General Overview: Each short story will loosely depict scenes from Project K episodes, dramas, manga, novels, pictures, etc. However, instead I'll be putting Fem-Misaki in these situations and how I imagined it could play out.

Focused primarily on humor and romance, ratings for each story could be different. Primarily SaruMi.

Notes: I don't own K Project or the characters. All hail our mighty GoHands/GoRa overlords.

Hot Springs

In attempt to create closer ties to his fellow members of Scepter 4, Captain Munakata Reisi had suddenly announced a trip to a hot springs resort right outside of Shizume City. Absolutely loathing the idea, the young third-in-command adamantly refused to be dragged along to such a worthless event. The very thought of eating, bathing, and sleeping beside his fellow co-workers made him sick to his stomach.

Even worse, Fushimi Saruhiko knew that his captain was the king of making people feel uncomfortably awkward. Remembering the discussion he had at the Year-End party, the blue-eyed man recalled his superior's detestable hobbies of staring intensely at his men—never laughing or speaking, but just plainly observing their actions. From there, Munakata felt satisfaction within his heart when his subordinates would get nervous and make a mistake because of him.

Having devised at least ten strategies to avoid participating in this upcoming event, Fushimi was fully prepared with a long list of potential excuses.

Before the Blue left for Scepter 4's main office, he wandered down the street to do his early morning stalking of a certain vanguard of HOMRA. With chestnut-colored hair that was as wild and messy as ever, Yata Misaki walked beside her childhood acquaintance Kanamoto Rikio.

Even seeing Misaki with another man annoyed the Blue clansman to death. It should be him always accompanying Yata, not some weak, fat pig of a man. Feeling his heated anger pulsing through his body, Saruhiko was ready to jump out and surprise the two, egging on Misaki to leave the pig's side and chase after him.

Much to the blue-eyed man's surprise, he suddenly heard his beloved shout out, "I can't wait until we go to the hot spring this weekend! Mikoto-san is so amazing, allowing all of us to come along with him! As expected from our king!"

"Misaki is going to the hot springs this weekend?" Fushimi thought to himself with glee.

"It will be nice to go relax and eat good food, and most importantly spend time with Mikoto-san!" The little crow's eyes glimmered in anticipation. "I wonder if I can be by his side and pour his beer for him."

"Mmmm…all I want is to go eat meat" Kanamoto said dreamily, as his stomach growled.

"All you ever want to do is eat. No wonder you just keep getting bigger and bulkier."

"It's just that you don't eat enough, Yata-san!" Then Kanamoto muttered under his breath, "this is why you'll always be a twig without any defining womanly body characteristics…"

"WHAT DID YOU SAY YOU BASTARD!?" Misaki turned a bright red shade as she put the portly man beside her in a headlock and threw him into a wall.

"Oww! Sorry Yata-san! Ow, stop I apologize! I'm sorry! Ahhhh!" Kanamoto shouted, trying to block the crow's swift punches and kicks.


The conversation between the two became softer until they both disappeared from the Blue's vision.

Fushimi walked back to Scepter 4's headquarters in silence. Once he got to the main office, the young officer slammed open the doors and marched straight to Munakata's desk.

The captain of Scepter 4 looked up in surprise. "What is it, Fushimi-kun? Can I help you with something?"

With a dead-serious expression on his face, Saruhiko pushed up his glasses and simply stated, "I would be delighted to attend the Scepter 4 hot springs trip this weekend."

With his usual bored expression, Saruhiko scanned the perimeter of the hot spring. He saw his captain, along with Suoh Mikoto—the evil man who stole the heart of his Misaki, and Kusanagi Izumo drinking sake while soaking in the water.

For some reason, the Silver King Isana Yashiro, the Black Dog Yatogami Kuroh, and the Neko girl also came to the hot spring that weekend. They had brought a few of their friends from Ashinaka Gakuen as well, including the vivacious brunette Yukizome Kukuri.

The Silver King had ties with the Gold King, Kokuji Daikoku, and they both were celebrating their reunion after many years of separation. Beside the water's edge, the Black Dog was scrubbing and washing the Silver King's back, looking lovey-dovey as ever.

