Title: Different House

Rating: K

Summary: Snape left on a Sabbatical the year that Harry Potter came to Hogwarts. This story covers Harry's first year at Hogwarts while Snape is away. Partly based on the Different House in Absentia on Potions and Snitches.

Disclaimer: I'm not making any money off of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter characters and I'm not making any money.

Chapter 1: Snape Leaving

"Are you sure that you don't want to take your sabbatical next year," Dumbledore asked when Professor Snape wrote to him, telling him that he wanted to take a year off.

"I'm sure, Headmaster," Snape said, "I need to spend a year more away from anything that has Potter in it. I know he'll be in Gryffindor and causing all sorts of trouble. I want to be away from it from another year and I want to get some work done."

Dumbledore rolled his eyes and said, "Fine, I'll have Slughorn cover for you."

"That's all I ask," Snape said and then he left.

A couple of months later Harry Potter came to Hogwarts. He had heard all about the school and the teachers that taught it. Harry was a very bright student but not allowed to show it because of what would happen if his Uncle and Aunt found out. He hoped that, at Hogwarts, he would finally be free to be himself and not just some stinking famous person. Personally Harry thought it was sick.

Upon arriving at the school the hat sorted him into Slytherin, which he heard was for cunning people. Harry headed over to the table and sat down, Theodore Nott shaking his hand. That started the whole beginning of a new life for Harry.

"So which person is Snape?" Harry asked Theo.

"He's not here," Theo answered.

Harry looked at him and then asked, "Why?"

"Went on a Sabbatical," Theo answered.

When the feast was over the students left the Great Hall and headed to the Slytherin Common Room, led by a prefect. The entrance to the common room could only be accessed by knowing a password.

"Password," the painting of a man asked.

"Pureblood," the Prefect answered and it let them enter.

The Slytherin common room was filled with green and silver colored walls and furniture. There was a long book shelf filled with books that Harry couldn't wait to get his hands on. However the Prefect told them the rules which included studying, doing your homework, and most of all not acting like a bunch of Gryffindor's.

"They will get you expelled," he said.

There was no way that Harry was allowing that to happen.

The next day the snakes had Herbology with the Hufflepuff's. Harry had memorized all his course books by heart and so felt as though he had a better chance then some of the other students. The next class, Potions, was taught by Professor Slughorn and had the Gryffindor's in it. He grinned when he came across Harry's name. Harry rolled his eyes and thought, "Oh great, another Harry Potter fan." He then put them in pairs to make a simple potion to cure boils.

Harry had read about this one and so he was able to measure the ingredients without any problems. Theo, thankfully, was his partner and they were able to bottle their ingredients without too much drama. When they had turned their samples in Harry pulled out Potions Monthly and read up on a potion called 'The Wolfbane.

They had lunch and then a free afternoon. During that lunch he came face to face with Ron Weasley again. The boy looked at him with hate and Harry had no clue what he had done.

"What do you want, Weasley," Theo asked.

"I'm not talking to you, Nott," Weasley said, "So the famous Harry Potter is too good for Gryffindor. I had to write home to mum, telling her that you weren't in our house."

"And why do I want to be in a house full of people that believe in breaking the rules," Harry asked him, "Because there's no way that I'm getting expelled. Now why don't you run along and munch on some food, since that's what you're only good at."

"Shut up, Potty."

Harry glared at him and then said, "Is that the best insult that you have because it's pretty lame. Now why don't you move along, I do have homework to finish."

Weasley glared at him but thankfully a prefect came along and Weasley left Harry alone.

That afternoon he got all his homework done and spent it reading up on the article that he had started to read during Potions. It was interesting but he felt that maybe it could be improved. He then read up about the Potions Conference that was being held. It sounded interesting and Harry vowed that one day he would go. The next day he had Defense Against the Dark Arts, which was a nightmare, and then Herbology (with the blasted Gryffindor's again), lunch, and then Charms.

During Charms he found someone that really irritated him. Hermione Granger, who acted as though she was the only one that held the knowledge that was needed to answer a question correctly, kept answering the questions that Harry knew. Professor Flitwick called on her time and time again, earning a grin from the Gryffindor's and twenty points.

Oh this was so going to be war.

Harry raised his hand during class and Flitwick turned and smiled at him.

"Yes, Mr. Potter," he said.

"I already know the Levitation Charm," he told the Professor.

"Really," he said, "Let's see."

Harry grinned at him and then took out a light object.

"Wingardium Leviosia," he said and the object floated into the air.

"Well done, Mr. Potter," Flitwick said, sounding excited, "Fifty points to Slytherin for knowing the spell before anyone."

That got glares from the Gryffindor's including Hermione Granger. Harry smirked; he had won the first battle.

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"There seems to be a contest between Potter and Granger," Flitwick said to Dumbledore.

"I'm sure that Miss Granger will prove to be the better student," Dumbledore told him.

Flitwick gave him a look and then said, "He's just as bright as Lily."

"I doubt that," Dumbledore said, "He's got plenty of James Potter in him."

"Well I doubt that you're right on that one," Flitwick said, "If he had plenty of James Potter in him he would act like him. No, he acts like Lily."

Dumbledore said nothing.

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Things didn't improve for Harry as the weeks went by. During Flying Lessons, with the blasted Gryffindor's, Ron Weasley tried to prove that he was better then Harry. When Neville got hurt the entire house turned on him. Harry didn't find this remotely funny. Of course the blasted Gryffindorks (Theo snickered at the new nickname) had to try and get Harry to disobey Madam Hooch.

"Oh and get expelled, I think not," Harry said.

"Ooh Mr. Smarty Pants is scared," Ron said, "What do you expect from someone raised by muggles."

In the end it was Ron Weasley that got into trouble when Madam Hooch showed up and caught Weasley taunting Harry.

"Detention and ten points from Gryffindor," she said.

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A/N: Snape will not appear in the story until after Harry's first year. Hope that you like the coming chapters and sorry if I misspelled any spells.