Clary shivered against the cold air as she walked to the Institute with her hair hidden behind her tight hoody. She played with a loose string on her coat as she headed up the front steps of the muraled church. Clary stomped her feet on the concrete to loosen the snow between the cracks of her boots as she began to say the words to allow her to enter the Institute. "In the name of the Angel," the church doors swung open before she finished her sentence. Clary took a moment to slightly giggle at how quickly the doors would swing open. She then walked into the doors and towards the elevator that would bring her to the Institute entrance. When the elevator doors opened for Clary to exit out of, she immediately spotted Church the cat sitting at the entrance waiting for her. Clary bent down to Church and said, "Where is everyone, Church?" Church meowed, then got on all fours and swiftly walked over to the large living room while Clary silently followed. When Clary was at the edge of the hallway, she could see Isabelle sitting on the couch with her long legs stretched out on the coffee table reading a magazine on "Hot Winter Styles!" which didn't surprise Clary at all. She saw Alec sitting at the kitchen counter polishing his knives and stele with his eyes glued on his weapons with intense concentration. Clary realized that Jace was nowhere in sight, and was about to turn around to search for Jace, until Isabelle's voice stopped her in her tracks. "Jace, is that you?" Clary turned back towards the living room, and stepped into eye's sight in the living room. "No, it's Clary," She explained as Isabelle's and Alec's eyes gazed on Clary. "Oh, hey Clary! How are you doing?" Isabelle asked. Clary took another step into the room and answered with, "I'm fine, um, do you know where Jace is?"

"Oh, he should be in his room, if not he's in the training room." Clary thanked Isabelle, and turned away from the room towards Jace's room. Clary took her hood off her head, and smiled as she approached Jace's room. Clary stopped in front of his closed door, and knocked softly on the door and waited silently. She heard rustling behind the door, and heard Jace's voice say, "Come in." Clary turned the knob and walked in swiftly. Clary immediately spotted Jace sitting at his desk with his head turned on his knives as he polished them. Apparently, Jace and Alec both decided to polish their weapons. "Hi, Jace." Jace swung his head around at the sound of Clary's voice and immediately got up from his chair. "Hey Clary." Jace loved the way her smile melted his soul. Jace walked over to Clary and pulled her in for a hug, and Clary gladly wrapped her arms around Jace's back. "I didn't know you were coming," Jace mumbled into Clary's fire red hair. "I would've called, but my phone died, and I couldn't stay away from you." Clary whispered into Jace's chest. Jace smiled into her hair at her words. Clary took a deep breath, and yawned into Jace's arms with a sudden exhaustion that surprised her, more than it did for Jace. "Are you tired, Clary?" Clary shook her head no in Jace's arms, but Jace doubted her though. "When's the last time you got a full ten hours sleep?" Jace teased quietly. Clary smiled, and muffled "Feels like forever." Jace kissed Clary's sweet smelling hair, and rubbed her back smoothly. "You want to take a nap, love?" Jace asked smoothly. Clary hesitated at first, but then realized how much she just wanted to lay down, and sleep on Jace's sheets; inhaling the amazing smell of him while being totally relaxed. Clary finally shook her head yes, and Jace lead her over to his bed, while Clary took off her light blue coat and laid down with a moan on Jace's bed. Jace layed down next to Clary and pulled a cover over her small, gentle body and then wrapped his arms around Clary's waist as her breathing became slow, and steady. Clary smiled softly at the feel of Jace's arms around her, and fell silently into sleep.