Shanks POV

This was the day; It finally happened. The day I've been waiting for, like 14 years, ever since I first set sights on the angel. Today was our official wedding, well the official you could get if you were pirates, let alone Pirate Queen and Pirate King.

Yes, Luka my sweet has finally claimed her title that she wanted for years, the one she worked for. She went through years of training, after I first left and after the Great War. I couldn't be happier of her, she finally accomplish her wish, her dream, with hard work. And now it was time to fill the final request, the final promise we made together, her becoming my official queen, as if she wasn't already.

I don't know how, but the marines weren't bothering us for this special festival. We were on Luka's home island, the place we first meet, the place I first felt for her. I thought I was crazy for loving a child who wasn't very old, but now she was older. She was ready to become mine, and I was ready to become hers.

I was waiting in a dressing room? I think? I don't know, one of the villagers allowed me to used his house. The main event was outside, in the middle of the street. My crew was done visiting me, giving me congrats and encouragement, even asked me if I was over Ben? I didn't mean to said 'I love you' to him that one time, I was thinking about Luka.

Ben, he went over to see Luka. Maybe to impure her head some more, or give her advice to tease me like he did with the kiss. I did enjoy the kiss Luka gave me, but he told her to do it. I could still feel the kiss on my cheek; it was the first meaningful kiss, the first kiss she gave me. I could also recount all of the other kisses she gave me, the ones on the boat trip, on the beach and the day before. I could remember every time she hugged me, elbow me, and piggybacked me. Those were the greatest of my memories, and now there were more to be made.

*knock* *knock*

Someone was knocking on the door. I quickly opened it, and then quickly closed it. I didn't like the sight behind it, her brother. The weird thing he didn't look piss off at me. His foot was between the door and the wall, he opened the door again.

"Look, I don't like the thought of you touching my sister. But I can't do anything about it since you make her happy. If you ever make her cry, I will pound you. I don't care if you're Pirate King, I will find you and finish you for hurting my little sister," Ace threaten me, I'm not planning on making him angry. I still remember the last time we met, after the war on Iva's ship. I still have the burns from his visit. "Now get your butt out of here, the wedding is starting".

I looked at him stunned; he was really letting me passing. Letting me have his sister? Has hell frozen over? I didn't know but I was glad, I didn't want my brother-in-law to chase me around everything I saw him, or when he saw me and Luka together.

I would have stayed there in the doorway, not moving from hearing those words, but his hands pushed me out the door. I guess he was really to get this over with; he didn't like the thought of me being with his little sister, my angel and Queen.

The street was filled. The mayor of the village, who was against the idea of pirates, was standing in front. He was the one who would talk from the book, which I wouldn't be listening too. I would be gazing onto my bride in beauty. Chairs were filled; on one side was my crew, whitebeard's and other friends. Even Hawkeye came, wonder what he gotten me, maybe some sake?

On the other side was over-filled. It had the Strawhat crew, more than I remember; there were more males, one animal and an extra female (she was one of the bridesmaids). The rows were filled with many different sorts of people, some I could name: A king, princess (one of the bridesmaids) and her servants, fish-man (some mermaids were there, in the sea), Indians (from Jaya and other places), Boa and her sisters (plus some of her crew), a hag of a doctor, some males in Franky Family suits and Gallery shirts, Mayor from Water 7, Makino, Dadan, Ace, giants, and some weird looking people. Luka sure has made some friends, made my side look wimpy in size.

By the mayor of the village was my best man: Ben and some others, Yasopp and Lucky Roo. On the other side was Nami, someone who I own lots of money too, Robin, I believe that was her name, and that unknown princess. I think I could remember her name, maybe Bibi?

I couldn't think anymore as I walked by Ben, my best man. The music started playing and Luka walked out of another house. She was wearing my old hat, a nice fuzzy dress that fits her form, and her sandals. In her hands were a bunch of misplaced colors of flowers, none of them went together but in the same sense they did go together, like they belonged. The most beautiful part of her was her face. It was shiny, glossing, and glowing. She had her wide smile, making her scar rise up. I could tell she wanted to run, but the dress stopped her from doing so.

I couldn't keep my glaze away from her; she looked more stunning than ever, if that was possible. I barley even noticed that her other brother was escorting her, his name was Sabo. I didn't have any problems with him, he accepted me after seeing Luka smile. He was escorting Luka since her father wasn't around (if he was, I would be died), her grandfather was a marine, and her other brother wasn't supporting of our relationship.

She stood right in front of me, by the Mayor and her navigator, Nami. I gave her a big smile, which she returned with a bigger smile. I keep looking at her, barley noticing the words coming out of the Mayor's mouth. It was when Ben elbows me, when I noticed he asked me, "Do you, Shanks, take Luka as your wife…?"

"I do" I said with pride.

He turned to Luka, who was staring past him. "Do you, Luka, take Shanks as your husband for…?"

"Of course!" she said with excitement, not knowing that she had to said, 'I do'. But that didn't bother anyone, he kept going.

"You may now kiss the bride" he finally said. I didn't even wait, heck I would have done that without him telling me to do so. I gently placed my hands on her shoulders and kissed her lightly on the lips. This was the first time I took control, meaning I was the one kissing her. She looked at me, deeply, and smiled into the kiss. It was official that she was my queen, my lady, my Luka.

Everyone in the chairs cheered, cried or didn't care. Nami cheered with the princess, Wiwi? Robin clapped at the scene; she had a smile placed on her face. Sanji, her cook, sulked, as did Ace, likewise. Zoro just watched, much like Hawkeye. The small animal and Usopp cheered from their spots. Makino and Dadan wiped their eyes off; Dadan couldn't believe this girl was actually acting like a female.

But I couldn't watch the rest of the reactions; Luka grabbed my hand and took off where the cake was. I should have known this was going to be her reaction, what else would it be when she had food all over the place. I felt people patting my shoulder, congrats on the wedding. Luka just stared as the cake was being cut. Sanji handed me and Luka a piece of cake. I nudged her, stopping her form eating the piece, and gave her a bit of my own piece of cake. She did the same, shared her cake with me.

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