Title: Different House

Rating: K

Summary: Snape left on a Sabbatical the year that Harry Potter came to Hogwarts. This story covers Harry's first year at Hogwarts while Snape is away. Partly based on the Different House in Absentia on Potions and Snitches.

Disclaimer: I'm not making any money off of J.K Rowling's Harry Potter characters and I'm not making any money.

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To Everyone: Sorry about taking so long to update but my back was really hurting me and I only just gotten over it. Thanks for sticking with this and I'm currently writing the sequel.

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Chapter 5: January Returns

Harry's fun was interrupted by the return of the rest of the student body. Theo was the first person that Harry saw and Harry showed him the book that McGonagall had given him.

"Pretty wicked!" Theo said, "So how as your Christmas?"

"Got loads done including that charm that I told you about," Harry answered.

"Glad you're going to get away from those horrible muggles," Theo said.

"Thanks," Harry said, "So how was your Christmas?"

"Not bad, unless you count my Aunt Lucy getting drunk and taking off all her clothes," Theo said, shuttering.

Harry shuttered as well and said, "Oh that was way too much information."

They both laughed.

Classes started the next day and, thankfully, they had Defense Against the Dark Arts. Harry had stopped looking at the teacher because every time that happened he was getting a horrible pain in his head. Herbology was a nightmare with Granger sprouting off how much of a bookworm she really was. Sprout gave her twenty points for answering four questions that Harry already knew that answers to.

Harry's blood boiled, again, at the smug look on Granger's face.

"Homework, a two roll essay on Beetle Eyes," she told them, "I'll give a hundred points to which house comes up with information that is not known."

The smug look on Granger's face increased but Harry knew that he would be the one to get Slytherin those hundred points. Later that night Harry told Theo that the hundred points would be theirs.

"And how do you even know this, Granger will come up with something," Theo said.

"Well she doesn't have the book that I have," Harry told him and he showed Theo the chapter about the continuing benefits of beetle eyes. "I've already checked the Library. They don't have this book!"

"Oh this is going to be so good," Theo said, "Imagine the look on Granger's face when we get those hundred points."

Harry laughed and said, "Oh that look is going to be priceless.

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"So how was your Yule," McGonagall asked Sprout.

"Well," Sprout answered, "So I see that you had no problem during Christmas break."

"Of course not," McGonagall said, "I have Potter a present and got two letters from Severus."

"Is he doing well?" Sprout asked.

"Yes," McGonagall answered shortly.

"Glad to see the boy doing something productive," Slughorn said, "I'm sure that he'll agree that Mr. Potter is a fine Potions student. Granger tries to hard but Potter questions methods and those that have published works before."

"Didn't Severus do that when he was Potter's age?" McGonagall asked.

"Not until fifth year," Slughorn answered.

"To bad fifth year turned out so badly for him," McGonagall commented, shaking her head.

"I personally think it was all James Potter's fault," Slughorn said.

"I know."

"So is Dumbledore going to force Potter to go to the next match?" Slughorn asked her.

"I hope not," McGonagall answered, "If that child doesn't want to go to a match then he doesn't have to."

"It seems strange that a child, like Potter, doesn't want to take part in watching our matches," Sprout said, frowning.

"Granger isn't a fan of the game."

"But, she goes," Sprout finished.

"True, but I think that Potter is the byproduct of the fact that he grew up around muggles," McGonagall said, "He probably thinks that most things are a waste of time."

"Oh dear Merlin we have another Severus on our hands," Sprout said, gasping.

"Oh lets hope not."

Dear Minerva,

Oh dear Merlin do not think that Potter is anyway like me. I do think that Quidditch is pointless but don't connect me with Potter. My good mood will be ruined. I'll be returning before the new term begins.


"Why can't he admit that he's got a double somewhere," McGonagall said as she put the letter away.

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"Hay, Potty," said the horrible, taunting voice, of Ron Weasley.

Harry ignored him until Weasley punched him. He landed on the floor, the Gryffindor's laughing at him.

"Glad I got your attention, Potty."

Harry checked to make sure that his jaw wasn't broken and said, "What do you want, Weasel?"

"Shut up, Potty."

"I asked you a question or are you too poor to answer it?" Harry asked, going to using the fact that his family didn't have a lot of money.

He hated doing this but Weasley wasn't really grating on his nerves.

"Oh it must be wonderful to be rich," Weasley said, "So looking forward to me showing you how less of a wizard you are?"

"Oh because I'm in Slytherin."

Weasley gave him a look that told Harry that he had guessed right.

"You know what, Weasel; you need to grow up and get a life," Harry said, his voice filling with venom, "Just because you don't like someone doesn't mean that you have any right to make their lives hell. So why don't you go away and leave me alone."

And Harry left, putting his shield into place.

If Harry thought that he had heard the last of Weasley he was very badly mistaken. True, he didn't see him around, but the looks that the other students gave him told Harry that Weasley was telling them what they wanted to hear. Harry Potter was an evil and dark wizard that needed to be shown how unwelcome he was. No, Ronald Weasley wasn't going to drive him away from his home, and if it meant that he would have to beat him at his own game then he would have to do just that.

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"So you think that Potter is after the stone," Hermione Granger said.

She had just discovered some information after Hagrid had let it slip that Dumbledore knew a man name Flammel. It took sometime, but Ron had managed to find the name and Hermione had managed to figure out that the Sorcerer's Stone was being held at Hogwarts.

"Yes," Ron Weasley said, "He doesn't come to matches, which tells me that he's after it."

"Oh wouldn't it be great to catch him trying to steal it," Lavender Brown said.

"I agree, he would be out of here," Hermione Granger said with glee.

"We're going to need to prove that Potter is after it. Dumbledore would believe us, he hates the brat."

Both girls nodded and then they started to form a plan to prove that Potter was after the stone and get him kicked out. The first part of the plan was to prove that Potter was looking at what the dog was guarding. The only way to do that was to follow him when he wasn't where normal students were.

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Harry had one of those bad feelings that he was being watched. He was in the Library, working on his Charms work, when he saw Weasley, Granger, and Brown setting a couple of seats from him. They looked, to the untrained eye, to be working but Harry knew that Granger and her friends didn't work; they tried to get people expelled. They hated him enough. He got finished with what he was doing and put the books away. The last thing that he needed was Madam Pince to yell at him for ruining her books. He then gathered up his things and headed back to the Slytherin Common Room.

"I know their following me," Harry told Theodore when he saw him in the dorm.

Theo rolled his eyes and asked, "And why are they following you?"

"They think that I'm after something, from what I'm guessing," Harry answered, "Though I have no desire to find out exactly what they think I'm trying get."

"Don't tell me, the thing on the third floor."

Harry nodded.

"Oh they so need to grow up and get a life," Theo remarked.

Harry laughed and said, "When is that ever going to happen?"

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