There really wasn't much to say. I couldn't think of anything anyway. Part of it was probably because of my new digs. Or if you'd like to get technical; my soul was ripped from my body and shoved into something else. That 'something else' being the body of a kid. A kid who, for whatever ludicrous reason I could come up with, lived in the universe of one of my favorite game series.

As you've probably guessed, it was the Mass Effect reality. Or at least, one of them. I could be in any one of them, considering there were countless numbers of realities being created by every action or reaction. Now that I thought about it, it could be in the Mass Effect reality where Jack was never stolen from her mom, or Grunt was never created, or Miranda never ran away from home.

Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself again. Sorry about that. My new body needs training, and that was hard work. By my guess I was… well, somewhere between toddler and teenager. I wasn't so great with recognizing exact ages for children. I could do it from the age of twelve and up, generally, but…

Sorry. This child I'm stuck in has a wandering attention span. It's like I was when I was a kid before, actually. If I found something interesting while thinking about something else I would move to that subject or see how the new thought fit with my original one. I liked to see how things connected with each other and how both machines and organics worked. I should say 'humans and/or animals' but now that I'm confronted with aliens and other forms of life I found it close-minded to use anything but a general term.

I should get back to my original topic.

I'm an adult that was killed, or died, -I can't remember exactly which- and was not only shoved unceremoniously into a new body but one that was also dead. The doctors I woke up to had obviously been confused, and that went for me as well. When I saw their uniforms, the general technology of the room and that one asari outside the window I was convinced I was in a new time and reality.

Who knew dying would cause one to jump realities? I suppose it makes me feel a little better about my dead friends and family. Unless one of them got stuck in Gears of War or Candyland or something horrible like that. Well I guess little Jack would enjoy Candyland. But I don't think someone like my Grandpa would appreciate Gears of War very much.

"Miss Vasir?" I looked up at the name's mention and stared at the doctor standing before me. She seemed relaxed but to anyone who's been around a lot of shit they would see she was hiding a layer of disappointment.

I overheard someone arguing with the doctor outside the door a few minutes before. I guess they didn't appreciate having the doctor tell them that they wanted to keep their kid for another week or two to conduct tests.

The odd part was how I feel like I've heard the name Vasir somewhere before. It was overwhelmingly familiar.

"Your aunt is here to take you home." The doctor told me.

I stared at her for a moment. "Not my parents?" I asked. I was more curious than anything.

But when I saw the doctor's expression I felt a heavy stone grow in my stomach. My eyes began to tear up for no reason. I could only assume this body had remaining feelings that were left behind by whoever it was I replaced.

When she saw me getting a little emotional the asari doctor got a little flustered. She held out her hand and quietly said, "Let's go see your aunt."

I wiped my tears away feeling inwardly irritated and forced myself to take the doctor's hand. I hopped off the examination table and tried to fight down a blush. Even if I was a kid now it was still my adult mind occupying it. And holding hands with someone- asari or not- was embarrassing. I had never become accustomed to physical contact such as hand-holding or anything you could call intimate. The most I'd ever done was hug someone. Well actually there was that one time I got really loopy and kissed my best friend on the cheek on impulse but I didn't normally count it as anything.

Once we made it across the room the door opened and there before me stood a rather moody-looking asari. She was wearing heavy armor and her face markings were so familiar that I found myself staring at her. I didn't normally even look people in the eyes since I didn't like being able to read people as easily as I did, so the staring was a little hard. But then, I just couldn't look away.

I was staring at Tela Vasir, Council Spectre and severe badass. The one who helped you and then attacked you in the LotSB DLC. You know, the car chase and epic battle? I hated to kill her in the game because I respected her but she'd been a 'bad guy' so I'd had no choice. But now this lady was supposed to be my aunt. What was I supposed to say to her? 'Don't join the Shadow Broker'? She actually helped free slaves and shit because of SB's intel. But then she dies.

Well that sucks. My new aunt is a badass asari and I know she's already going to die via Commander Shepard. If she wasn't taken down before then.

"Is something on my face, kid?" Tela suddenly asked and I came back to myself to see her slight frown and furrowed brow.

"-No." I answered. "But are you really my aunt?"

