3 years later

Artemis smiled as Wally glanced over at her. "Are we really that kind of family they had decided to move. now, the ones that have family over for dinner every Sunday?" She asked as she cut the strawberries. Wally smirked.

"No, Dick's coming and he is not family." Artemis rolled her eyes and threw the fruit into a bowl.

"He's close enough, he was the best man at our wedding plus the kids have even started to call him Uncle." Wally frowned.

"Uncle Dick sounds kind of weird I wonder what he'll think of that." Artemis turned to her husband and laughed. He watched her.

"Please he already lets them. He also lets them call him Nightwing which you need to talk to him about because we were out the other day and they called him that in the middle of the store. People will get suspicious" He said. Wally looked at the bowl of fruit and took out some and plopped them into his mouth.

"As far as anyone else knows Nightwing doesn't have kids and isn't married to a beautiful blonde, I'm sure that was what they were thinking there." Artemis smiled

"Daddy!" He looked over a the doorway where the living room was. Once they found out they were having kids move.

"Yes Irey!" He asked his daughter.

"Nelson stole the truck!" He sighed and bowed to Artemis. She raised her eyebrow at him as he dashed into the living room. He looked around to see the dog asleep a few feet away. He raised his eyebrow at his daughter.

"Nelson isn't doing anything sweetie." She stuck out her finger at Jai. Wally sighed as he saw his son. "Well it is his toy." He said. Irey glanced over at her brother and huffed. Wally smiled and before she could run away he picked her up.

"Come on you can go help Mommy." He then went over to the doorway and entered he kitchen. Artemis smiled and looked over at them. "She's going to help you cook while Jai and I greet people at the door."

"I don't wanna cook." Irey said. He smiled and kissed her and Artemis on the cheek.

"It'll be fun Irey come on." Artemis picked her daughter and set her down on the counter.

"Dick's here!" Irey smiled and Artemis did as well. She picked her up and placed her on the ground. Irey ran after her father and brother as Artemis slowly came behind her.

"Nightwing! Nightwing!" Jai cheered as Wally closed the door.

"Hey little demons!" Artemis raised her eyebrow at Dick. Wally smiled and put a hand o her shoulder.

"It's fine." Artemis sighed. Dick looked over at her as Irey and Jai latched on to his legs.

"Hey have you ever thou-

"NO." Artemis and Wally said at the same time. He had tried to convince them to have Irey and Jai join the pretty much non existing team since they were born. Dick shrugged.

"Okay I'll ask next week." He then went off to play with the kids. Artemis shook her head and went back over to the kitchen. Wally followed behind quickly.

"So how about a romantic diner on Wednesday, you're off from reporting and I'm off from the lab." Artemis raised and eyebrow at him.

"Rein check we have the kids." Wally laughed.

"And we have Dick. He can watch them and see how evil they are." Artemis sighed and nodded.

"Sounds fun." Wally smiled and kissed her.

"See you Wednesday Spitfire."