Hi! I'm DS aka Drama Sapphire and welcome to my first Pokemon fanfic! This story is about Ash, Cilan, Iris, and N who encounters a mysterious Charizard who seems to know Ash despite the fact that Ash's Charizard has already came back into his team.

What was the mysterious Charizard's story and what kind of connections does he have with Ash? And why does it seemed to be so worried about the boy's safety? Will Ash's Charizard become jealous or find out the other Charizard's true identity and reasons why it knows his trainer? I got inspired from reading Astarael Darkrah Black's Pokemon fanfic "If the world must end" and I would like to say that story was another good Pokemon story that has to do with Ash x Charizard friendship and I'm waiting for the next update.

Anyway, this story is all about friendship, action, adventure, drama, and a tragedy that could bring a devastating effect but won't end a bond between a certain fire/flying type and his trainer. I hope you guys enjoy my first Pokemon fanfic and bring a box of Kleenex just in case when tragedy approaches. ^^

Disclaimer: I own nothing from Nintendo, The Pokemon Company, and Shoporo but I do own this story and probably my own OC characters that would soon make an appearance in this story.


I may need help from other authors who knows about the new Pokemon moves and the locations of Unova than me because I only watch the Kanto region, the Orange Islands, Johto, and half of the Unova regions episodes ever since Charizard departed in season 3 episode "Charizard's burning ambition" that made me cried and thought that I won't ever see him again until he did came back in a few episodes and the third movie and finally remained in Ash team in "Burn! Charizard Vs. Dragonite!".

Charizard was really my favorite Pokemon and probably my #1 favorite character than the others characters that I've loved ever since my childhood and won't be forgotten. PM or send me a private message if you would like to help.

"CHARIZARD NO!" Ash cried out as he watched his very wounded Charizard falls fast and harshly lands on the rough rocky ground of a huge cave mountain in a heap.

His Charizard grits his teeth as he feels so much pain and agony from the blast he received from a very strong and powerful Pokemon. He begins to feel like losing his strength to get up, the energy to blow out another fiery attack, the urge to open his squeezed eyelids, and the will to fight again because he was too exhausted to block another blast aiming straight for him, .

But suddenly Ash starts to do a very grave and stupid mistake, he runs quickly towards his Charizard with his left arm reaching out for it, tears shown in his eyes, and cries out "CHARIZARD! LOOK OUT!".

The boy kept on running despite knowing the danger he is in now but he couldn't care, all he cares about making sure that his Pokemon all alright and making sure that they're all safe, even if it means not looking at the blast coming closer towards him fast.

"ASH NO!" Iris cries out, holding Ash's Pikachu who panics like her even though it too was hurt.


"WATCH OUT!" Cilan calls out.

"PIKAPI! *Translation* ASH!" Pikachu cries out despite it's injuries but Ash ignores all of them as he begins to feel the presence of the blast coming near him any moment.

Ash's Charizard hears the cries from Iris and her Pokemon, Cilan and his Pansage, N, and most of Ash's Pokemon that gives him the strength to open his eyes and he gasps in horror as he sees Ash reaching out for him with the blast closing in on both of them.

"CHAR! CHAR! *Translation* ASH! NOOOOOO!" he roared out as he then begins to try to at least get up and shield his trainer…even if it means one of their deaths are approaching nearer. He can feel his remaining strength returning to help him but he urgently needs them to rise from his arms so he can grab the boy and never let him go 'P-P-Please…let me…let me save him! Even if today will be the last time I do for him!…Please!'.

The other Charizard however finally defeats its own opponent in the air and it too was shocked when it sees the blast aiming straight for the fire/flying type and the boy it deeply cared for. It quickly gasps and swoops down as fast as its wing could do for it but it was too determined to try to save the both of them even if it means risking its own life to protect the Pokemon and the people it cares for 'No…No!…I have to save them!…I have to stop that blast or I'll be too late! I'm coming you two!'.

(Do you want to know why this other Charizard doesn't have a confirmed gender and is it a boy or a girl? You have to wait for your answers soon. Be patient).

As Ash's Charizard's strength returns, he gets up and reaches out to grab Ash as the blast begins to hit one of them. They both can feel the heat barely touching them but the closing of claws and fingers intertwine as their early life begins to flash in their minds including the events that has happened only 10 days ago.

