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Deliandas point of view again

Chapter 7: Were things become difficult

Oh lord! The malice that glisted from those eyes. The pure hate! Mixed with... I don't know, but it was something else that made my stomach quesier. Fear pulsed through me as I tried to keep those snapping jaws away from my face. It was getting so difficult though.. I was so weak... I'm so tired. My head ached, my arms ached and were getting even more bloodied by the moment. All I could was scream as the wolf pressed down on me snapping at me.

How can this be? Me getting killed by a fellow wolf! Even if it's a shapeshifters wolf!

My breath halted in my throat as it snapped at it.

OH LORD I'M GOING TO DIE! I'm to young! I haven't even had a good kiss from anyone! Or even gotten any farther!

The wolves claws shredded my arm that was on the ground and its teeth shredded the one protecting my face. Blood was sprayed everywhere and my head felt detached. It felt like I wasn't there.

To much... To much blood. I-

I need to do something! I looked around. There was nothing... I closed my eyes and wailed, but soon all I heard was a squeak. I opened them and saw the wolf was bigger,so was everything else actually... But... I wasn't trapped! I ran and scurried under some bushes and. Sniff? EWWW through some dung! But I couldn't stop! I scurried into a tree and hid in a little hole. I pushed some old bark in front of the hole to hide. At the back of my mind I thought how was I able to do this? But part of me replied I don't care. As long as I'm safe.

A loud growl echoed off the trees and through the forest. I shrunk back into the farthest parts of the hole fear coiling in my belly. I didn't want to die! This... This what ever monster it is wanted me dead! What have I done to it!? I squeaked out a sad wail and buried my nose under my paws. God this is horrible! I just want to be home! In my bed with my comic books and laptop. But no! I got sent to a camp! So now I get stuck dealing with mom and her lover boy. I have to deal with those two boys and heaven forbid NOW something is trying to kill me! I don't like it one bit! No matter how cute those two boys are!

The growling got farther and farther away. Maybe it was safe now? Or more like hopefully it was safe now! Hopefully... I peeked out and looked both ways before wiggling out. I scurried away. I need to get away before it comes back! I hurried under tree roots and bushes. Soon though I heard footfalls behind me. My breath caught and I felt myself change. Soon I could feel myself fall forward and a scream escaped my lips again. God I was so scared! My foot caught in some roots and I fell forward and everything went black.

"Delianda! Delianda! God no... Come on wake up please! Please wake up! Please..."

Huh?... Who? Aaron?...Aaron! I tried to open my eyes, but couldn't. I could feel warmth and heard a soft purring humming sound. It sounded nice... I kind of liked that sound... It was relaxing. Made me feel safe and fuzzy inside.

"Delianda..." he sniffled and I felt arms tighten around me.

I'm here.. Aaron I'm okay! Please don't cry! God don't cry! I opened my eyes a bit seeing his face. He looked like heck... Dirty, scratched and like he hadn't slept...

"Delianda! Oh god!" he hugged me tight and I smiled..

"Hey..." My voice was hoarse.

He teared up and a few escaped and landed on my cheek.

"I thought you might be dead! You were there and then... Then everything was black and when the light came back you were gone! I..." he just sighed not finishing.

I smiled weakly and touched his cheek, "I'm okay..."

"No you're not... Your all scratched up and bloody! Dirty, your voice is so hoarse and and..."

I shushed him,"But I'm alive."


"But I still am here."

I coughed and looked up. I was still in the forest where I fell... What's going to happen? Where's my mom? Where's Lucas? Who the heck was that shapeshifter?! Ugh...