Fushimi sighed deeply. In all his excitement, he completely forgot that his Misaki wouldn't be sharing the same hot spring together, as the two genders were completely separate from each other by a large bamboo fence. He wouldn't be able to "accidentally" bump into the amber-eyed girl, having her turn a deep pink as she stood naked in front of him.

Saruhiko clicked his tongue in annoyance. What a waste of time.

Suddenly, a door swung open on the other side of the bamboo fence, and he could hear several women chit-chatting. The first voice that the blue-eyed man could pick out was none other than his lieutenant, who was apparently drunk. "Hurry up girls! The water feels nice!" Awashima's words slurred a bit.

"Ahhh! It really is!" Kukuri said happily as she began to swim around in the water.

Then, Fushimi heard a loud splash. "Heyyy Neko! This isn't a pool! You're not supposed to cannonball jump into the water!" the blonde Scepter 4 member scolded.

"I do what I want, nya! I came here to have fun, nya!"

Loud. Loud and annoying. "Why do women get on my nerves so easily," Saruhiko thought to himself. "They are selfish, unlikeable beings who nag too much and—"

The Blue's thoughts were cut off after he heard a certain someone's name being called.

"What are you doing Yatagarasu? Hurry up and come join us!" Awashima called to the timid girl who still had a towel wrapped tightly around her body.

Even though Misaki is female herself, due to her violent nature and short temper, she never had any girl friends. Therefore, her ability to communicate with women was defunct, often times leading to her stuttering in embarrassment. "Umm…I don't k-k-now…I might just stay out here for a bit instead…"

"Come join us, nya!" Neko jumped out of the water and grabbed the towel away from the little crow.

"Kyaa! W-w-what are you doing!?" Misaki's body was blushing from head to toe.

Kukuri assisted Neko in pulling Yata into the water. After a bit of struggling, the Red clansman finally began to relax, though she submerged all but her head and neck under the water.

The men on the other side of the bamboo fence were listening quietly. It was apparent that none of the women were aware that they could hear their conversations.

Kukuri's eyes began to sparkle as she suddenly had a thought pop up into her mind. "Hey! So we're here on this fabulous hot springs vacation with all these wonderful and attractive men! Do any of you girls have a crush on anyone?"

The mens' ears instantly perked up to this conversation. It had to do with them obviously, and they were curious as to how each of them would respond. Saruhiko tried to remain cool, making a face showing that he wasn't interested; but in fact, he was anxiously waiting for Misaki's response. "Even though it's probably Suoh Mikoto anyway…" he muttered to himself.

"I will always love Shiro, nya! Shiro is Neko's, and Neko will always belong to Shiro!" Neko meowed with a big smile.

"Well, I'm pretty sure that is obvious to everyone," Kukuri giggled. "How about you Awashima-san. You are surrounded by a bunch of men at your workplace aren't you? Are you currently dating anyone?"

The Blue second-in-command downed another cup full of sake. "No way. It would be unprofessional to have any sort of romantic relationships with any of my fellow co-workers."

"How about outside of Scepter 4 then? Do you ever go out to meet with people?"

"Well…I wouldn't say it really amounts to much, but I do frequent a bar once in a while to get my favorite drink…that's about it."

Izumo's eyes widened as he heard Seri-chan mention his bar in the conversation. She wouldn't openly admit her affection for the man, but Izumo at least knew he was important to her.

Wanting to avoid discussing her love life any further, the Blue lieutenant turned to the HOMRA's vanguard and said, "What about you Misaki-chan? Do you have anyone that you like?"

Saruhiko felt a lump caught in his throat.

The crow began to blush furiously and said quietly, "…Well…I do admire Mikoto-san…"

Fushimi clenched his fist. Of course it was her precious Mikoto-san. Saruhiko shot a glare that was sharper than his throwing knives at the Red King sitting in the water. Suoh continued to remain emotionless, despite his name appearing in the conversation.

"No Misaki! Awashima-san didn't say 'admire'! She said 'like'!" Kukuri said with a smile.

