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Ok...last night was just fucking weird. I mean, the last thing I need is more family drama! God knows I have enough as it is. And if this is really true, why is he coming forward now? What the fuck does he want? Money? He won't have shit from me that's for sure! He might be my biological brother, we'll see. But blood doesn't make family, not to me. I chose my own family thank you very much.

And why the hell was he eying Eva like that? It pissed me off beyond belief, seeing him staring at her, practically fucking her in his mind. No way he'll get near her, before we get this mess figured out. She's mine. The fucker better not have any clever ideas or I'll cut him off faster than he can count to three. Or cut something off of him, whatever crosses my mind first!


Like an angel sent to soothe me, her sweet voice calms me immediately. She's waking up and I can't help but smile. Those big blue eyes of hers, staring deep into my very soul. God I love this woman. Love, there's that word again...

"Morning angel, how are you feeling?"


Her honest smile just brightens my whole day. She's so beautiful. I want her so bad. Even with her like this, I can't help but feel the pull between us. It's there. Like an unspoken spell, forever binding us...

"I'm hungry too. For you"


She giggles and actually blushes a little. How curious is it, that she can be such a fiery little thing in various inconvenient times, but when I voice my desire for her in a blunt manner, she blushes...

"Blushing only makes me want you more angel"

"Stop it! We're in a Hospital for gods sake! Control your sexy beast and get me some food fiend!"

I love it when she gets bossy. Not too much though, there will be nobody else wearing the pants but me in this relationship. But she's fragile and probably still a little shaken with everything that happened in such a short period so I let her boss me around for a bit. I want her to get better fast, so we can talk about what to do next. Where to go from here...

"I'll let that one slide because you're still recovering Angel. But do it again and I'll let the beast have its way with you right here in this room!"

She pretends to be offended by my remark, but after I eye her with fiery intent, she smirks and winks at me. Jesus, this woman will be the death of me. And what a delicious death that would be...

"Finally! Where the hell have you been Marcus? I've been waiting for hours!"

Ok, she's pissed. I guess she has a point though, I did let her hanging, to go and see my darling brother Cross. I'll make it up to her though...

"I'm sorry love! I was busy. I'll explain everything ok? Can I just get a kiss first? I missed you"

She can never resist when I unleash my sexy voice on her and do my puppy dog eyes. I stride towards her, like a predator locked on his prey. I grab her face and kiss her forehead. She relaxes almost immediately and lets me wrap my arms around her and kiss her fiercely, this time on her soft full lips.

"I hate it when you ditch me like this!"

She wines, still holding me captive. I love it when she gets needy. Let's me know I'm her man, and that she needs and wants me. Only me.

"I know love, I'm really sorry. But you know all the compensating afterwards makes it totally worth it"

"True...But it hurts Marcus. I don't like to always coming second in your life. Makes me feel like crap"

Oh shit, that's not what I want her to feel at all. This woman is my perdition. I don't know if it's love or not, but it's pretty damn close to that. She's perfect for me and I want her to be happy...

"Baby I'm sorry. You know how I feel about you. You'll never come second to anything or anyone. I just got caught up in this whole family thing. I'm sorry, I won't do it again I promise ok?"

"No, I don't know Marcus. You never tell me how you feel. But forget about that, I don't want to feel worse than I already feel...So how did it go with that Cross guy?"

Oh man, here we go again!

Look, I know people in 'relationships' need to hear sweet declarations of eternal love every once in a while, but I just don't have it in me. I care a lot for her, never did for any other girl. Not like this. Maybe it is love. But it's still too soon to tell and I don't like to gamble on anything, let alone this.

I don't want to hurt her, but telling her what she wants to hear before actually feeling it or knowing for sure it is indeed what I feel for her seems wrong. She deserves the truth. No matter how unsatisfactory it might be to her now, one day I'll be able to tell her I love her. I think... If that's not enough for her I'll just have to let her go her own way.

I'm not one to hold on to something hopeless. I care for her, but she won't change me. She can try, but she will fail and end up feeling like a fool...

