Nami POV (night before going to bed)

I could tell the minute I seen Shanks that he has a super crush for Luka; maybe a bigger one than Sanjil has on all the girls. Well maybe I could blackmail him or do his a favor with a mega charge for it. I wonder how Luka feels for him.

"Hey, Luka are you awake?" I asked

"Yeah" she said

"What's between you and that Shanks fellow?" I asked

"Well when I was a kid, I wanted to join his crew but he always said no. He enjoys teasing me, well that what Ben said and it's because of something else, that he never mention. Well one time bandits came and started a fight with him, I was mad and went after them. They took me, Ben knocked out their crew but the leader took me out to sea. Then a seaking attacked and ate the leader, leaving me in the water, which I already ate the fruit so I sank. Shanks came and saved me, but he lost his arm. And before he left he gave me this hat and I promise him I would be the Pirate King." She told me her story. I never knew that.

"Well how do you feel about him?"

"He's funny and like a role model for me. Since I meet him, I wanted to become a pirate with the best crew, which I already had that part." She answered bluntly. Awe, she thought me of her best crew. After a while she was asleep, leaving me with my thoughts.

Luka was like a little sister to me, well a stronger, hungry, and simply minded sister. She saved me and the rest of the crew from evil pirates or marines in Zoro's case. But this was the weird thing, she doesn't tell much of her background, she just here. This was the first hearing of her past, and I feel a bit bad for her. Her most favorite people right before your eyes, getting injured for your sake.

But I got a good feeling that there more misery in her past than she lets on. One thing is what about her family, friends, and house life? She never told anyone, Shanks was the first. Maybe he will tell me tomorrow, he seems fond of her and should know a lot about her. Well if I remember it.

Shanks POV (morning)

Something was missing, it was there last night. I'm sure of it, it was leaning it's head on my shoulders, oh I miss the touch, and now it's missing. I woke up and looked down; sure she left me like I do with my other one-night-stands who could never replace her place in my heart.

Oh what I would give if I could feel that warmth again. I turned my head and there's Lucky leaning his head on me, not this type of warmth I wanted to scream to the gods. Is this punishment? I wanted the soft touch, the smooth raven hair, the hourglass figure of Luka, not this fat buffalo and his endless supply of chicken.

I looked around; most of his crew was drunk and sleeping in the oddest places, which happen many, limitless times before. And of course, Ben would always be in his cabin, with no hangover unlike me and others.

Sanjil POV

I woke up with a major hangover, good thing I know a perfect recipe for this. I made three servings of this special drink I learned from other Chefs. One for Luka, one for Nami-swan, and last one for myself. The male doesn't need any, they can hurt, I don't care. Only female beauties could get his special drink.

I walked through the door and in the lawn chair, settled beautiful Nami-swan. "Here you go, Nami-swan, to relive you of your hangover" I place the glass to the side of her.

I turned around and looked for my cutie of a captain. She was a strange one, boyish but it suited her. The way she grinned caught me off-guard and she always hugs me if I add more meat on her plate, which I now do all the time if we have enough supplies.

There she was, playing with Usopp, the boy closest to her age. I wouldn't said I hated him, he keep her smiling and happy but he would always tell her lies and guard his food against her, which I get but she a lady. They were playing cards, he keep explaining the rules but she replied with "Oh, so it's a mystery game" She smile and I could almost faint.

"Here you go Luka, one drink to relieve you of your hangover." I said as I placed the cool drink in her hand. She looked at it and back at me, then she jumped up and hugged me, telling me her thanks. If I could stay like this, I would die happy.

Couple hours later, I remember it's time for her usually fourth meal that day, the same one that I tell her that she couldn't, her face each time kills me inside but I can't keep it up every time she's hungry.

"Sanjil, I'm hungry" she said with a pouting face.

"Sorry Luka, I need to get more food" I replied, not wanting to hurt her.

"Okay then" she went too turned.

"Yo Luka, if you want we could go and grab a lunch" said the pirate on the next ship. It's like he was waiting to get my Luka.

"Okay Shanks" she said and hopped down from the boat. I went to reach for her and failed. I went on the floor and moped, crying "My Luka in the hands of the devil'. Oh, he will pay for this. Taking away my Luka with food, food is mine. I just have to wait till she gets back. I finally gotten up and seen the time, it's the usually snack time for the girls, well just Nami this time.

Shanks POV

Oh, finally a chance to be alone with Luka has arisen. Stupid cook for not doing as she asked, but I'm with Luka now, nothing could be better.

She jumped on my back and I let her. This way she couldn't see my heated face. The feel of her bumps pressed on my back, oh hell they were big. Just forget, she just a child, just s child, just a child, just a child with big boobs. Oh no, I'm thinking about it, quick I need to get her off before I do something to mess everything up.

"Yo Luka, get off. You are an anchor and slowing me down" I said teasing to her

She pouted and slowly got down, oh great now she won't even look at my face. Wait cross that, my face is still face from thinking about her bumps. She turned and seen my face. She reached up and said "Shanks your face is red, do you have a fever?" Awe she was worrying over my health, she so cute.

"No, I don't. It's must be because of my hangover" yes, push the blush on something else.

"Oh, okay. Let's go there" she said while pointing at a meat shack, not the best place for food. But Luka wanted to go; any place is good as long as I'm with her.

Luka POV

Shanks been acting weird since we saw him; first he almost fainted after I said hey to him then a pained look on his face after I mention my crew. Maybe I'm being to slow in becoming Pirate King. Of course, that's why. I only have four other crew members, and only sunken two boats, of course when you are a pirate you have to have many sunken ships.

He still teases me; I'm enjoying the time together, just like when we were in Makion's Bar. He seems a bit strange, maybe because of this fever, well he did say it's from his hangover. Oh well, guess it's just me who over thinking things, it's started to tense my brain up.

After eating we left and gotten ice cream, we meet up with Usopp and his dad. Well it only lasted couple seconds, Yasopp looked at Shanks and gotten scare with Usopp. I turned around and didn't see anything, oh well. The rest of the day went peaceful, he said goodbye and I left on my ship with huge bags of meat and some clothes that he made me buy, no fair. But he did seem to have a fever or the hangover lasted all day.

When I got back, Nami dressed me up with the new cloths and started talking about Shanks; I think she admires him like me. Sanjil cooked us a nice meal with the meat I gotten, it was juicy. Zoro and him keep looking at me, when I saw, their heads turned red and turned away back to their meals. Maybe it's the fever season.

After wards Usopp told me the stories about his dad while playing cards, it's a mystery game.

Writing in Luffy's POV was the hardest since I didn't want to overthink for her but I still wanted her clueless to her surroundings. Ussop wasn't mention a lot in this, oh well wasn't that important, and mostly I didn't want to think of the stories to tell about. I try to add more POV in others POV. Next I'm doing Zoro's and maybe Ben's (they both had little voice in this so far). Oh yeah, next chapter might had Buggy.