(Ten days earlier)

Ash, Cilan, Iris, and N are traveling on the roads in a very nice warm sunny morning to find another town to rest and explore with Pikachu on Ash's shoulder and Axew in Iris' arms. Cilan was busy looking at his town map, Iris's Axew is eating a Oran berry while his trainer smiles and so does N. Ash however was thinking about the other night when he got his Charizard back after visiting a Kanto fair. He was glad to meet another trainer's Charmander that reminded him of his own Charizard that made him decided to call Professor Oak who revealed to have Charizard's poke ball in his lab after returning from the valley, waiting to be transferred.

Ash presumed that his Charizard missed him during months of training in the Charicific Valley and have already finished his training that he may have returned to Pallet Town and resided there to wait for the day when his trainer needs him again. So Ash exchanged his Unfezzant for Charizard and introduced his old Pokemon to his friend at a battlefield.

However after being released, Charizard greets them with a ground-shaking loud roar that creates dust blowing along the ground and reunites with his best friend Pikachu who jumped on his left shoulder.

As Ash introduced his Charizard to his new friends, Charizard scorched him with its strong but affectionate flamethrower but Ash doesn't mind, Charizard is the only one from its own kind to greet his trainer with a same hot flamethrower as a sign of friendship.

Both Ash and Iris introduced their pokemon to Charizard but he has his eyes on Iris' Dragonite that pisses him off because he once lost to Drake's Dragonite in the Orange League and fought an another enraged Dragonite that lost its control and tries to destroy a whole forest out of anger.

Ash doesn't know what to say but he can't help but understands his Pokemon's feelings because he realized that both his Charizard and Iris' Dragonite are becoming rivals so Ash have decided to challenge Iris for a battle and they all accepted it including N and Cilan who was quite excited to see a battle taking place.

The battle was pretty much epic but awesome as both Charizard and Dragonite fought each other with their trainers' commands below them while they're battling from the ground to the sky. At the end, Charizard hits Dragonite on the head with his attack known as Dragon tail that sends the dragon type crashing into the ground and emerged out of the dust with a damaged right arm.

Before either Iris or Ash can say another command, N stepped in and stopped the battle, being impressed by both Charizard's and Dragonite's strength. Cilan is also impressed and commented that it was a good idea to let them settle their differences in a battle.

Iris on the other hand thought that Charizard was a dragon-type because he used a dragon-type attack that got N chucking and the others being mildly surprised. So Ash used his Pokedex to show his Charizard's Pokedex entry which clearly explained that Charizard is indeed a fire/flying typ which stunned poor Iris and made Axew laughed.

Ash then invited Charizard to join him in his Unova journey and everyone agreed…including Charizard who blew out a flamethrower full of happiness into the sky.

(As a kid, I know that Charizard is a fire/flying type because I have a original Official Pokemon handbook at home and it is still in good condition).

Ash then breathed in and exhale out some air from his lungs with a content smile on his face that got his friends' attention.

"Pikapi? *Translation*: Ash?" Pikachu said as it looks as its trainer, wondering why Ash exhaled some oxygen from his breath and closes his eyes for a brief moment.

"Ash? What's wrong?" Iris asked curiously.

"Are you alright? Why are your eyes closed?" Cilan asked with concern in his voice.

N however knows why Ash is smiling after reuniting with one of his Kanto Pokemon the other night "Are you thinking of any good things happening to you after your Charizard rejoined you on your Unova journey?".

"N!" Iris and Cilan said in unison.

But Ash just nodded his head and opens his eyes as he replies "N's right. I was thinking about the night I have my Charizard back and he's with me now in his own poke ball. So let's say that I'm just simply feeling lighthearted and hope that today will be a very great day! Hey Cilan! Where are we heading off to?".

Iris, Cilan, Axew, Pikachu, and N didn't know what to say for a few minutes but then they start chuckling and Cilan checks the town map "No problem. Now let's see…".

Suddenly, something very bright white glows above them that made them covered their eyes to prevent blindness and barely looked at a huge white circle that was more brighter than the sun.

