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Alright guys, this is obviously the first chapter in a series of short stories from my other work "Bleached Past". This series of works will involve situations from all over, between different characters at different times. They will have a wide range of genres from fluff and humor to drama and angst. It's pretty much a dumping ground for me. The cross overs for "His Dark Materials" and "The Golden Compass" will also most likely be kept here, though i may end up making another thing for them entirely. Haven't decided yet.

Now onto the story!

I was hit with this idea after seeing the latest young justice. Goddammit Wally.

Time: This short takes place a couple months or so before Robin is placed into the 10th Division.

"Robin, I'm going to need you to help me with paperwork soon." Hitsugaya said, not looking up from his work.

Robin, who was laying on the couch across from the captains desk, made a dismissive motion with his hand, the other holding open a book. "Yeah, just give me a minute, It's finally getting to the good par...oh." His sentence dropped off, causing the captain to look up.

"Robin?" The younger man was staring at the book with a straight face, absolutely still. The silence hung for a moment.

"Oh." He said once again, then abruptly stood up and walked unsteadily towards the door, surprising the other.

"Robin, where are you going?" The man asked, standing as the other left. After a moment he approached the couch and, picking up the discarded book, read one of the slightly dog eared pages. After finishing, he sighed and dropped it into one of his pockets, trailing out the door after his friend.

As he exited his office and saw no trace of the boy, he scrubbed his face and muttered something about idiots. As Hitsugaya began his search for Robin, he wondered how far off schedule he would be put for paperwork.

Five minutes down the road he came upon a severely puzzled looking Momo.

"Ah, Momo, have you seen-"

"Robin?" She interrupted, looking down the road. "Yes, I have. He passed me a couple minutes ago, but when I called out to him he just kept walking...I'm not sure he even noticed me. Do you know what's wrong with him Shiro-chan?"

Her friend merely groaned at the hated nickname and handed her the book from his pocket. She opened it to the still marked page and took a moment to read.

"Oh! so this means he's-"

"That's what I'm thinking. Now if you aren't busy, I would appreciate some help finding him before he does something drastically stupid." The other girl merely giggled and nodded, handing the book back.

"He took a turn to the left, so we should start there." She smiled and twirled in that direction, taking the lead.

It took another ten minutes and three wrong turns, but following the sound of yelling finally led them to the right place.

Robin lay face down on the side of the road, unmoving, even to the harsh pokes and prods of Renji's Zanpakuto. Renji and Rukia, who were quizzically standing-or kneeling in the red-head's case- by the boys side, looked up at their arrival. Rukia quickly approached them, turning her head to the boy in concern.

"Do you guys know what's wrong with Robin? He won't get up and isn't answering us at all. Is he sick or something?"

"Robin's fine. He's just being dramatic." The captain stated, walking towards the prostrate youth.

"Ya hear that kid? Stop bein' a drama queen an get up." Renji jeered, jabbing him in the cheek with a finger. A yell suddenly ripped from his lips as the kid turned his face and viciously bit the man's finger.

"What the hell man! Get him off!" But Robin's hold was strong, a demonic glint appearing in his one visible eye. Renji pulled in vain at his captured appendage, sighing in relief only when Hitsugaya smacked his friend over the head and shoved the book cover in his face. The boy hissed like a repelled demon, recoiled immediately and rolled away, stopping a couple feet over face down once again.

"...The fuck was that?" Renji said in disbelief. "What the hell just happened?" Then his expression clouded into anger and he made to step forward, intent on revenge. The girls could be heard in the background laughing. "Shut up, that wasn't funny!" He barked at them, causing Rukia to laugh harder and Momo to slightly stifle her giggles.

"Just wait till I get my hands on you, ya brat." He growled, but was stopped as Toshiro laid a hand on his shoulder.

"I'll handle this." He stood above his friend, hands on hips and glare on notch ten. "Robin?" He received no answer. "Robin." he warned.

"mmfhs" The other answered.



A tick mark appeared on his forehead and he resisted the urge to hit the boy again. "Ok, up. Now. Get up."

"mo" came the muffled answer.

"If you're seriously going to do this, at least speak clearly."


"Good. Now stand up and act your age dammit."


Hitsugaya pinched the bridge of his nose and slowly breathed out, trying to keep his temper in check. "Really Robin? It's a book for Kami sake! Whatever happens in it, is of absolutely no importance to-" He stopped as a sound started below, muffled and quiet at first, but quickly building in pitch and intensity until it was a harsh noise caught between a whine and a scream; Though thankfully still muffled by the ground. As the sound was apparently coming from a very distraught Robin, Hitsugaya's patience finally snapped. After a couple moments he picked up the boy by the back of his Academy uniform and shook him harshly. Switching his hold to the limp boys shoulders, he placed Robins feet back on the ground, though the boy made no move to stand for himself.

"Robin this is incredibly childish and I will get rid of this book if you do not get back to my office right now."

"I don't care" The brunette groaned, his head flipping limply, "She's dead! You can't just kill off a character of such, such importance like that! It's just not done!" Hitsugaya glanced at the book he'd dropped on the ground with distaste.

"Well from what I read it has been done. So get over it."

"No. Nope. Not happening. I just want to lay on the ground and scream, thank you very much." Robin lifted his head to glare lightly at his friend.