"Baby, I said I was sorry. You know I care for you. I know what you want to hear but it's too early for that. We'll get there ok? I promise...Now, about Cross. It didn't go as I planned. The guy is a bit stressed at the moment, his girlfriend or whatever she is, is in a Hospital so he wasn't really receptive to what I had to say. He told me to schedule a meeting with his office staff so maybe once we get there, we can be civilized and figure this thing out."

"Ok. I'm happy for you. You deserve a family. I hope he isn't a freaking jerk. You deserve better than that"

I can see she's still sad about my lack of deep sentiment, but the love in her words breaks a little of my hard fa├žade and I kiss her again, this time a little softer. I do love kissing her. She has the softest full lips I have ever seen, let alone kissed. The woman is a total bombshell. Black long silky hair, green beautiful eyes, delicious curvaceous body, and those lips I love to kiss to a bruising point. Never forgetting her latin perfect ass, shaped to perfection and all mine! She is all mine. For as long as I can keep her that is...

"What was that for?"

She whispers into my lips, a bit breathless.

"You. You loving me, despite all my stupid flaws and repeated mistakes"

"Oh. You welcome. But I think I deserve a bit more than just a kiss. I put up with a lot of crap you know!"

The tone of her voice is serious but the lust in her eyes betrays her speech completely. She wants more. Oh I'll give her more!

At least in that department I can give her exactly what she needs and wants. The rest will come eventually, I hope...

"Hmm, that was delicious Ace, thank you!"

"You're very welcome. I love watching you eat. You're always ready for a good meal. I just wonder about one thing..."

"And what's that?"

She's still chewing her last bite on the double cheeseburger I ordered from her favourite place downtown. That thing was huge, and paired with a chocolate smoothie she gulped almost instantly, is a highly caloric meal. Eva is not like other women I know that's for sure...

"Where do you store all that food?"

"Gideon! I didn't eat that much!She's actually offended, I think. So adorable!

"Eva, you ate enough to feed 3 small children!"

"I did not! Shut up!"

She barks at me, pouting a bit. Freaking adorable!

"Listen, I don't care baby. Eat all you want. I'll be more than happy to help you burn all those calories afterwards!"

"That's not even funny Gideon. I didn't eat that much and you know it. Besides, I work out a lot so it's all balanced perfectly, thank you very much"

"You're not working out now, so what are you going to do to burn all those calories you just devoured angel?"

"I didn't eat that much! Stop mocking me Gideon! I'm not going to get fat because of a cheeseburger and smoothie! And I'm still recovering so it's all good"

"I know baby. I just want you to know I'll be more than glad to help you burn those calories if you want me to."

"Gideon stop! I know what you're getting at and my answer is no. Not now"

Her mouth is telling me to stop but her body is already ready for me. She starts biting her lip and her breathing is becoming erratic. Then, suddenly she looks down, to my growing erection and she licks her lips. Oh baby, don't do that...


My warning makes her shiver a little but she keeps looking at me with lust in her eyes. Who am I kidding?

That's it. If she wants me, she'll get me. No matter where we are. I will be the only one to give her pleasure. Whenever and wherever she wants.

I quickly stride towards the door and lock it, to make sure no one gets a free show of what I'm about to do. I turn to Eva and she is now entirely focused on me and what I'm doing. I love to have her full attention, warms me all up.

"Now, you're not going to make a sound Angel, we don't want a team of nurses barging in and interrupting us. Right?"

"Hm Hm"

"Words baby, I need a full answer"

I'm teasing her now, fully aware of how wet she must be for me already.

"Yes I understand! Gideon please!"

Hmm, I love to see her like this, panting and wanting me! I practically run to her side, grab her beautiful face and kiss her hard.

She moans and before I know it, her hand is inside my pants. I didn't even notice her unzipping me.

Damn! She's massaging my already huge erection, and her touch is like a freaking bless sent from the skies. I can't help to moan a bit, I missed her touch, it feels so good. Too good.

