"I don't like it."

"Huh?" Izaya asked.

"I said I don't fucking like it." Shizuo Heiwajami said quietly into his lover's hair. The two of them had been in this fucked up relationship for six months already. The amount of times they tired to kill each other has certainly gone down greatly; however, though, the two still fought constantly, only to make up later in a way that left them bruised and sore the next day.
Like right now. They had had a argument earlier that evening over god knows what, the only result to be lying in Izaya's large two person bed, limbs tangled as heated kisses were exchanged.

"What don't you like, Shizu-chan?" Izaya asked the blonde brute, running his long, thin fingers through the dyed locks.

Shizuo ran his hand along a faint, long scar on Izaya's stomach. "This." He murmured.

"Hm? Eh, why, Shizu-chan~?" Izaya asked, pulling his lover's lips up to meet his and creases them with his own.

"Mmph!" Shizuo kissed him back for a moment, enjoying the peacefulness between the two of them in their normally event-filled lives. Reluctantly, he pulled away from the other man's soft lips and buried his face in his neck, refusing to answer Izaya's question.

"Shizu...chan?" The smaller male asked, pulling at his lover's hair, trying to get the blonde to look up at him. "Shizuo, look at me." Izaya said bluntly, getting tired of the blonde's action.

Shizuo sighed and looked up into crimson eyes. He was silent for a moment, before speaking. "I don't like it. I don't. It-It's like...it's like someone is taking possession of you." He growled. "I don't like it."

Izaya looked at him for a moment, before smirking and giggling. "Is Shizu-chan jealous of-Oh! Shit..." Izaya yelped as Shizuo bit down harshly onto his collarbone and groping his ass. "Don't even fucking try that shit, damn flea." He growled out as possession took over him. He groped the raven's ass once more. "You're fucking mine. Dammit. Mine."

"Sh-Shizuo..." Izaya sighed, eyes half lidded.

"Mine, you got that, flea?" Shizuo bit around his neck once more, reddening the skin, marking it as his own. "You fucking belong to me, Izaya."

"Mmm. Shizu-chan's so silly." Izaya teased, before looking up at his boyfriend seriously. "I've always been yours."

But yesh~, just a little Shizaya drabble I suddenly thought up while lying in bed. ^.^ Hope you enjoyed~!