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Tatum watched with her arms hugging her chest and her hands buried in the sleeves of Murphy's sweater as she watched the men carefully lift each mirror and place it in the box the brothers had built early that day. Father McMalloy was praying over the box and each mirror as it was lowered wooden coffin. Large wooden blocks were placed on the corners of the mirrors to help with the weight of each frame. Even though the angel promised that none of them could be hurt by the demons, they still didn't want them to escape and be able to hurt anyone else.

After the box was sealed up with nails the priest had blessed, Murphy, Connor, Duce and Brian picked it up and started out of the barn. Father McMalloy was reading passages from the bible with one of Tatum's hand tucked around his arm. They walked behind the men, out of the barn and around to the back of it, where the blessed patch of land was. A hole was already dug and waiting for them.

After the box was set down, Murphy and Connor hopped down into the hole then held their arms up. The other four helped pick it back up and lower it down to the twins who carefully set it in the center of the hole. Afterwards, they climbed out and the hole was covered. They stood around the freshly turned over ground while it was blessed a second time. Murphy lowered his head but didn't close his eyes. He watched Tatum through his eyelids, watched as her shuddered in his sweater, curled up against her dad. He watched as she closed her eyes to listen to the prayer. Again, images started to flow through him. The date, the first I love you's, the proposal, wedding and the babies. She could be his future. She could be his wife, the mother of his children, she could give him everything he wanted for himself, if he did as the angel said.

Back in the cabin, Murphy and Brian quickly changed their clothes while Connor built a fire in the fire place and Duce started to make coffee. Tatum was sitting on the old couch, cuddled up in Murphy's sweater and under a blanket, talking quietly with the priest. Duce would finish the coffee, heat up some stew for them, then everyone wanted to talk to her. The priest had unlimited questions and now that she was free, she felt at ease to talk about what had happen.

" You said you heard her voice? The angels?" Brian asked once everyone was back in the ground level of the cabin, sitting either on the couch, in a rocker or on the floor. The stew had been heated and now everyone had a bowl of it, with Murphy having spooned out hers and handing it over to her. Now he was sitting on the floor, staring up at her as she blew on her spoon.

" Yeah. There were times when that voice, the angel I guess, she would stop me from seeing and feeling what they were doing. She would tell me stories. Everything would go black and all I could hear was her." Tatum said before slipping the spoon into her mouth.

" But there was times when you knew what was happening around you?" The priest asked. Tatum nodded, looking to her left where he sat. She swallowed the broth from the stew and sighed at the taste.

" Yeah, " She said when she could talk again. " There were times when I knew what was going on, when I could hear them making me say things. I could feel what was happening, and see it. Other times, my memory is just blank. There is just nothing. I would feel them coming on, then nothing but her voice until they left."

" And when they weren't taking you over, you said they talked to you?" Duce asked, pulling her attention to where he sat in his rocker, to the right of her dad.

" At first, yeah. They would whisper to me but after about three months they stopped. I mean, they would taunt me every so often now but when they first came to me, they talked almost non-stop. It was horrible." She said.

" Have you had any blank memory spots since being here?" Duce asked.

" There are a few but not as many as before. I had more dreams with the angel than I did before." She said with her cheeks starting to turn a slight red. Both Connor and Murphy exchanged quick glances.

" Dreams, you say?" Connor asked, making her bite into the bottom, left side her lip. " What kind of dreams?" He asked. Tatum dropped her eyes to her bowl and started to stir the stew while she shrugged.

" Just dreams." She muttered before scooping up some of her dinner. Brian put his hand on her back and started to rub it with a smile.

" Maybe it's time you slept. You have had a rough time and I think you will finally be able to have a restful sleep." He said.

" No way!" Connor said excitedly. They looked up at him in surprise. " It's your birthday and I'd say you have earned yourself the right to have a good time. Let me and my brother take you out." The smile that spread across her face was bright and made Murphy's heart race as he started to smile too.

" Aye. We know of a nice, quiet bar we could go too." He offered.

" Why that does sound like fun, can I take a rain check? I think my dad is right. I think I need to sleep. I'm dead tired." Tatum said.

" You still take my bed, my room. Tomorrow is a new day for us all." Duce said.

