What the hell are you?"

Beastboy put on a mock-innocent face, pointing his right index finger to his chest while having a look of bewilderment on his face. "Me?" He shook his head, "I'm just a player of the game that's all." Sebastian felt a sudden surge of anger.

"Player of the game!?" He shouted at the former Titan, "You've just killed a bunch of people! You're a murderer!"

"A murderer?" Beastboy repeated, confused and then he suddenly burst into a fit of laughter. "Oh I guess you didn't notice then."

"Notice what?" Sebastian demanded, Beastboy stopped laughing to point to Sebastian's right.

"Why don't you take a closer look at the 'Guards' I've killed." The changeling suggested, Sebastian hesitantly heeded his advice and looked to his right at one of the dead guards, and gasped.

Instead of seeing a human face contorted in fear or pain, Sebastian was staring at face whose skin seemed like it was made of ruby scales, a shade of crimson darker than Beastboy's current skin. The mouth was open revealing many needle-sharp teeth and the eyes were a sickly yellow with slitted pupils. He also noticed that there was no blood, even as he watched the body seemed to be disintegrating, turning to ash bit by bit, right before his very eyes.

Sebastian was so surprised by what he saw he didn't realize that Beastboy had grabbed Terra until she screamed and by then the crazed changeling was already behind him at the rubble that blocked the exit.

"I think it's safe to say things are not what they seem to be. Am I right?" Beastboy asked, Sebastian scowled at him. So the changeling hadn't killed any humans, but what the hell were these things? Monsters? Demons? Also why did he nab Terra?

"Let my friend go now." The dark-haired young man demanded, the corrupted Titan shook his head.

"Sorry I need to borrow her for a bit. I used to have a thing for blondes." The changeling said, Sebastian felt his blood boil and his hands unconsciously balled into fists.

"If you hurt her…"

"You'll what?" Beastboy asked, his face and posture silently daring him to attack. Sebastian realized it wasn't a smart move, trying to attack the changeling when he had nothing left in the tank, but he had to try, for Terra's sake. Fatigue made him slow and as he tried to raise his right hand to fire an energy blast he found himself knocked backward by an invisible force. The back of Sebastian's skull crashed into the side of the stage, he tried to rise to his feet, but his limbs were sluggish to respond. Dimly he heard Terra call out his name and looked up just in time to see Beastboy give a quick chop to the back of her head, knocking her out instantly.

The changeling set the blonde girl down and started walking towards Sebastian, "See how weak you are? You won't get far in this game with such meager power."

"Screw you and your games!" Sebastian shouted, Beastboy shrugged in reply.

"If you didn't want to be involved in this game, then you shouldn't have come here." The corrupted Titan told him.

"Wasn't my choice."

Beastboy spared a glance back at the unconscious Terra. "I see."

"Let her go. Please, she has done nothing to you." Sebastian said, Beastboy snorted in response.

"You have no idea what she did to me years ago, but that's all water under the bridge. I need her for something and I'm taking her…" The corrupted Titan wrapped his left hand around Sebastian's throat, lifting him up, the young man's feet were just a mere inch off the ground. The grin was gone from Beastboy's face, replaced by an ice cold glare. "…Whether you like it or not." The changeling's glowing orange eyes narrowed, "If you want to stop me, get stronger, only with power can you protect that which is most precious to you."

"Damn you! I bet you wouldn't be so smug if the Titans were here!" Sebastian roared

Beastboy's smirk returned and he viciously threw him into the floor. The changeling then pulled something out of his belt, pressed a button on the object and then tossed it towards the dark-haired young man's crumpled form and waited. Sebastian coughed a few times, his ribcage had taken the brunt of the impact, when he'd recovered enough he saw the object that the corrupted Titan had tossed towards him. A round yellow and black object with a "T." in the middle.

"Call them." The changeling said, Sebastian couldn't believe it, he expected Beastboy to be angry, maybe even scared at the mention of his old team coming for him, but instead he seemed excited. The young man felt a tight ball of dread begin to form in his stomach. "They're the other players in this game anyway." Beastboy finished making his way back to Terra and scooped her up with his right arm.

"Running away coward!?" Sebastion called out, Beastboy didn't reply verbally he turned back around and approached the young man once more, giving him a hard kick in his already aching ribs and bouncing him off the side of the stage yet again.

"Let me clarify something for you Sebastian." The changeling spoke, grabbing the young man by the front collar of his shirt and slamming him into the stage's edge one more time, drawing another groan. "I cannot be stopped, you have failed, your precious Titans have failed and everyone else will continue to fail until I have what I want!" His tone intensified as he continued to speak, "The only reason you still breathe right now is because I am allowing it." The corrupted Titan held his free hand close to Sebastian's face, conjuring up a small ball of fire in the palm of his hand. Sebastian flinched from the heat of the flame. "I could snuff your life out in an instant and there would be nothing you could do." He leaned closer, "Do you know why? It's because you lack power Sebastian, the power to stop me. Without power your choices become very limited."

Beastboy released his grip on the young man and stood back up, making his way back towards the unconscious Terra. "If you try to follow me right now, I will tear you limb from limb…" He turned his head so that he could glare at Sebastian, the cool stare of those glowing orange eyes sent a cold shiver down his spine. "…And she'll be forced to witness me do it." He hissed sinisterly, there was a loud boom and the rubble that was blocking the exit was gone. The serious look on Beastboy's face was quickly replaced by a grin. "Adios stranger, we'll meet again someday." And with that, Beastboy blurred out of sight and was gone, taking Terra with him.

(Scene Break)********************

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NEXT CHAPTER: The Titans arrive on the scene and Sebastian is questioned by them. Terra's motives for joining the cult are revealed and Beastboy prepares to take on his former team in one last showdown.