Hi everyone! If you're like me, you caught the little Crossfire bug! Unfortunately the story isn't finished so all we can do is wait for the last chapter. But while we wait, why not let our own imagination grow free? So here it is, my alternative spin on Eva and Gideon's fight in his family home.

Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think ;)

*I own nothing but the storyline i created*

"You shouldn't be here". He grabbed me by the elbow and started hauling me towards the house. "I don't want you here."

"What? Are you serious?" I could feel myself break inside. I was still recuperating from seeing him after what felt like months, and here he was, making it crystal clear he wanted nothing to do with me. He even went to the extreme of forcing me out of his house.

"You have to get out! I don't want you here Eva!" he snapped back at me, gripping my elbow with such force i winced a little. He noticed and released me, but still glaring at me. I guess i was too much of an embarrassment in his perfect stone cold excuse of a life. I felt my insides burn with a mixture of anger and pain for his cruel reaction. How could he be this cruel to me?

"Believe me, if i knew you would be here, i would have stayed the hell away from this house! I don't appreciate being treated like a fucking dog for no reason! Don't worry, i'll see myself out!" i snapped back at him, holding his gaze with as much coldness as i possibly could in my already fragile state. I was seeing red now, and my defenses were back on to full effect.

"Eva stop! Let me talk!" he growled back. And before he could grab my wrist again and intoxicate my mind and body with his powerful self, i turned my back to him and started making my way out of this house. He followed me and managed to grab me at my waist. I struggled as hard as i could but he was so damn strong it made no difference.

"Get off me!" i yelled at him, trying to release myself from his forced embrace. But before i could do anything more, he tried to kiss me, which made me even more furious so i slapped him. Hard. So hard i could see my right hand starting to become imprinted on his left cheek. Damn, i was really pissed!

"Get away from her Cross!" Cary snapped, making his way to me, and putting himself between me and Gideon. I could feel the tension rise between them both, and as much as i wanted Gideon to suffer for making me feel like shit, i couldn't let Cary go down for it. So i grabbed his arm and urged him to leave with me. "Come on Cary. Let's just get out of here". He looked at me and, as always, understood my state of mind immediately. He knew i was on the verge of breaking down, so he held me tight and nodded.

"Stop! You're not going anywhere with him Eva!" Gideon started to yell and move towards me, but his brother and someone else whose name i didn't know got a hold on him and made him stay put. I knew that Gideon would not be restrained for long so i decided to make it clear to him we were done.

"Stay the hell away from me. You are the worst mistake i ever made in my entire life. We have nothing else to say to one another. Goodbye Mr. Cross" and with that final statement, i walked out of his house and his life, already feeling my entire body starting to collapse on me. Once again, Cary came to my rescue and managed to keep me upright and with my head held high, we made our way into Stanton's car and drove away. As soon as we were out of their sight, i couldn't control it anymore and started sobbing uncontrollably.

I had never felt this broken, shattered and mentally defeated in my life. After so many years, struggling to glue back the pieces someone else had broken in me, i could feel those pieces crumbling down over again. And this time, i knew it would take more than therapy and a strong sense of self-preservation to make me whole again. I had let myself fall in love with a dark and dangerous man and now, life was showing me just how painful it was to dream that high.

"I'm so sorry baby girl. But you know i'm here for you. Whatever you need Eva" Cary said, bringing a small smile to my face. He truly was the one person i could rely on, and only i knew how bad i was going to need him now.

"Thank you Cary. I just want to go home and try to forget i ever met him" i said, not able to look him in the eye afraid to break down in tears all over again.

"You'll be ok, you're strong Eva. I'll never let you break again baby girl" he said, pulling me closer and giving me a very reassuring squeeze on my shoulder. Somehow, i felt a little more hopeful, knowing i still had my very best friend with me. He was my saving angel and i was his. And maybe, just maybe, i could get through this without completely fall apart. Time would tell i guess. Right now, the grass was looking rather black on the other side.