Shadow falls C.C hunter story line for this random bit me but characters except two, maybe more later, belong to C.C hunter It'll move to the girls pov later on. Kylie didn't end up with either Derek or Lucas, but ended up having a stranger's child because of a drunken one night stand. Her child took after this stranger being a werewolf and she has to ask for help. But does that help end up landing Kylie into hot water once her child is old enough to attend camp and a parents day goes wrong.

Kylie moved some of her dark brown almost black hair out of her daughters face her little hands grabbing Kylie's fingers. A smile appeared on her face as she leaned down and kissed her forehead.

"How's my little wolf doing?"

The little girl raised a thumb indicating she was doing good. Her blue eyes sparkling from excitement at her fifth birthday. Della and Miranda were coming over to spoil her senseless.

"You remember what I told you to do if anyone asks who your parents are right?"

"Yesh! I don't know my daddy and my mommy says you don't need to know who she is."

A smile crept onto Kylie's face, "Good my little one and what else did I tell you?"

"Stay by Fredericka and stay away from a guy named Lucas."


After asking and begging Holiday she was able to get the she wolf's phone number. She had swallowed up her pride and asked her if she could take care of Delianda, named by her two favorite aunts, during the times Kylie was at work and teach her all she needed to know to fit in as a wolf. She knew since her baby was mostly wolf she needed to be taught all things wolf. Not that Kylie didn't fear Fredericka taking her under her wing she was more worried about if Lucas found out about Delianda. Not that he'd think she was his since they had been separated for a long time before that. She was just worried about what might happen if he found out she was her daughter. Oh and that her father was another werewolf. Not that Fredericka would let that happen hopefully.

"Fredericka I need to ask a favor..."

"Uh okay what kind of favor?"

"I need someone to teach my daughter about being a wolf..."

"Your daughter is a werewolf?"


"Who's the dad?"

"I Don't know who her dad is other than it isn't Lucas."


"I thought you'd be relieved to he"I need to ask another favor that goes with this one."

"Ugh. Okay ask."

"Can we uh make sure Lucas doesn't find out about who's her mother? Or parents in general."

"Um sure."

"Thank you Fredericka! You're a life saver!"

"You're welcome. May I ask why I need to keep her away from Lucas?"

"I'm afraid something might happen if he finds out who her parents are."


Kylie went to get Delianda her favorite dress. It was a fluffy light orange with gold speckles on it. She thought this was funny since some of the things she remembers the most about camp were the orange color Lucas and other werewolves eyes would become when angry and the gold like flecks in Dereks eyes. She sighed and grabbed the gold bow headband she bought Delianda a few weeks ago and the shoes Fredericka sent as a semi peace-offering. It just seemed fitting for Fredericka to met Delianda in them. Maybe she secretly had some dislike for the wolf, but maybe after a while they'd be able to become friends. Maybe. Hopefully. "Kylie?" Kylie turned around and stared at the figure behind her. A nervous laugh snuck out of her mouth and she smiled.

"Long time no see Fredericka."


"At least this time you're not snarling at me." She said with a bit of a grin.

Fredericka blinked before a smile crossed her face, "I guess I'm not am a?" she said with a laugh.

"You here to met Delianda?"

"Yep. Where is she?"

"I'm gonna get her ready if you want to wait in the living room I'll be down with her in a minute."


Fredericka turned and headed to the living room as Kylie finished by grabbing a pair of cute little socks. She left and helped Delianda get dressed. Once the last shoe was one the little were jumped off her bed and ran out of the room. Soon a loud oomph was heard and some giggling. Kylie peeked down the stairs and saw Delianda gentlely nudging her own nose against Frederickas in a friendly animal like manner. This caused her to smile sadly as Fredericka mimicked the little wolf.
"Your mom was right you're a little sweetie and adorable."
Delianda smiled brightly and giggled before snuggling down onto Frederickas' lap.

"She seems to like you." Kylie said with a small smile.


"She likes a lot of people she adores Della and Miranda. She seems to like Burnett and loves Holiday. However Perry scares the crap out of her I really don't know why."

"Yah but I figured she'd hate me, you used to."

"Well that was back then." Kylie smiled, "It's not like back then with Lucas he got engaged and that's that why fight over something that happened years ago?" because even after all this time you still love him even after he hurt you...


After Miranda and Della showed up we started the party, well after we calmed Della down and convinced her not to fight Fredericka. Delianda opened her many presents and blew out the candles on her birthday cake. After some instances, Fredericka getting caked and a food fight happening, they got Delianda into bed and Kylie packed stuff she needed. She'd stay with Fredericka during the week, Fredericka would take Delianda to lunches and dinners with Kylie, and She'd stay home on weekends with Fredericka staying over. She looked at her sleeping daughter. This was for the best. Or so she hoped since her daughter took more after whomever her father was then her

Future not chapter 2 (Delianda will be about 16 here)

Kylie and Fredericka sat at the table outside. After years of Delianda studying under Fredericka and not running into Lucas even once Delianda was old enough to need to be near more supernaturals. This required the hardest decision of the two women lives. Do they want to send her away now?

"Should I sign her up for camp and school at Shadow Falls?" Kylie asked.

"It'd probably be a good idea.. But-"


"I don't know if I want her to go.. Neither of us would see her much..."

"I know, but something tells me she needs to go there.."

"How about we send her to the camp then decide?"

"Okay... I just hope nothing to exciting happens to her..."

"Like what happened with you?"


Authors note: Okay this sucks. The first official chapter because it'll get into my writing habit more.