A/N: I thought I'd better clear a few things up for some people about the actions of some characters (i.e. Arnold and Helga). Firstly, I realise that Arnold can't possibly be dense enough to believe Helga's "Of course I hate you!" lie at the end of the movie, but, my theory is that he's in denial. He is finding it difficult to except that the girl who has bullied him his whole life could possibly have those kinds of feelings for him... He knows she's a good person deep down, and I'm convinced he has some kind of subconscious love for her because of the glimpses of her real self that he's seen. But when suspicions are confirmed, he has a problem excepting it; hence the "You actually hate me, don't you" part. So even though he probably knows what she's talking about in the park (see Part 9), he still doesn't want to believe it. Also, he's only 9, so love shouldn't be something he has to deal with yet (see Part 3). (The idea of Fate plays a big part in this fic.)

As for Helga, she hasn't slept in two days because of saving the neighbourhood, and then the pain of having Arnold not wanting to believe that she loves him. Both the sleep deprivation and grief are having an effect on her, so she is weaker (mentally as well as physically) than she usually is, which is why she seems to break down a lot easier.

I hope that has clarified a few points for anyone who was unclear about the actions of Arnold and Helga in this fic.

The lyrics used are from 'One Year Ago' by Lene Marlin

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Helga's mind was a blur of emotions as she ran from the park. She didn't want to think about what had just happened, and her mind wouldn't let her. She just ran. Through the haze of streets and buildings, nothing registered. Running. Running. Please, let me wake up now! Please!

Arnold was still in shock, not moving once, eyes wide in disbelief. The wind was picking up, whipping around his ridged frame harshly. If he was shivering, he hadn't noticed. His mind was racing as he tried desperately to make sense of the situation. Had he dreamt it? No. Had she meant it? Was she just caught up in the heat of the moment, again?

What are you running from?


Queen 5 to King 4. Check. Your move. Will you finish the game?

You have to finish the game... 'She needs you more than you know...'

Arnold shook his head to clear his mind. He had to find Helga. It is the right thing to do.

Fresh determination showed on his face as he rose from the ground, headed in the direction Helga had taken only moments ago. The streets were empty, or were they? He wasn't really paying attention. Finding Helga had become his sole focus. But where could she be?

He let his feet carry him, unsure of the direction. He couldn't understand why he felt so deeply for her, and how he knew where she was. He just knew. And he knew he had to find her. What he would say when he did, was another matter all together, but he didn't want to think about that now. Everything was happening so fast, but for some reason, it felt right.

No script.

Find her, just find her, then everything will be alright. 'She needs you...'

The wind thrashed urgently, pushing him, running with him. Past streets and houses he raced, familiar buildings only a distant blur. Where am I going? And then the answer hit him, as if carried on the air... The docks. She's at the docks.

She's walking there alone

No one by her side

She managed to fight the tears but

The pain inside

She can't hide

And all the tears she's cried

The moment she closes her eyes she starts

Thinking of you

The dreams that she had one time

Have gone away

Will they ever come true?

All she needs is

All she needs is you

All she needs is you

There she is. A lone girl in a pink dress, looking out onto the lake. Wonder what she's thinking? Wonder where she goes when there's no one else around. You found her. What now?

She looks so sad. I've never seen her so sad. So broken; so distant; so detached.

Haven't we already done this part? Same set, no script. Guess not then. Make the move...

Arnold began to approach the solitary figure cautiously, almost as though he was afraid to disturb her... or maybe, he just didn't want her to know he was there. But she knew.

His black shoes stepped softly onto the wooden planks of the dock, the weathered wood whispering protest. The wind was calming now, gently animating blond hair and tranquil water.

He reached Helga and silently sat down next to her, recovering from the run. He didn't know what to say, so he stayed quiet, as did she. This felt weird. Not bad, just weird.

Five minutes passed before he spoke.

"Nice view."

"Yeah... I like it."


