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Sakura sighed as she blinked open her eyes. The morning light blazed through her window and made her head hurt ever so slightly. Groaning, she turned over to get a good look at her alarm clock. It was still flashing 6:30 am, which was a whole thirty minutes before she usually woke up. Shrugging off her warm blanket, and shivering at the cold in her room, she slipped her feet into some bedroom slippers and shuffled into the bathroom. Cleaning up and wishing she could fall back asleep, she tied her long auburn hair back into a high ponytail. Feeling slightly better, she turned off her alarm that was due to ring in about twenty-five minutes; she threw on her favorite pair of jeans and a light green sweater.

Dumping some bread into the toaster and pulling out last night's pizza, she hummed to herself in contentment. Packing the two slices into her lunch box, she stuffed it into her schoolbag, along with two apples and a yogurt. As the toast popped out, she poured herself a glass of orange juice and sat by her favorite window, eating breakfast. It was odd to not rush in the mornings, and it was a strangely peaceful feeling. Putting the dishes in the sink, promising to wash them once she got back, Sakura picked up her bag and exited her apartment.

Taking the newspaper at her door and throwing it in before locking her house firmly, she rubbed her eyes.

"I need coffee…" she muttered to herself, as she heard the door across from her open. Sakura wasn't exactly friends with any of her neighbors, despite having lived in the same building for the past 2 years. All she knew was that the neighbor across from her had moved in about six months ago. She had never even seen him, just his boxes and other things, as the movers had been fairly loud. Turning around, she saw a boy about her age with tousled brown hair and equally brown eyes. He was wearing jeans, although his upper body was bare. Yawning widely, he grabbed his paper and realized he was being stared at.

Sakura knew it was rude to stare, so she nodded politely at him. Returning the nod, he stared at his paper. Sakura made her way to the stairs, wondering about the rest of her day as she heard a loud squeal from his apartment.

"SYAORAN! Give me a hug before you leave!" The boy, Syaoran sighed and slammed the door behind him. Giggling slightly, Sakura ran down three flights of stairs. She didn't know what the deal was between guys and overly clingy women. Then again, her neighbor wasn't exactly unattractive, so to speak. Checking her phone for the time, she realized she still had time to stop and get caffeine. Grinning widely to herself, unable to believe her luck, Sakura took a detour and waited in line in the usual café. Ten minutes later she emerged, a large cup of the best coffee clasped in her hand.

Walking slowly to college was one of the few things Sakura enjoyed. She loved the morning and how busy the city always seemed to be. That was part of the reason why she had picked an apartment so close to her school. Enjoying the crisp air, she made her way to class. She reached just in time.

"Sakura! Oy!" she heard someone call. Turning in the direction of the voice, she smiled as her best friend made her way towards her. Tomoyo Daidouji was a beautiful girl, with long dark hair and crystal clear eyes. Sakura had known her ever since fourth grade, and knew better than anyone that Tomoyo, despite her innocence and charm, could plot better than any FBI agent. Coming from an incredibly rich and upper class family, Tomoyo had a mother who could give her anything she wanted, and personal bodyguards who seemed to know everything about everyone. Despite all of this, Tomoyo was not spoiled, and Sakura respected her for that.

"It's hard to believe you're actually here before 8." She teased and Sakura smacked her playfully on the shoulder.

"I woke up early. It's a miracle, indeed." She joked.

"Undeniably. Someone up there must love you a lot."

"HEY!" Sakura yelled, starting to laugh. The two made their way into the building, catching up on each other's lives. However, when the clock struck 8, the two had to part ways as Tomoyo studied Multimedia and Sakura had Applied Mathematics. Luckily for her, the Sciences building was not too far from the Arts one. Waving slightly to her friend, Sakura made her way to the second floor, skipping some steps on the way. Entering her class and scoring a seat right by the window, Sakura put her bag under her desk and waited for her day to start.

"Can this day drag on any longer?" A girl with dark brown hair complained. Sakura sat down beside her, a tray of food in her hands. Her day old pizza lunch that she had packed had not been enough, and she had resorted to buying sandwiches from the cafeteria.

"Chiharu, you shouldn't complain." Another girl told her in a firm voice. Chiharu groaned, repeatedly slamming her head against the table. Sakura patted her on the arm, grinning.

"We all know you're dying to see Yamazaki, but try not to attract the attention of the other art majors alright?" Chiharu stuck her tongue out at Sakura and the other girls at the table started laughing.

