"Mel," he said softly against my cheek.

My eyelids fluttered open in the dim light, it was the middle of the night. Almost every night since I got my body back I've been awoken the same way. There was no need to ask what was so urgent in the middle of the night that he had to wake me up, I knew. He needed reassurance, reassurance that I was here and I was real.

We lay on our side, his arm trapping me against his body. As he pulled me even closer to him, I couldn't stop the soft moan that came out of my lips when I felt him hard pressing against me. His hand cupped my small breast over the light tank top I wore to bed. My nipple hardened at his touch.

"Jared," I whispered, "touch me," it was not a request. I guided his hand down, over my tank top and under the elastic of my underwear. I gasped when his fingers slipped under my underwear.

"Christ Mel," his hot breath in the pink shell of my ear. Surely a reaction to the moisture accumulated between my tights, I couldn't help it. My body reacted to his on instinct. The pads of his fingers began circling the most sensitive part of me. He inserted one of his long fingers inside of me and my hips responded by rocking against his hand.

Jared tangled his fingers in my hair and guided me for a kiss, my mouth instinctively opening for him. There was nothing soft about our kiss. My fingers slid between the short curly hairs at the nape of his neck, pulling him impossibly closer to me.

I pulled away from his kiss, "inside, I want you inside of me," I breathe.

He shuffles behind me, riding himself of his own clothes. I was about to turn to him but he stopped me, surprising me.

"I love you," he whispers and kisses me briefly, "are you really here?"

I can hear the fear in his voice, and even in the darkness I can see the fear in his eyes and in his beautiful features.

"I'm really here," I reply, "I love you too" I lift my hand and pull him for another brief kiss.

Jared's knee bents and he lifts my own leg while I felt the tip of him at my own entrance. He rubs himself against me and I can't wait anymore.

"Jared," I say.

I close my eyes as Jared enters me from behind, my body stretching to accommodate him. I let out a moan, which may have been too loud but I can't help myself, even less as he begins to trust in and out of me. He cups my chin and guides me into a kiss, stifling my moans. His tongue mimicking the movement of his member inside of me. Our bodies moving in unison. Pleasure builds up within me and my body tenses and I cry my release into his mouth.

His lips latch onto the skin of my neck, kissing and biting, while he continues to trust inside of me. He finally buries his face into my neck and muffles grunt. He lets me go for a second as his body collapses onto his back, but fear takes over him immediately and his eyes snap open and his hand searches for me.

"Mel," he caresses me.

I turn in our bed to look at him, his tanned chest soft and smooth under my hands. Slick with the mix of our sweat. He's so beautiful, I desire him again.

"Never leave me again," he says, and I look at him, he pulls me impossibly closer so that I am almost on top of him, with only my think tank top between us.

"Never," I reply.