Artemis bit her lip as she waited for the little piece of plastic in her hand. She could hear Nelson scratching at the bathroom door and cars going down the street. But all she could think about was Wally and the test. The awful test. The one that would decide whether she was pregnant or not. She couldn't be pregnant though. Wally was gone and she wasn't going to take care of a kid alone. Never. She couldn't put him or her through it. And she wouldn't have the heart to abort the child or put it up or adoption.

Barry and Ollie had called many time asking her if she was okay or not. Every time she answered no. She had talked to Nightwing a few times over the phone. He seemed to be the only one to really understand besides Wally's parents but she couldn't always talk to them.

She sighed and got up sick of hearing the dog scratch at the door. Not even looking at the test she opened the door and let the little dog in. He wiggled his tail and rubbed against her legs. Artemis gave Nelson a small smile before siting back on the toilet. The dog barked and came up to her. Artemis however only had enough energy to scratch him behind the ear once. Nelson sensing that Artemis was not happy or up to it walked out of the bathroom.

A pit had formed in her stomach as the time was almost up. Butterflies in the stomach. She felt like she was going to vomit. She finally looked down at the piece.

The Plastic clattered to the floor as Artemis started to cry. She dashed out of the bathroom and dialed at number on the phone.

"Hello? Artemis?" Dick's voice rang trough the phone. She took a deep breath.

"Dick need to come over now." She said.

"What's wrong Artemis?" Artemis let out a sob.

"I'm pregnant."