A/N: Hello! Before we get going, I'd like to get you a quick outline of this. It doesn't quite follow normal rules. It's a collection of short stories/drabbles all set in the same universe. There is no chronological arrangement. In a nutshell, Gallifreyan Dentistry is:

-If I ever finish this, I might go back and reorder everything so it's in chronological order. Right now, it's as it is simply because it's easier to see the latest update.

-Whatever character, rating, or genre you used to find this story applies only to the latest installment. Rating, character, and genre change from chapter to chapter.

-When you meet Nine, Ten, and Eleven, they are under their actor's names (Nine is Wyatt/Chris {I swear one day I'm going to straighten that out},Ten is David, and Eleven is Matt)

-Most importantly… I am always accepting prompts for this story. ALWAYS. I love this AU and I think it is a lot of fun to play around in. I hope you all have as much fun as I do.

-Any chapter with explicit smut will be titled NSFW and if there are more than one, just check the listing for characters at the beginning of the story.

Thank you for your patience and now we move on to the story!