Then they saw a pair of orange clawed feet emerging downward came an unconscious Charizard that starts falling towards all six of them with shocked looks on their faces.

Ash however receives an idea to stop the Charizard's fall and looked at Iris ""Iris! Release your Dragonite now!".

"What?!" Iris said.

"Release him now!" Ash responded with determination as he picks up a poke ball and threw it to the air "Charizard! Save that other Charizard and try to slow it down from falling on top of us!".

The poke ball opens and out came Ash's Charizard who roars and flies towards the unconscious Charizard, and tries to support its weight from the back but it was a little bit hard for him to hold on.

Iris on the other hand, takes out her Dragonite's poke ball and threw it in the air after realizing that Ash just needed its help to help his Charizard "Dragonite! Help Ash's Charizard!".

Iris' Dragonite obeys his trainer shortly after coming out of his poke ball and flies up towards the other Charizard to grasp its left shoulder behind his back while Ash's Charizard grasp its right shoulder and they both carefully placed it down on the soft grass a few inches away from hitting the rocky roads and landed.

They released it softly on the ground and looked at the children running towards them.

"Good job Charizard!" Ash called out that made his Pokemon feel proud and happy.

"You too Dragonite!" Iris said as she and the three boys including Pikachu, Charizard, Axew, and Dragonite gathered around the Charizard who appears to be wounded all over his body (Now I'm confirming that this Charizard is a male just like Ash's Charizard but don't jump to conclusions yet. You can guess to yourselves though) with a terrible large scar on its head.

"Oh my gosh…this Charizard is hurt! Who could've done such awful things to him?" Iris said in extreme concern.

"He must've experienced a very harsh battle against a Pokemon…no, maybe a powerful Pokemon that inflicted so much damage on him and gave him a nasty scar" N responded as he feels angry 'I hate seeing Pokemon hurt like this! Something or someone must be the one responsible for harming this magnificent creature'.

Cilan then decides to speak "Ash, Iris, and N! We have to camp here and use our potions and find some Oran berries from the bushes. Hurry!".

"Right!" Ash, Iris, and N said as they runs to the forest with Pikachu and Axew while Iris' Dragonite, Ash's Charizard, and Cilan stayed with the wounded Charizard. Meanwhile, the bright white circle disappeared after disposing its passenger but was noticed by Jessie, James, and Meowth with their sunglasses on from the Meowth balloon. They were very confused yet they didn't bother to follow Ash and his friends after saving a wounded Charizard from falling on the road.

"Whoa, what has just happened?" Meowth said after taking off his sunglasses.

"I could've sworn that there was a strange wounded Charizard falling from something too bright. It's a good thing that I still have my sunglasses on because it's almost blinding my handsome eyes ouch!" James then receives a smack on head from Jessie and was almost closing to losing his sunglass, but luckily he caught it or it'll drop down from the balloon.

"James! You don't have to keep your sunglasses on anymore for today! That bright thing is gone already so take it off!"

"Ok ok! But Jessie," James asked while putting away his sunglasses in his eyeglass case and stuffs it inside one of his pockets "do you want us to go after them and see what they're going to do with that injured Charizard?".

Jessie shook her head as she takes off her own sunglasses "No. Not for today".

"And why not?" Meowth asked curiously.

All of a sudden, the two males can hear grumbling from Jessie's stomach and she pats it with a sheepish smile on her face "I'm quite hungry. Can we go order 6 bowls of ramen noodles from a cheap restaurant?".

Both James and Meowth nodded their heads "Ok!".

Hours later when the sun comes down and the sky turns to night, Ash is staring at the wounded Charizard while eating a bowl of warm soup with Cilan, Iris and N. He was deeply worried for its conditions and he's been waiting for it to open its eyes almost the entire day.

Yet he begins to feel something quite odd about the Pokemon as his eyes focused on it, like he knows it from somewhere 'Why am I feeling so concerned about this Charizard even though I already have my own eating his own Pokefood with Dragonite, Axew, and my Pikachu? I don't know why but…I just hope it wakes up and eat to restore its strength. Luckily its tail flame still burns to keep it alive'.

Iris notices the worried expression on Ash's face as she quietly takes a sip of her soup made by Cilan and speaks to her friend "Ash? What's wrong? Finish your soup before it gets cold".

