Title: she hopes for a fairytale too

Summary: Mako has been waiting for a very long time.



If he was going to be honest with himself, Mako was beginning to be rather annoyed with Korra. He loved her and all, but she could be annoying. Especially now that his knee was starting to ache. It wasn't like he'd asked her some difficult question about the meaning of life or something, a yes or no answer would do just fine.

He looked up at her, fighting off a grimace and trying to maintain the hopeful, loving look he'd had when he'd asked her five minutes ago. She was staring down at him, hands covering her mouth, and her eyes were very wide. Almost uncomprehendingly wide, Mako noticed, and he wondered if he ought to ask her again.

"Korra?" he murmured, "Sweetheart? Darling? Love of my life?"

"Mako, I-" she murmured from behind her hands, before blinking rapidly and becoming silent again. Her eyes were growing a bit misty.

He smiled up at her in what he hoped was an encouraging sort of way. She began to shake her head left and right, up and down and that just confused Mako more. Was she telling him yes or no? Or maybe? Or was she just being her weird, slightly annoying Korra-y self again and not giving him the answer yet.

"Korra, love," Mako said, "Do you think you could, I don't know, answer? I mean, my knee's getting a bit sore and also you're freaking me out and-"

"Yes." Korra cut him off, grinning widely at him, "Yes Mako, I'll marry you." And then she threw herself into his arms and they tumbled into the grass as she kissed him.

"Well," said Mako when they finally broke apart, "That's a relief."



Disclaimer: I don't own Legend of Korra. Also, title and summary (both of the collection) come from Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me. Title of the chapter is from Ed Sheeran's Wake Me Up.

I was inspired by an "Imagine Your OTP" from tumblr.