New writing style I wanted to try, first person POV

Shanks POV

It's been ten years since I last saw her. I gave her my hat and my heart. It's been too long, but that hat with unite us, and I won't let her go again. But it's been too long, I moaned. I can't take this no more.

"Navigator, we are going to Loguetown, fastest way possible" I yelled to the nerdy man. He yelled out commands and the crew rushed around me. I looked over and seen Ben smirked, he always knew my plans. Well everyone on this ship missed that annoying child, me being the worst.

Since we left the island, I couldn't sleep. I keep thinking of that child. But she too young, and that's I waited for her to became something. But I can't wait no more. I left to protect her, trouble came and I almost lost her. That's when I decided to leave and get my head out of the gutters.

Within some hours my ship docked next to this smaller ship. It had "Going Merry" on the back of it. The state of the ship was new but dented, beaten and you could see the sword marks on it. Who ever tried to repair it did a bad job.

While looking at it, I saw a black hair beauty, grumpy red-hair, green hair jock, skinny suit guy, and a long nose boy who looked like Yasopp. Wait that black hair beauty looked too much like Luka. She raise her head and saw me, I almost fainted.

"Yo, Shanks" she called me. Her crew looked at me, other than the jock, and dropped their jaws.

"Hello Luka, hello her crew" I replied. This is it; I can finally take her away.

"Oh hey Ben, Yasopp, Lucky, Rockstar, and others" she said since I never told her the others names.

Ben was behind and nodded to her. The rest heard her calling them and seen her. "Oh goodness, there Luka", "Here to empty the town of their food?', "Hey, there's my son, isn't he good-looking" was what my crew told her.

Usopp POV

A ship docked next to my Merry. And the captain looked; he must be admiring my handy work. Luka seems to know them.

"Yo, Shanks" she yelled. Wait Shanks, isn't he famous. My jaw dropped I think I know someone on the ship, but I can't remember.

""Oh hey Ben, Yasopp, Lucky, Rockstar, and others" she yelled again. Wait didn't she just call my father's name; there is no way he could be on there. I looked up and my guess was wrong, he was on there.

"Hey, there's my son, isn't he good-looking" my father told his crew. Well of course I'm good-looking, I out beat anyone in looks, even my 8,000 followers says that. Before I knew it, my father jumped down and tries to hug me to death. I couldn't breathe, and no one would help get him off. Of course I loved meeting him, and look he's on Shank's ship. Well if I was him, I would have been the captain and have my 10,000 followers behind me in battle.

He finally let go and stare at me, as if I was a ghost. I posed, about to start my story of battling a giant with only one pebble. But Luka dragged us off the ship, even my father. She introduced us to Shanks and his crew, even though most know me since they all said that my father wouldn't stop talking about me. Shanks eyes changed whenever she introduced a male on the ship, maybe because we, mostly me, look better than him.

He began introducing his crew; some of them were the ones that Luka already knew. I looked and seen his arm was messing, I wonder what made him lose that, well unlike him I never get injured in a fight since I'm doing all the damage.

Well after that was done, Shanks started a party on his boat for his reunion with Luka, I wonder what history happen between them, she keeps looking at her hat and his arm. How do those go together? Well I didn't get to ask since my father dragged me around the ship bragging about me, I think he does it more than me.

Well it's time for someone to remark about my abilities, but I loved telling them my stories, even if they are lies. But they didn't have that spark in their eyes like Luka does, maybe they saw through it and seen they were lies. Oh no! I started to panic, what if they were to beat me up. But then they started laughing and drinking their sake, they are worse than Zoro.

Zoro, I looked around, but I couldn't see him through the pirates. I see Nami, she was betting with Lucky, I think, on amount of sake they could take. He going to lose, that's for sure. Sanjil was talking with the cook, Roger; again I think that's his name. He probably asking about recipes on feeding a huge crew (well we needed that with Luka around).

Oh, finally I saw Zoro. He with Ben and seems to having a drinking match with him. And Luka with Shanks, there something weird about his eyes, they look of desire, lust, regret or something. Well maybe I'm just imaging things. Luka she was pouting, he was raising up her sake, out of her reach for the moment till she used her Gomu powers and took her sake back. He said something like hammer, no fair, and anchor. Well whatever, none of my concern.

I went back and listen to my dad and his crew's stories. So grand, wish my stories were like that, and they were real, they showed me their scars to prove it.

No one POV

Both of the crew was drunk when the party finished. Nami, being a little tipsy woke Sanjil and made him wake the others so that they could go back to their ship. Luka was laying on Shanks shoulder, Nami woke her up before the boys could see it. Luka moved and left the ship with her crew and headed on Merry.

This is a LuffyxShanks love story, with an Ussop and his dad as the side story. I am hoping to mostly use Ussop and Shanks views in this story. Any suggestive are welcome.