"You'll understand my pain when you find a man like Takashi." She said, returning to hurting herself. Sakura sighed. Chiharu's boyfriend wasn't exactly desirable, but he was an incredibly nice guy and the two had been inseparable ever since middle school. From the corner of her eye, she saw Tomoyo approaching. Turning around to wave at her, Sakura noticed that her friend wasn't alone. Patting Chiharu again, Sakura whispered to her.

"Your man is here. Cheer up!" Chiharu immediately sat up, her mood changing completely. Getting up and throwing her arms around the boy, Sakura watched as Yamazaki smiled as though he was too used to this behavior. Noticing that Yamazaki was not Tomoyo's only companion, her eyes wandered to the other male standing awkwardly to one side. Her eyes widened slightly as she recognized that tousled brown hair.

"You!" she said, making everybody jump. The boy looked up at her, thoroughly bemused by the scene in front of him. His eyebrows disappeared into the hair that was falling over his forehead.

"You know Syaoran?" Yamazaki asked, Chiharu still in his arms. The boy, Syaoran shrugged while Sakura nodded. She pointed a well-manicured finger at him.

"We're neighbors!" she exclaimed. Tomoyo raised an eyebrow in his direction.

"Oh my!" Yamazaki was staring at Sakura.

"This is Syaoran Li? He's a friend of mine. We have a few classes together." Sakura nodded. She never saw much of Chiharu's boyfriend while in the university. He was always on the other end, doing a major in Business, while her friends were all art students. She, on the other hand, was a third year majoring in Neuroscience. However, the current situation meant that this Syaoran Li also studied some form of business here.

"Well, it's incredibly nice to meet you." Sakura chirped up, her usual friendly personality coming out. She held out a hand to shake, which the boy took slowly. His hands were big, and warm and comfortable. Chiharu laughed.

"That's Sakura for you! Always the eager beaver!" Sakura blushed and tore her hand out of Syaoran's. Ushering Yamazaki to join them for lunch, all of them sat back down at the large table. Syaoran sat down awkwardly between Chiharu and Sakura.

As Sakura devoured her sandwiches, she couldn't help but notice that Syaoran didn't eat. Swallowing the final piece of chicken, she looked up at him.

"Not hungry?" He shrugged, something he seemed used to doing.

"I forgot to pack a lunch this morning." He muttered. Sakura grinned.

"Too busy with your lady friend?" She asked slyly. Syaoran raised an eyebrow, his mouth pulling into a lazy grin.

"Is that jealousy I hear, coming out of my new neighbor?" He asked, his tone close to mocking. Sakura felt her ears turning red. She had known this man for around three minutes, and he was already flirting with her. She stuck her tongue out at him and grabbed her last sandwich.

"I was going to offer you my tuna, but since you put it that way…" she huffed, taking a big bite out of her sandwich and glaring at him. He rolled his eyes and continued looking around the building.

"He is SO ANNOYING," Sakura screamed in anger. The day was finally over and she was back home. Slamming her bag onto the couch, she groaned in frustration. Tomoyo smiled her usual knowing smile, aware that Sakura didn't have many enemies. "This is ALL Yamazaki's fault. I was fine living here without having to know who lived on my floor. And he has to go and bring up his friend, who, by the way, is the most impolite, arrogant and indecorous man I've ever met." She breathed in deeply and sat down in her chair by the window.

"I wouldn't call him indecorous," Tomoyo said lightly. "Why, Rika and Naoko thought he was quite the charmer." Sakura rolled her eyes.

"Just because he calls your cooking "superb" or your artwork "simply magnificent" does not make a man charming! Not to mention, he already has a girlfriend!" Sakura yelled, waving her hands in the air. Something akin to disappointment flitted across Tomoyo's eyes.

"He does?" Sakura nodded vigorously. She explained about that morning, how she'd definitely heard a woman in the apartment across the hall. Tomoyo sighed, as there was a loud rap on the door. Sakura looked at her friend in surprise, and made her way slowly, opening the door just a bit to take a peek.

"Let me in!" Syaoran moaned from outside. Sakura glared at him.

"And why should I?"

"Because your extremely handsome neighbor has lost his key and he really needs to use the bathroom." Sakura giggled, opening the door, just wide enough for him to enter. Syaoran ran into her apartment and found the washroom without any trouble. Tomoyo was laughing. Even Sakura cracked an amused smile. After a few minutes, he walked out, seeming to realize that Sakura wasn't alone.

"Did you call the landlady?" Sakura asked. Syaoran sighed, running a hand through his hair, messing it up even more.