Ash hears Iris' voice penetrating through his ears and he switch his focus from the wounded Charizard to all of his friends including his Pikachu and Charizard who were also concerned about him "Huh? Oh I'm sorry. I was just worried about".

But N shook his head with a smile while holding his spoon and replies "It's alright Ash. You were just wondering when will that Charizard regain consciousness. Even your Pokemon can tell that you were very worried for it as well. But don't let it prevent you from finishing your soup, eat it first and then we'll check on it one more time before we can sleep for the night".

Meanwhile, Ash's Charizard watches his trainer talking to his human friends and he can feel his trainer's concern for the wounded Pokemon that reminded him of the one time at the Orange Islands when Ash stayed up a whole entire night to warm him up from the freezing cold on his body after his stubbornness froze him in ice by Tad's Poliwrath. That night made Charizard remembered his early life he has spent with Ash as a obedient Charmander abandoned by his cruel ex-trainer Damian, to the time he evolved into a disobedient Charmeleon and later became a Charizard that still refused to obey Ash.

That was when Charizard decides to make amends by becoming loyal to him once more like destroying another one of Team Rocket's machine tank and finally defeating Tad's Poliwrath by listening to Ash's commands.

All of the sudden, he noticed the other Charizard was slowly opening its eyes that he roars to get his trainer's and the other three humans' attention.

"What's wrong Charizard?" Ash asked him.

Charizard then gestured his head with another roar "Char! Charizard! *Translation* Ash! Look over there!" towards the now conscious other Charizard.

Pikachu felt surprised as it too noticed the other Charizard was now slowly waking up "Pikapi! Pika! *Translation* Ash! Look!" it said to its trainer.

Ash, Iris, Cilan, and N finally turned their heads around and were all surprised and relieved that they all got up from the two medium sized logs that they sat on around a campfire and stared along with Ash's Charizard, Ash's Pikachu, and Iris' Dragonite and Axew at the now conscious Charizard who looked at them with curiosity.

He shifted his eyes from Axew, Dragonite, Iris, Cilan, N, Pikachu, and finally to Ash that made it gasped happily. He then struggled to get up but his wounds prevent him from trying to stand on his feet.

Ash then ran to his backpack and pulls out a Oran berry and offered it to the Charizard "Here, take this, it'll restore your strength. Just don't try to get up. We've seen you falling from some very bright glowing white light and you looked hurt. Luckily we gave you a potion but it's not enough to heal you. Tomorrow one of us have to go to a nearby town or village to buy more potions or a super potion and try our best to help you get better, " and he showed the Oran berry close to the Charizard's mouth "please take it, we're not here to harm you".

The male Charizard nodded his head and gently took the Oran berry and fed itself. Ash's Charizard smiled as he watched the other Charizard eats the Oran berry to restore its strength 'Good job'.

But all of a sudden, the other Charizard got up and hugged Ash in appreciation, tears streaming down in its eyes that was filled with sadness. He hugged the poor and confused boy so tight that Ash can't seem to free himself "H-Hey! Are you alright? Why are you hugging me and crying like that?".

The others including Ash's Charizard were all shocked by the other Charizard's sudden embrace on Ash. Even Pikachu was confused as well 'W-W-What the? Why is that other Charizard suddenly hugged Ash and having tears in its eyes? Is it ok or something?'.

Nobody didn't have anything to say for a moment….until Iris decided to speak "Ash! I think he was thanking you for saving him and healing his injuries even though he should eat more Oran berries to cure him more!".

"I know that Iris but I don't know why he have to cry while thanking me at the same time!" Ash responded while still struggling but the other Charizard's grip on him was a little bit tight.

Then Cilan decides to have his turn to speak "Maybe he have gone through something terrible that bruised him both physically and emotionally".

But N on the other hand stared at the sad eyes of the Charizard for over 3 minutes, he was reading its eyes and sad emotion and realized its' feelings "Maybe he knows you. Have you ever met him before your own Charizard or after?".

Ash's Charizard gasped in shock, and felt a little upset at his trainer after thinking that Ash may have raised another Charmander before he met him at the rock or after being apart because he wants to train at the Charicific Valley 'What? Ash! How could you?! And here I thought that I was the only Charizard you have in your Kanto team and another one of your powerhouse?'.

