* In order of St Patrick's Day, I decided to launch my new BSD story! This story is going to be a complete challenge for me and out of my comfort zone. It's going to be different than my other stories.*

The old priest drove down the dirt road slowly, squinting to see through the darkness. He pulled his car up to the cabin that sat on a sheep farm, parking in front of the porch stairs. Rain pelted his windshield as his wipers struggled to keep up with the wetness. He gripped the steering wheel and stared at the door to the cabin as it opened. First, the old man with a white beard stepped out. Following him were his sons, twins. Both had long hair and matching beards. Both were dressed in dark jeans and dark, bulky sweaters. They were his last hope, her last hope. If they couldn't help him, and couldn't help her, no one could.

" Why's he just sitting in there?" Murphy asked as he leaned his side against the door frame. He reached deep into his left pocket and pulled out a hand rolled cigarette.

" Aye? Why doesn't he just come out already?" Connor asked, his back came to rest against the other side of the door frame so he was facing his brother's back. He reached into his own pocket and took out a smoke for himself.

" Give him time, Boys." Duce said.

At the same time, the brothers brought lighters up after placing the hand rolls into their mouths. Their heads dipped down as their hands made cups to shield their smokes from the cold wind. Both inhaled as the flames touched the ends. Murphy, never taking his eyes from the priest in the car, tilted his head up and exhaled. Connor turned his to the side and exhaled. The next minute the car door opened and the priest stepped out. He touched the brim of his hat to tilt it down as he closed the door, protecting his face from the rain. He clutched his coat to him, quickly making his way to the MacManus' men.

" Thank you for meeting with me." Father McMalloy said, climbing up the stairs quickly.

" Aye, you said it was important." Duce said. The priest moved under the porch roof and shook the rain away from his old frame.

" Can we go inside to talk?" He asked.

" Aye." Duce said.

Connor and Murphy turned and talked back into the cabin, sparing each other glances. Duce followed in next with Father McMalloy bring up the rear. The twins sat down across from each other at the old, pitted wooden table, both only half way through their smokes. Duce took his seat at the head of the table, with his back to the fireplace. A small fire crackled and cast an almost angelic glow to his frame. The priest closed the door to the cabin and walked over to the table, sitting directly across from Duce. He was Murphy's left and Connor's right.

" You want some coffee or tea, Father?" Murphy asked quietly.

" No, but thank you." Father McMalloy said quickly. Both Connor and Murphy raised their eyebrows as they brought their smokes up to their lips again.

" What is this late night visit about?" Duce asked.

" I received a phone call, from a man in American." The priest started. " His daughter is ill. He went to the church there for help and he asked the Vatican as well but was turned down."

" What's wrong with her?" Connor asked, rubbing out his smoke in the handmade ashtray.

" The man used to live here. We grew up together and maintain a friendship. He reached out to me because he fears for her life." Father McMalloy said.

" And what does this have to do with us?" Murphy asked, bring down his hand to snub out his own smoke.

" What is wrong with her?" Duce asked. The priest met his strong eyes with his own worried filled ones.

" He believes she is possessed." He said. Again Connor and Murphy looked at each other. Amusement glint between the two of them as smiles threaten to overtake their faces. Possession was something the old ones threaten the wee ones with to keep them in line. Neither twin had ever actually met someone who claimed to be possessed and the idea of it actually happening made them want to laugh.

" By what?" Connor asked.

" A demon and I know how it sounds!" The old priest rushed forward to say. " But he sent me recording of her when the demons take control and I believe him. He's not a man that tells tales. He's honest, hardworking doctor. Even as children, he was not one to tell lies." Father McMalloy ran a hand down his face and exhaled sharply.

" A demon, you say?" Murphy asked after clearing his throat.

" Let us hear the recording." Duce said. The priest nodded and produced a a small tape recorder from his pocket. With his hands shaking, he set it on the table and pressed the play button.

