Title: what happens in vegas

Summary: really does not stay in Vegas.




The first thing Korra registered was a pounding headache. This observation was followed by sunlight straining against her eyelids. She was lying in a bed, she surmised after a minute or so. Her deduction continued with the following observations: she was naked, in a foreign bed and had a strange pinching sensation on the fourth finger of her left hand. And then, without warning, her legs were attacked with a disturbingly icy pair of feet.

Korra jerked her head off the pillow with lightning speed and whipped her neck around to look at the perpetrator. Her headache pounded harder, and she reached up to rub her forehead, attempting to focus on the other head in her bed.

"Korra?" the blurry head said in Mako's voice. Korra concentrated on the place the sound had come from and, with much blinking, Mako's face came into focus.

"Where are we?" she mumbled, clutching her head, "What happened?"

Mako groaned and pressed his face into the pillow. "I don't know. Last thing I remember, we were leaving that club because it was happy hour at some other bar we'd been to."

"Okay, but where are we?" Korra asked again.

"Um, our hotel room?" Mako pointed at their two suitcases.

"Okay," said Korra, "It's good we've figured that out, but I still don't actually remember what city we're in."

"Damn," Mako muttered, "You really were wasted last night."

"Mako." Korra warned.

"Vegas." He said, "We're in Las Vegas."

"Oh." Korra looked around the hotel room again. "Right." She sat up and, clutching the sheet around her body strategically, she slid out of bed and took a wobbly step. She reached out and braced herself against the side of the bed, meandering haphazardly towards the bathroom door while Mako watched her lazily from the bed.

When Korra reached the edge of the bed, which stopped three feet away from the bathroom door, she took a large breath, scrutinizing the distance. "Well this is dramatic." Mako muttered from the bed, smiling a little when she turned around to glare at him. She turned her glare back to the strangely patterned carpet stretch of floor, and then to the door frame. She twitched an eyebrow at it thoughtfully, before taking a rather large step and stumbling into the door frame.

She turned back to face Mako, a triumphant grin on her face. "Ha."

He rolled his eyes at her with a smile as she stumbled her way into the bathroom. The door shut behind her and the room was quiet for a few moments.

"MAKO!" he heard her screech from the bathroom at decibels much too high for his hungover ears.

"What?" he croaked, ears ringing. "Are you pregnant or something?"

The bathroom door was flung open and a frantic looking Korra stared at him through the doorway. "No," she said, eyes wide, "Something much worse."

Mako hoisted himself into a half sitting position against the pillows. "Then what, Korra?"

She held up her left hand. It took Mako a minute before he focused on her fourth finger. Huh. That was odd. It usually didn't have a shiny thing on it…

Suddenly it dawned on him. "Holy crap." He said, eyes focused on what was very clearly a ring. Then, with a panicked thought he looked at his own left hand. There, on his usually bare fourth finger, was also a ring. "Holy crap." Mako said again, staring at his own hand.

"Mako," said Korra, her voice getting higher in octaves, "We got married last night!"





Prompt: Imagine your OTP getting married in Las Vegas because they are that drunk.

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