WOW: break. Not everyone is pleased by the end of Dean's ordeal. A 300 word triabble by Amberdreams, Edina Clouds and Dizzo; not necessarily in that order ...

Spoilers for 4.01 Lazarus Rising and random S4 episodes.

Disclaimer: we don't own them, and they're probably very relieved about that.


Alastair couldn't remember the last time he'd felt like this.

John Winchester had been hugely entertaining, obviously, but the father had never been so deliciously broken. He watched the not-so-Righteous-now Man working the knife like a master, drenched in blood and screaming. Sighed with perfect pleasure as his pet leaned into his caress.

The icing on this wonderfully tasty cake was simple, if unheard of in Hell. Whatever Dean Winchester did or had done to him, he remained locked into that perfect human form.

And sometimes, Alastair got to glimpse a frightened flash of green in those beautiful black eyes.


Years became a decade and still the feel of the knife in his hands as he carved into flesh and bone was exhilarating. He loved his work; loved to hear his victims scream for mercy; beg for it to be over.

But for them it would never be over; and for Dean too, trapped for so long in hell, now an eager apprentice to a proud master; now torturing souls in just the same way that Alistair had once tortured him.

Until the day a hand reached down to pull him from the abyss; to break him free from purgatory.


Up and up he soared, carried by invisible hands that pulled him into the light; at once comforting and burning, branding his skin with scars of forgiveness.

His knife dropped from his bloodsoaked hand and tumbled back into the sulphurous pit beneath him, taking with it the years of pain, guilt and heartbreak that Alastair carved into his soul to fashion the creature of unwilling evil he had become.

He glanced back, looking down through eyes of moss green, the empty blackness of hell's toxic influence finally erased.

The only scream he heard now was Alastair's cry of frustrated fury.



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