"Yep. She told me to suck it up until around 9 tonight. She's out with her family or whatever." Sakura giggled again.

"That's Natsuki-san for you. Always a peach." She said. Syaoran scowled.

"Yeah, all two-hundred pounds of her." He muttered angrily. Sakura giggled harder.

"You'll never get anywhere with that disrespectful attitude Li." Sakura managed to say. Syaoran huffed and sat down on the couch beside Sakura. The green-eyed girl rolled her eyes.

"Yes, Li, you can stay here until Natsuki-san gets you a new key," She said, in a bemused tone. "Thanks for asking." Syaoran looked at her and gave her a wide grin.

"Thanks Kinomoto!" Tomoyo started laughing, which caught Syaoran's attention. He looked at the longhaired girl past Sakura and raised his eyebrows.

"Daidouji…right?" He asked. When Tomoyo nodded, his face broke into a wolfish grin. "Pardon me for not noticing this during our previous encounter, but you are really beautiful."

Tomoyo let out a giggle that was most unlike her. Sakura pretended to gag on the couch. Syaoran looked at her, his eyebrows still raised.

"Jealous Kinomoto? Seriously though, jealousy at your level is not healthy," Although he sounded serious, his eyes were full of mirth. Sakura scowled, unable to believe the nerve of the guy. "You can't be possessive of someone you've just met you know?" he continued. "Not to mention, I have spoken only truth. Your friend really is hot—" Tomoyo giggled again. "You'd never find a man with that attitude."

Sakura growled, counting to ten in her head. Thinking up ways to brutally castrate the man sitting next to her made pain slightly easier.

"I don't want to 'find a man' who thinks with his penis and not his brain." Sakura muttered. Her comment did not diminish Syaoran's smirk.

"Guys like that don't go for girls like you." He told her lightly. Tomoyo coughed and the two looked around at her.

"I think this is where you let Li-san know that you have a boyfriend, yes?" She added, in the same quiet voice. Sakura smiled, a faint blush forming on her cheeks.

"Please, just call me Syaoran—Wait you have a boyfriend?" Sakura nodded quietly, getting up off the couch and reaching into the cabinets to pull out a pack of instant noodles. Syaoran was running a hand through his hair, evidently surprised. "Man, he must be some guy, for going for a girl that looks like she's twelve."

Syaoran didn't notice Sakura crush the instant noodle pack in half.

"Pedophilic tendencies, I think…"

"Get out."

Syaoran blanched.

"Eh?" Sakura whipped around, her eyes dark with anger. Tomoyo looked at her friend and then at the chestnut haired boy sprawled on the couch.

"Out. Now. Get the hell out of my house." Sakura continued, in the same quiet voice.

"What? What did I do? If this is about calling your boyfriend a pedo…" Tomoyo looked at Sakura again, this didn't look too good.

"I think you better leave." Tomoyo told Syaoran. He slowly got up off the couch and made his way to the door. Without saying a word, he left, shutting the door behind him. Tomoyo eyed Sakura, who had her back to her. She knew of her best friend's hotheaded temper. Sakura screamed loudly and threw the unopened noodle back against the wall. It rammed into her kitchen window, the plastic ripping and spilling the contents.

"I HATE HIM." She yelled to nobody in particular.

Three hours later, Sakura yawned on her couch. She had finished watching the latest recorded episodes of her favorite drama on TV and it was nearing her dinnertime. Her stomach growled in encouraging response to her thoughts. Sighing to herself, she realized there was nothing in the house to eat. She had destroyed her last noodle pack in a fit of anger.

Swallowing guiltily to herself, she pushed herself to stand up and look around her messy living room. She felt bad now, treating Syaoran the way she had. He was just an annoying moron. She didn't need to take everything he said so personally. Nodding to herself, and promising to apologize the next time she saw him, Sakura made her way into her bedroom. Taking off the cotton shorts she had been wearing, she pulled on her favorite sweats that had TOKYO U written in bright red on the side. Sliding on a cream sweater and rolling her hair up in a bun, she grabbed her purse and decided to go grab some takeout from across the street. Slamming her feet into her beat-up Nike sneakers, she whistled a random tune as she locked her front door.

Turning around, she was met with an unfamiliar sight. Syaoran was leaning against his door, fast asleep. It seemed the landlady wasn't back yet and he was still locked out. He looked oddly peaceful. Sakura stared openly. Now that the hideous smirk was wiped off his face, he was actually quite good-looking. He had long eyelashes that created shadows on his elegant cheekbones. Her artistic instinct kicked in, and she itched to grab her sketchbook and put his features onto paper. Clearing her throat, she walked over the sleeping boy and lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

He jerked awake at her first touch and looked around, until he was looking right at Sakura. Blinking slightly, it took him a while to assess the situation.