" Help me!" A young woman's scream rang out as all four men looked at the tape recorder. The priest clasped his hands together in prayer form and brought them to his mouth.

" Aye, Love, I'm trying!" Said a man quickly. A series of screams ripped through the air. It sounded as if four different people all screaming at the same time. " Let her go!" The man yelled.

" Let her go!" A very demonic voice sounded, clearly mocking the first man.

" She is ours!" Another voice screamed.

" Forever!" Yet another scream.

" She has done nothing to you!" The first man yelled. A another sound of screams rang out, making the priest close his eyes and clutch at his rosary. Murphy and Connor frowned together. Both their arms were on the table and theirs hands were in fists. Duce frowned and closed his eyes.

" Please!" The young woman screamed.

" We will fuck her until she dies!" The first demonic voice screamed.

" There is nothing you can do!" Second voice.

" Get that cross away from us or we will hurt her more!" The third screamed. out. A second went by before four screams were heard at once. Just below the screaming the first man could be heard, muttering a prayer.

" We will gut her like a fish!"

" And play with what's inside!"

" And make you watch!"

The screams reached a higher level and made the twins sit back quickly. Father McMalloy started to pray. Duce shook his head slowly. Connor and Murphy stared at the recorder then at once the screams were cut out and all they could hear was the first man crying and praying. The brothers raised their eyes to look at each other. They leaned in closer and caught the soft sounds of whimpering.

" Please." It was the young woman again. She was crying and whispering. " Please help me. I can't go on like this."

" They are gone for now. Sleep." The first man whispered.

" Kill me." The young woman whispered. The priest reached forward and clicked off the recording. He looked up and caught Duce's eyes.

" What can we do?" Duce asked.

" He is bring his daughter here, to Ireland. The church wouldn't give her exorcism but I am convinced that if we surround her with most faithful, we can push the demons from her body and save her soul. I need a place for her to stay, some place private and away from the public." The priest asked.

" You want her to stay here?" Connor asked.

" Aye. When the demons take her over, she is most dangerous. We need to be able to tie her down, which you can do in the barn and you are alone out here so no one will hear her screams." The priest explained.

" When are they coming?" Duce asked.

" Tomorrow morning. Their flight lands at 11." Father McMalloy said.

" How is she flying?" Murphy asked.

" My friend owns his own jet." The priest said.

" Why is he just now reaching out for help?" Connor asked.

" In one month it will be her birthday. She will be 33." The priest said.

" That was when age of Jesus when he died." Murphy commented.

" Aye. The demons had promised to kill her on her birthday, condemning her soul for all of time." The Father said.

" How long as this be going on?" Connor asked.

" Six months but it is getting worst. She is hardly eating now because the demons make her throw everything up. She sleeps only a few hours a day and now they are making her hurt herself." Father McMalloy answered.

" Forgive me for this, Father," Murphy started. " but how do we know she isn't faking all this?"

" Because I have faith in my friend. If he says she is possessed, she is possessed." The priest said. Worry and stress was clearly written all over his face. " I have spoken with her. When I started to pray, the demons took over and I..." The priest's face fell as he brought his hands to it again. He shook his head and started to cry, making the brothers look from his face to each other. With a quick rub to his eyes, the priest dropped his hands and shook his head. " I have never heard anything like that before." He cried out softly.

" What is her name?" Duce asked gently.

" Tatum." The priest said as he struggled to get himself under control.

" And her father?" Duce asked.

" Brian." The priest said, making Duce nod.

" Bring the lass and her da here when they land. We will help you and the family." He said.

" Brian has asked that if I can't rid the demons from her that I help..." His voice trailed off, leaving the statement hanging in the air as the brothers looked to each other again. Duce nodded once again.

" If we can not save her, we will kill her before her birthday." He said. " We wouldn't let her soul be damned."

" Thank you." The priest said softly. " I can't thank you enough for this. I thought and prayed hard on this and the Lord told me this was the right place for me to come. He told me you would help us."