The breeze enjoyed their silence. It danced around the two children, playing with their hair and cloths, caressing their faces, daring their eyes to meet. And its will was strong, but somehow comforting.

It got its way.

Their eyes met and the world held its breath. They both felt the spark, the familiar electricity. Eyes are so beautiful, and far too easy to get lost in. An eternity passed in their gaze. But, reluctant, they broke the connection.

"Why did you follow me?" she asked softly, narrowing her eyes. Arnold thought for a moment. He didn't know the answer, or at least, how to word it anyway. He surprised himself with his response.

"Why do you love me?" he regretted the words the moment they fell from his lips. But he had no reason to.

"You're everything I'm not." she smiled weakly. He returned the smile gently. The awkwardness was eased slightly.

The water lapped the shore rhythmically, nudging against old wood and wet earth. It was so peaceful now.

"But, then why are you always so mean to me? I don't understand it." his expression looked almost hurt, and this made Helga feel guilty.

"I, I was afraid that, that everyone would make fun of me... I mean, I'm Helga G. Pataki, the bully. I boss people around, scowl, shake my fist and call people names. I'm mean and nasty; that's just who I am."

"Is it?" he questioned. "You don't have to be those things you know."

"Yes I do!" she retaliated, desperation in her voice. "People respect me for it. I have a reputation!"

"Is a reputation really worth risking your happiness for?" he asked honestly.

"Oh, just leave me alone!" she snapped, emotions getting the better of her. "You don't know anything about me! I'm like this because I have to be! I don't have any other choice!" he could hear the pain of her voice again. He took a moment to reflect on her answer.

"Why Helga?" his voice was calm, a contrast to hers.

"Because, because I, I, well... I don't know why! Stop it! Just stop it okay?" He'd struck that nerve again.

They stayed silent for a few more minutes. The sun was sinking deeper in the clear sky, getting caught on the rippling lake, glittering.

"I'm sorry Arnold," Helga said quietly, sincere.

"I know." he replied simply. "I just wish I could get to know the real you someday."

She thought for a moment, and then smiled. "Well, maybe someday you will." Arnold smiled warmly in return. She's a real mystery, and I promise I'll figure her out one day. My little mystery.

They sat there for hours, watching the sunset, just enjoying its beauty, and each other's company. Silent, or casual conversation, it didn't really matter. But the evening couldn't last forever.

"So, what happens now?" Helga asked.

"I guess that's up to you."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I mean, when are you gonna give up this charade? Like you said, I don't know you. Not the real you anyway. So, until I do get to know you, nothing can really change, can it?" Helga sighed heavily, but she understood.

"I guess." Arnold saw her disappointment.

"And anyway, we're only nine. There's plenty of time for all that stuff yet, right?" he coaxed, smiling hopefully.


"C'mon," he stood up "I'll walk ya home." He held out his hand to her and she took it. That spark again. Standing, they began to walk silently in the direction of Helga's house.

When they reached her stoop, their eyes met once again.

"I guess I'll see ya around then." she said.

"Yeah, see ya." They held the gaze for a few seconds before Arnold broke it and began to walk away.

"Arnold!" Helga called suddenly, catching herself off guard. Arnold turned around to look at her, wind whispering. "I'm gonna marry you one day you know."

He was shocked for a moment, but then smiled warmly. "I know." And with that, he continued walking down the street.

"You wanna play again?" said the man with the weirdly shaped head to his wife.

"Another game of chess? In the same evening? I knew we should have gone out tonight!" she laughed, teasing.

"Oh, I dunno," he said, scooting closer to her, placing his arms around her. "I like it here." He kissed her gently and then pulled away to stare into her sapphire eyes. She gazed back, smiling.

"Yeah, you're right." She kissed him back, arms around his neck. "But I can think of plenty of other things to do besides board games, Football Head." she giggled playfully.

"Oh?" he chuckled, enjoying their closeness; faces only inches apart. Moments past as they lost themselves in each others eyes.

"I love you."

"I love you too."

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