But Ash shook his head in protest "No no no! I never caught two Pokemon that look exactly the same! I don't have two Charizards! Honest! I don't know this Pokemon! Now you have just made my Charizard upset because of you!".

Everyone including the mysterious Charizard all stared at Ash's Charizard who gritted his teeth in complete jealousy. He was staring at his rival that wasn't Iris' Dragonite this time but was the mysterious Charizard that was now loosening his tight embrace on Ash but didn't wavered its arms. Then he stomped his feet, walks over to Ash, and roared at the other Charizard "CHARRR! CHARRRR! CHARRRR! CHARRRR! *Translation* HEY YOU! LET MY TRAINER GO! HE SAID THAT HE DON'T KNOW YOU AND I'M THE ONLY CHARIZARD HE OWNED! RELEASE HIM OR FIGHT ME!".

The mysterious Charizard doesn't know what to do, even knowing that he's been challenged by Ash's Charizard. Then he sighed and lets Ash go "Charr…izard *Translation* Sigh…sorry".

Ash walked away for a few seconds, until he turns around to face the mysterious Charizard and said "Listen, I apologize if my Charizard got jealous over a misunderstanding because you just hugged me so sudden after my friends and I healed you with just a potion and a Oran berry, but I just want to know where were you from and who injured you?".

The mysterious Charizard didn't say a word for a moment. He vowed to itself to not reveal why he came and the ones responsible for his injuries including the scar on his head, and why he knows Ash until the time is right. Then he shook his head and lays down on the ground, he adverts his head away from the strangers or (his new friends) to avoid answering Ash's question.

The others were quite surprised by its sudden decision to be silent and looked at themselves.

"Uh Ash, I don't think it's a good idea to ask him any more questions for tonight" Cilan said.

"Yeah Ash, you might have accidentally brought in more bad memories for him, and not only those, you may have reminded him of another boy it knows from it's past that resembled you" Iris replied.

"Someone that resembled me?" Ash asked her. N nodded his head while placing his left hand below his chin "Possibly yes but we can't jump into conclusions yet. We need more evidence to find out about this Charizard and do whatever we can to help it. By the way Ash, I'm sorry for what I said earlier that got your Charizard upset".

Ash sighed and nodded his head "I accept your apology but you should've apologized to my Charizard first before asking me. He should know that he's the only perfect Charizard for me and I don't want him to be hurt like the way Damian hurts his feelings by abandoning him and I don't want him to feel abandoned and betrayed if I have another Charizard. I still cared about him the same way I cared for my other Pokemon and I hate hurting their emotions".

"Will do" N then turns to Ash's Charizard who was still leering its angry gaze at the mysterious Charizard that pretends to be asleep in order to avoid a fight "Charizard, I'm sorry for hurting your feelings. Ash told me that he doesn't want to hurt your feelings unlike your former trainer and he doesn't want you to feel betrayed if he have another Charizard. You were always the perfect Charizard for him and he cared about you. You should know that because he's your true friend. Will you forgive me and make amends with Ash?".

Ash's Charizard was silent for a moment with anger shown on his face, but then his anger died down and calms himself as he nodded his head and roars kindly "Charr *Translation* I forgive you".

N smiled and rejoins the others who decides to finish their supper. Ash's Charizard decides to follow so that it can apologize to his trainer, but he then slightly shifted his head to the mysterious Charizard who was seemingly asleep 'I got my eyes on you pal'.

Then he walks near Ash and leans his head for attention. Ash looked at him and smiled "It's ok Charizard. I forgive you" and uses his free hand to rub Charizard's head and giggled softly.

Pikachu smiled too as it watched its trainer and it's old friend from Kanto have a best friend moment 'I'm glad things work out for tonight' but it still felt worried about the mysterious Charizard 'But I still wonder why this Charizard refuses to answer Ash's questions, Tomorrow morning I'll ask it'.

Phew, I'm tired now after spending two and a half days doing this first chapter. This different Charizard is quite mysterious huh? Are you guys still wondering about its gender and why did it know Ash? Find out in the next exciting chapter when I have more ideas for it soon. Bye! ^^