Later that night, long after the sun had set, the brothers found themselves sitting on the porch steps, smoking slowly. Neither one had spoken yet to the other. Connor had found his brother outside and joined him. Murphy was leaning forward with his forearms on his knees, staring off into the darkness so Connor leaned back, letting his elbows take on most of his upper body weight. Every so often their right arms came up, bring their hands and smokes to their mouths as they inhaled at the same time. The silence stretched out until Connor couldn't take it anymore. He pushed himself up and let his arm come to rest against Murphy's back.

" You think she had the same dreams?" He asked.

" Aye." Murphy asked.

" You gonna ask her than?" Connor asked. Murphy made a sound like a chuckle as he shook his head and glanced over his shoulder.

" And say what?" He asked, looking straight ahead again. A small light from inside the cabin leaked out onto the porch from behind the boys. " Excuse me, Lass, but were those dreams about me and us having sex? Did you dream about a life with me?" Connor pulled away from Murphy, laughing.

" Might be funny to see your face if she says no." Connor said.

" But I wouldn't say no." Tatum said, startling the boys. They both turned so they were facing each other but looking back at her.

" What is that, Love?" Connor asked. Her eyes never left Murphy's face as she stood by the closed door to the cabin. Her hands were inside Murphy's sweater and she was holding her arms against her stomach.

" I had dreams about you, starting from the moment I saw you the first time, in the barn." She said.

" About me?" Murphy asked.

" I think I'm feeling tired." Connor said, standing up quickly. He tossed out his smoke then patted his brother's head. " Good luck." He said before hurrying across the porch. When he reached Tatum, he leaned in and kissed her cheek, with her not acknowledging him at all. He grabbed the door knob and started in. Tatum waited until the door was shut before she spoke.

" About you." She confirmed.

" Like what?" Murphy asked. Tatum rubbed her lips together and slowly shrugged her shoulders.

" Different things. Sometimes we were just walking around out here, talking. Sometimes we were in the town. Sometimes we were alone and sometimes not." She said. Murphy twisted and started to raise.

" I dreamed about your death." He said, dropped his smoke down into the tin can they kept on the porch.

" I saw it too. You buried me with your rosary." She said.

" Aye, on the hill." He said.

" My dad killed himself." Tatum said as she watched the Irishman make his way towards her.

" I saw you saved." He said.

" I did too." She said, dropping her arms down at her sides. Inside the sleeves on the sweater, her fingers worked against the fabric nervously. She bit down into her bottom lip to try and not smile at him out of nervousness. " You asked me out."

" Aye. You accepted." He said, knowing he wasn't going to stop walking until he reached her.

" I did." That brought the smile out and made him smile. " You kissed me." That time, Murphy grinned. He brought his hand to his chin and started to rub it.

" Aye. You accepted that as well." He said. The nervousness melted as she laughed.

" I did." She repeated.

" And now, would you accept it? If I kissed you now, then asked you out, would you accept both?" He asked, bring his hands up to lightly touched her hips.

" I would." She admitted.

And that was all he needed. His hand came up and tunneled through her hair until he reached the back of her neck. He gently pulled her into him, being mindful that her body was still sore, still bruised from her ordeal. His other arm started to circle her waist as he titled his head. Both their eyes shut a second before their lips touched.

Electricity shot through them both, starting with the touch of their tongues. As he twisted and almost curled around her tongue, deep inside her mouth, Murphy pressed her against his body. She breathed out and placed her hands on the top of his shoulders. Her fingers climbed out the sleeves of the sweater and crawled along him until they reached his neck. He almost growled as she touched his skin and crushed her against him harder. He turned them and forced her to walk backwards as they made out in a painfully close pace. They walked until the cabin hit her back. Her arms moved so they were around his neck. Their breaths mingled together, hitting each others cheeks hard.

" Tatum." Murphy whispered when he let her go so she could take a deep breath. He kissed the side of her mouth, loving how quickly she turned her head to try and caught his lips again. " About that dinner and drink."

" Yes." She whispers.

" Tomorrow?" He whispered.

" Yes. Now will you just kiss me again?" She asked. Murphy chuckled but glad gave in to her request.

* So Im not one to just carry on a story for the sake of carrying it on. I think that to much, to many chapters, can ruin a good story. But I do want to make this a part two, showing the progress of Tatum's and Murphy's relationship while bring Connor someone as well. I'm thinking of a plot, some drama but if anyone has ideas, PM me. I am also thinking of how to end my Blade story but I'm stuck, I will figure it out but it might take me a bit. I hope you guys like this story!