"Fine." Toshiro dropped the drama queen, "I'm done. Do what you like." Much to the captains satisfaction, Robin looked surprised as he met the ground, but quickly rolled back over to his previous position.

Toshiro grabbed the book and flipped to the end, reading the last two pages. "She's still dead by the end of the book, in fact, it ends with the main character realizing she might have been in love with her murdered friend." He smirked as Robin emitted a groaning shriek in response and covered his ears.

"Alright," Renji said, "what the hell's going on?" The 10th division captain held up the book and turned to the page that started the ordeal. The others quickly gathered around him to read.

"Hey, isn't that-" Rukia started.

"Uh-huh." Hitsugaya answered.

"So this is what he bein' a total baby abo-" Renji groaned.

"Yep!" Hinamori smiled.

"Sometimes I wonder if he's really the genius everyone says he is." Toshiro stated.

They turned their heads as yelling was heard down the road. "I feel the presence of a moron." He wrinkled his nose in disgust.

A moment later, they spotted the shining head Ikkaku Madarame running right at them, a panting Hanataro not far behind.

"Wow, captain," Renji whistled, "You're good."

"It's because I spend too much of my time around you people. You become easier to spot by the day."

"Are you insulting m-"

"Shut up Renji." Rukia commanded. The other sulkily complied.

Ikkaku stopped in front of them, smiling. "I heard screaming."

Hitsugaya threw his hands up in an 'I give up' gesture, the book flying with it. He walked to the side of the road and rubbed his temples tiredly. The paperback flew a good distance from them all and landed with a sad 'wumph'.

"M-Madarame-san!" Hanataro wheezed, stopping next to the man stand resting his hands on knees. "You didn-you didn't let me f-finish healing yo-you." As was evident by the bandages around Ikkaku's torso and aarms, some of them hanging off already.

"I told ya, I'm fine! A couple scratches can't keep me down!" He laughed raciously.

"I d-don't think being stabbed c-counts as-as a scratch." Th boy interjected, slowly catching his breath. Ikkaku simply waved him off and went to antagonize Renji. "W-wait! I still need to-ah, never mind..." He sighed. The healer suddenly noticed the discarded book on the ground and picked it up, smiling when he saw the title. "Oh! Isn't this the next book in the series? I haven't been able to read it yet..." He murmured, reading the page it was dogeared to.

Hitsugaya watched as Hanataro's face slowly turned pale, his smile freezing. The book dropped from his hands and he slunk quietly over to Robin, sitting with his head on his knees as an air of despair surrounded him, joining Robin's pre-existing one.

It was a well known fact that both boys were practically obsessed with that book series, though no one else could seem to get into it. It was a series written by humans from America, and started serialization a couple months before Robin came to soul society, meaning that new installments were still being written for it. The first book had been brought back by Sasakibe, who'd thought it might interest the boy. Unfortunately he was right.

Hitsugaya had tried to read it at one point, but couldn't find it in himself to get past the third chapter of the first book. Though, now that he thought about it, there was one other person who loved the series just as much as the two boys. They actually got together every once in awhile to talk about the characters and what they thought might happen next. To imagine how that person would react to this apparently soul damaging chapter...

"Burn the book." Silence followed his command. He looked around and noticed that everyone had frozen, some mid-argument or threatening gesture. Even Robin and Hanataro glanced over.

"What?" Renji asked, his fist inches from Ikkaku's face.

"Burn the book. Now." He insisted.

"Why?" Rukia asked quizzically.

"You all know the identity of the last person he loves that series, right?" They nodded in affirmation. "And you saw how they reacted to the book-" He pointed to Robin and Hanataro, who both glared back; it was ridiculous, Hanataro was actually glaring, "Think of how badly he'll react to it! Burn the damned thing." It seemed to take a moment to process, and all those gathered quite suddenly turned marble white, but before they could turn and dive for it, a new voice interrupted.

"Well aren't you all lively today. Oh? What's this?" They could hear the sound of something being picked up. "Oh, I wasn't aware the next book had come out!" The voice said happily. All heads in the immediate vicinity mechanically turned towards the speaker, paling further at their identity.

Mere feet away stood the captain of the 13th Division, Jushiro Ukitake, flanked by his ever-present third seats. In his hands rested the battered and dirty reason for Hitsugaya's terrible day, opened to a very familiar dogeared page. The old Captains eyes whipped excitedly though the black words.

"Taichou no!" Rukia yelled, followed by warnings from the other Shinigami, though they were all too little, too late.

Ukitake had frozen, slowly paling as he reached the end of the page. The book dropped from his grasp, smile never moving from his face. As time passed and he slowly straightened himself, Hitsugaya briefly wondered how the captain would react. Maybe he would simply walk away? Perhaps he might talk some sense into the two other boys; After all, Ukitake was a grown, mature man. What's the worst that could happen?

They were all startled when the man suddenly fainted into the arms of his 3rd seats.

Jushiro was sentenced to four days of strict bed rest.

Both the boys and captains lasted through another two days of depression.

All three were banned from ever even touching the book series ever again.

Alright, the first one's down! And Chapter twelve of "Bleached Past" is in the process of being written!

Also, I did not use a pre-existing book series in this short, and just made up pieces of one for this purpose.

Feel free to contact me if you find anything confusing