"Ohhh…ummm…I…don't have anyone like that…" Misaki sunk further into the water.

"What about Fushimi? I always thought you guys were dating." Awashima's face was red and swollen from the alcohol.

"What? Saru? No, no! It's nothing like that!"

"I heard from Izumo that you two were close since middle school." Awashima took another sip of her sake. "…Have you two had sex yet?"

Yata jumped up from the water in surprise. "Wha-wha-WHAT!? NO! NO WAY, IT'S NOT LIKE THAT!"

"She's in denial, nya! I bet you and the Mean Glasses kiss all the time, nya!"

"Sh-sh-shut up! No we don't! BESIDES, there's no way he'd be interested in me." Misaki, still flushed from the conversation, slowly lowered herself back into the water and mumbled, "I'm violent, and not attractive like you girls are…and I don't have big b-b-b-breasts like you Awashima."

The Heartless Woman grinned and suddenly leaned forward. She was so close to Yata that the little crow could smell her alcohol-laden breath. "Hmmmm, they might not be as big as mine, but I think your breasts are very cute, Misaki-chan."

"…W-w-what? Hnn! Where do you think you are touching! Kyaaa!"

"You know Misaki-chan, your skin is very soft and smooth," the Blue Lieutenant continued.

"I want to touch too, nya!"

"WAHH! WAHHH, no!" Misaki cried out.

"Haha! This is fun! I'll hold onto her arms!" Kukuri said with glee.

The feeling of foreign hands touching against her skin gave a strange sensation throughout her body. Misaki gave off a soft moan in surprise.

"Heh, seems like you're really sensitive too, Misaki-chan. Let big sis play around for a bit, okay~?" Awashima was beyond intoxicated by this point.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! D-d-d-on't touch there…ahhh!" Misaki said in panic.

Saruhiko's anger could no longer be subsided. He was about ready to burn down the bamboo fence and yank his beloved out of the annoying womens' grasps and carry her away. No person-whether male or female, was allowed to touch his Misaki in that manner. The mixing of the heat pulsing through his body and the hot steam coming from the water danced around Fushimi's head. The blue-eyed man shot up out of the water and marched towards the dressing area.

Someone was going to pay for this later.

After the girls were finally done with their teasing of the little crow, they began to dry off and put on their yukatas.

"I-I-I'm going to be heading out first" Misaki stuttered, quickly ducking out of the dressing room.

As Yata walked out the door into the hallway, the first thing she saw was Saruhiko, flushed with a furious expression on his face. She also noticed Kanamoto standing off to the side—bright red and embarrassed. Both the Silver King and the Black Dog looked at the Red clansman with eyes of pity.

Without uttering a single word, Fushimi grabbed Misaki's wrist tightly and began pulling her behind him.

"Huh? Saru? What's wrong? Your face doesn't look too well."

The same word ran laps around the Blue's mind. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. Annoying. ANNOYING. Not only did she let other people besides him touch her, she even made a cute moan that everyone could hear. Those sounds should only be made for his ears to hear. It's HIS Misaki after all.

Remembering this made Saruhiko even angrier. He grasped onto Misaki tighter and charged down the hallway. The amber-eyed girl could only shout words of confusion as she tried to keep up with the damned monkey's pace. "Hey Saru! What are you doing? Where are you taking me?"

The Heartless Woman smiled as she watched the two disappear down the hall together.

"You know Seri-chan, Saru is probably going to explode from anger at you later" Izumo said while shaking his head.

"Why is that? Because all you guys were listening in on our conversation?" Awashima said coyly.

"Geh, you knew we were listening?"

"Of course I knew. And Fushimi getting angry? That was the point. If we continued to let him go at his own pace, he'd never end up confessing his feelings to Misaki. Us girls were just here to help with the progression of their relationship."

"Yes! You can call us Shizume City's Love Cupids!" Kukuri spun around in circles, finishing off by wrapping her arms around Neko.

Izumo let out a loud sigh. "Well, I just hope that it doesn't further complicate matters. Both of them are complete idiots, you know."