David awoke to a buzzing by his head. He growled, trying to tell himself it wasn't worth getting up. A bleary look at the clock confirmed the time to be 6:03 am, too early to be awake on a Saturday. The phone kept buzzing. David glared at it too see Donna's number flashing across the screen. He flipped it open and held the phone to his ear growling,


"I'm pregnant." David's eyes flew open and he sat up bolt upright in bed,


"I'm pregnant." This time David caught the slight tremor in Donna's voice.

"I'll be there in minutes." said David, pulling in the nearest pair of pants. Donna sniffled into the phone,

"I'm already here. Can you buzz me up?"

"Sure, sure." said David, stumbling to the buzzer with one leg in his pants and other out. He hung up as he buzzed Donna in, barely putting his other leg in the pants and pulling on a shirt before there was a knock on the door. He wrenched it open, immediately pulling Donna into a bone-crushing hug. She collapsed against him, great sobs shaking her shoulders. David pushed the door closed, picking Donna up bridal-style and carrying her in to the living room, sitting down on the couch and pulling her onto his lap. Bright sunshine was beginning to filter in as he tried in as he tried to blink the sleep out of his eyes. It was almost ten minutes before Donna calmed down, by which time David was awake enough to appreciate just what was happening. As he stared at the quietly sniffling Donna on his lap, he didn't know which question to ask first.

"Are you…sure?" he said at last. Donna nodded miserably,

"Pretty sure. I took the test and it came back positive."

"But they can be faulty or something."

"I know. I just…I needed someone."

"But what about Wilf and your mum?" he asked. Donna shook her head and said quietly,

"I'm not ready for that. Not yet. I'm going to take another test; I just need someone to…"

"To hold your hand." finished David for her. Donna nodded. Slowly, David asked, "Donna, who's the father?" Donna shrugged,

"I don't know. I mean, I remember what he looked like, but I don't remember his name." This confession brought a fresh wave of tears as Donna again buried her face in David's shirt. David could only pat his friend's back as it sank in. Donna…pregnant. His Donna. Pregnant. With a fatherless baby. It was too early for him to fully wrap his mind around it. He gently pulled Donna off of his shirt,

"Are you ready to take another test?" he asked gently. Donna nodded. David waited outside the door as Dona peed on the stick that would decide her fate. He heard her wash her hands before the door opened,

"How long to wait?" he asked.

"Four minutes."

"Alright." He led Donna to the kitchen, quickly prepping tea. By the time the water was hot, four minutes had passed. David held Donna's hand as he followed her into the bathroom. They both stared down at the stick, a glorious negative sign staring out at them. Donna turned to David,

"One more. Tie-breaker." she said. David simply nodded. Three cups of licorice tea later, Donna was ready to take the next test. David again waited outside and again held Donna's hand as they waited the eternal four minutes. When they went to look at it again, Donna wouldn't look.

"Check for me. Please." David nodded. He stepped into the bathroom, looked at the white stick, and stepped out. Donna looked fearfully up at him,

"Well?" David was expressionless for a moment before he broke into a wide grin,

"Not pregnant." Donna laughed in relief, a hand rubbing at her forehead. David laughed with her, picking her up and spinning her around,

"You're not having a baby!" he said happily. Donna laughed and looked up,

"Thank you. Whoever's up there, thank you." Donna and David went to the kitchen, both still smiling as they each poured themselves a bowl of Cheerios. Later that day, Donna text him 'Not pregnant. For absolute sure.' David tried not to think about how she was sure as he sent back 'I'm glad.' That night, as he settled in to bed, David couldn't help but think Donna would make a wonderful mother. In a few years.

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