But I have to go easy on her, she's still pretty fragile. Even though all I want is to fuck her hard and fast until she can't take it anymore, we have to go slow today...

"Easy Eva..oh god!"

She's relentless, stroking me and licking her lips as she does it. By the look she gives me, I know exactly what she's about to do next so I have to stop her, otherwise I won't be able to finish my plans for us...

"Hmm sorry angel. This time, I'll be the one giving all the pleasure"

I grab both of her hands and pin them above her head. I can see her getting a bit alarmed about it, she isn't a big fan of bondage stuff, but I won't push her limits. I just don't want her to distract me from my goal...

"Don't worry angel, trust me"

She relaxes immediately. I know she trusts me. She loves me, she said it multiple times. I still don't think love is the right word for what I feel for her though...

"Remember, we have to be really quiet"

I whisper into her ear, making her shiver with anticipation. She slowly nods and bites on that delicious lip of hers. That is so sexy I can't help but kiss her again, biting down on the lip making her moan. That makes the bulge inside my pants start throbbing like crazy. I hope I can finish this without coming all over my pants. I don't have a back-up pair here, so that would be unfortunate...

Fuck that, my angel needs me.

"You're so beautiful Eva. I'm a very lucky man"

"Gideon, please. I need you"

"What do you want angel? Tell me"

I whisper into her lips, softly kissing her and feeling her take a deep breath before answering me.

"I want you. Inside me. Please"

Her wish is my command. I slide one finger inside her, slowly, hearing her moan and arch her back to meet my finger. She's completely wet and I love it. I massage her for a while, but seeing her getting close to her orgasm, I release her hands and focus entirely on her sweet spot between her legs.

I start licking her clit, slowly pushing another finger inside. She moans again, this time I know she's close, so close. So I fasten my pace inside her and after a few seconds she comes, loudly and intensely. I want more. I need more. So I continue massaging her and licking her, one hand also rubbing her breasts, those beautiful full breasts I love so much. She's so perfect. Having her all to myself is my life's achievement no doubt.

"Oh god Gideon! I'm...Oh..."

She comes again, and with another fast lick to her clit she comes again. I love giving her multiple orgasms, the feeling must be incredible for her. I still want more. Always more. I start rubbing her boobs faster and harder, licking them and pushing my fingers inside her deeper and faster. She moans, almost yells this time, I know this is how she really likes it. Rough and passionate. My favourite also.

"Oh god! I can't. Not again...I can't...Oh god!"

This time she comes so violently her body shivers all over, and I have to fight my own orgasm from bursting all over my pants. Jesus, this is so hot!

"Gideon please, I want to make you come"

Her whisper is my undoing. I position myself next to her, to let her reach my groin and as soon as her mouth meets the top pf my bulging erection, I know it won't take long. I'm barely keeping it together.

She starts licking me and when she reaches the base of my erection, after a few strokes I come, violently in her mouth.

Oh god! It has been too long. I missed her so much this was just too much to bear. I let her clean me completely and I do the same to her, taking a lot of pleasure by seeing just how wet she got for me. After we are both back to full composure, I kiss her, tasting my orgasm in her lips. So erotic. This is so hot I want to go again. But I know she won't make it. I bet she needs rest now.

"Gideon, I love you. Thank you"

"Never thank me for giving you what you need Eva. I want to give you the world. You're mine Angel, to treasure and please. Only me"

"Hmm, you are perfect at it you know."

"Glad to hear it angel. That's all I want"

My perfect slice of heaven yawns and I know it's time to call it a day.

"Time to rest Angel. I'll be here when you wake up as always"

I kiss her on the lips and tug her in. She relaxes and starts closing her eyes. She looks so peaceful like this. Fully satisfied and in peace.

"I love you Gideon. Don't leave me"

"Never Angel. You are mine and I'm yours. Always"

I kiss her forehead and she starts to drift off. After a few minutes she is completely out, leaving me alone with my thoughts, once again.

I hear knocking on the door and I know our little haven is about to get tainted by outsiders.

Well, it was good while it lasted. True perfection...