Her eyes flashed just before she turned her new glare to the doctor. Before she could accuse the doctor of hitting me upside the head and erasing my memories said asari put her hands up in surrender.

"She seems to have amnesia caused by the trauma from Black Frontier…" When Vasir's glare turned a little murderous the doctor continued, "It shouldn't be permanent at all! It's just a side effect from whatever experiments they conducted!"

Vasir reached out and pressed her hand against my back to bring me closer to her where she almost protectively held her other hand against the back of my head. It wasn't very comfortable thanks to her hard metal armor. Actually it wasn't comfortable at all.

Vasir pointed a finger at the doctor threateningly and leaned forward, "Don't mention them again. She's been through enough without having triggered flashbacks." She growled.

"Goddess I am s-so sorry!" the doctor scrambled for the words but that was all that came out.

I kind of felt sorry for her as I was being pulled away down the hallway. I wasn't surprised Vasir has a temper but I was confused as to why she was even remotely protective over me. I couldn't imagine her being one of those adoring aunts people talked about.

"Auntie?" I found myself asking. She didn't look at me and her expression remained pissed off but she grunted in question. "What's Black Frontier? Are they one of those evil splinter groups?"

She looked at me then with a strange expression. I guess she wondered where my military vocab came from. "Yeah…" she muttered distastefully, looking ahead again. "They're evil. But try to forget about them. You're safe with me."

I had to blow out a chuckle at that one. She frowned at me and I grinned, "But I did forget about them already. That's why I was asking, isn't it?"

She regarded me for a moment before letting out a smirk. Her heavy hand came down on my head and I stumbled slightly before catching myself. "Your attitude certainly hasn't changed." She muttered.

I let out a proud grin, feeling strangely childish, and thumped my fist against my chest, "That's 'cause I'm just like my parents!"

When I realized what I'd said, as if on habit, I deflated. My face fell and I let my hand drop back to my side. Actually, how was I to know who my parents were? Other than assuming one was a human and the other was an asari who most likely got with my human mom or dad after I'd already been born, I didn't know anything about them. I wasn't the kid everyone thought I was. Or if I was, I really did lose whatever years in this life I'd had so far.

And for some reason I just felt guilty. There was a kid that was killed because of experiments and I took over her body. Assuming I wasn't her. I don't think I was. But I didn't know. This body was strange to me. I felt like I'd been shrunk just recently, and I have. So I couldn't really be her… Right?

Vasir's hand on my head moved to my shoulder suddenly and jerked me into her side. I hid a complaint of pain when my head and shoulder collided with her armor and looked up at the hard-to-read asari.

"That's right." She stated. "You're almost too much like my sister was."

I blinked and looked back down. She said 'was'. So Vasir's sister died somehow, probably recently. From that and how the asari doctor stared at me when I mentioned my parents I assumed that my human mother or father, or mother and father, were dead too. It was no wonder my aunt picked me up. We were technically related and since she was a Spectre she was probably looking into Black Frontier. Even if she wasn't I was probably with her partly because she could keep me from getting taken again, and I was unknowingly a part of some investigation.

Either that or my entire human family was dead and Vasir took me in out of the sheer goodness of her heart, which was improbable. It wasn't like she was a bad person but I didn't take her for someone to take in an orphaned (probably) kid, relative or no.

I should stop thinking about it so much. I was probably just making a big deal out of nothing. Black Frontier could be some random group in some building's basement that had very little power if any at all for all I knew. They weren't in the game after all. So I was probably just some victim of a bunch of illegal doctors. It wasn't like I was seriously messed up, right? I felt pretty okay if I was any judge.

"Auntie?" I asked, coming up with another question.

She glanced down at me, "What?"

"Am I going to live with you now?" she didn't say anything for a few moments as she looked at me.

Her expression was kind of intimidating but thanks to my dad in my other life I was used to scary people. "Yeah kid." She answered finally, keeping me squished against her hip.

I briefly wondered what it would be like living with a Spectre but soon equated it to living with a parent in the Navy. They'd rarely be at home because of their deployment or their new mission in this case and when they did come home they'd still be in 'military mode'. I'd grown used to it with my dad so I got ready for it with my new aunt.

My hand came up and my small fingers curled against a ridge on Vasir's armor where her 'belt' was. I'd have to get used to being a kid.

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