"What?" Sakura shrugged.

"Hungry? I'm getting Chinese. You wanna come with?" she asked jovially. He raised his eyebrows.

"My wallet's inside." He muttered. Sakura laughed slightly.

"My treat. Let's go," She nudged his shoulder with her knee and he got up slowly. "How did you get locked out in the first place?" Syaoran scowled.

"I came back from the university and put my bag inside. Then I was hungry, so I went to get some food from the store to make dinner. By the time I reached the grocery, I realized I didn't have my wallet or my keys on me," The tips of his ears turned red in humiliation. Sakura laughed again as they exited the building together. "Listen," he added. She looked at him. "I'm…sorry about before. I shouldn't have." She waved a hand in his direction.

"Don't worry. I tend to take things way too seriously. My brother says I have anger-management issues, and maybe I do. I went too far. Sorry. We're cool yeah?"

"Yeah." He murmured, looking away. The night had fallen and the street and it was lit up. The air was cooler now that it was dark. He was glad for his hoodie. He looked at the girl next to him through the corner of his eye. She was significantly shorter than him, but a bounce to her step left an impression on those that passed her.

"So Li," she said, making him look away at once. "Where are you from?" He was surprised. No one had really asked him.

"Karuizawa," he said, after a pause. She looked surprised. He had been expecting that. "I was born in Kyoto, but we moved to Nagano soon after, so I barely remember it." She nodded in understanding, not wanting to pry.

"I've lived in Mikurajima. My family lives there," she told him, even though he never asked.

"That's a big jump. Village to a major city?" he asked, despite himself. She nodded, a smile on her face.

"I always wanted to come to Tokyo, but my father doesn't like it here. My brother is somewhere in Kyoto now. He rarely visits, I see him once a year," she said. "It was a surprise I got into the University here. The schools back home didn't have very many kids." Syaoran wondered how small Mikurajima really was.

They had reached the place. Entering, Sakura ordered various foods while Syaoran stood back and watched. The people there seemed to know her well, greeting her with kindness. After ordering, Sakura dragged Syaoran to the waiting area and the two sat down, waiting for their order.

"I'm surprised you know of my hometown. Not many have even heard of it." He smirked slightly.

"My father drilled Japan's geography into my brain until I was seven." He said, chuckling. Sakura watched him. His face had turned bitter suddenly. She decided not to intrude.

"Why didn't you call Yamazaki for dinner?"

"Out with Mihara."

"Any other friends?"

"Not really," Sakura stared. He looked like he could make friends easily enough. He didn't really strike much as a loner to her. "I get along better with women." His answer was simple, honest.

"Ehh… so you're a ladies man?" Sakura had a big teasing grin on her face.

"You can say that."

Twenty minutes later, Sakura and Syaoran exited the restaurant and made their way back home. Sakura had a large paper bag in her hand. They hadn't talked much. Sakura realized Syaoran was a quiet guy.

'Or he just doesn't find me attractive enough to hit on me.' She thought idly. Shaking her head slightly and running to catch up with the man walking ahead of her, she thought of her boyfriend, Ryu. 'I have to call him' she thought. Walking up the stairs to her apartment (the elevator was down and was never going to be fixed… probably) She pulled out her keys and opened her door. Syaoran followed her in and sat down expectantly on her couch.

Pulling out a couple of plates and cups she handed one to him and dumped noodles and rice on his plate. Planting herself on the carpet she shoved a large wad of noodles into her mouth. Sakura noticed that he was eating with surprising manners. Sakura almost felt embarrassed, but he didn't seem to notice.

Syaoran watched as the girl next to him ate with an unanticipated speed. She had had three helpings when he had barely finished one. He wanted to laugh, but thought better of it. It was a lot warmer in here than outside in the hallway.

The phone started ringing. It was coming out of Sakura's purse. Jumping up and grabbing it, and pulling a blue cell phone out, she flipped it open and put it to her ear.

"Hello? Ryu? Yeah I was just about to call you. Me? I'm eating dinner right now. No, I got takeout from Chang's. Yeah. I know. Don't pester me," Slowly getting up and putting her dishes in the sink and washing her hands, Sakura began pacing up and down. "Now? It's late…maybe tomorrow morning before school? Yeah I have loads to tell you too! Mm-hmm, sure, will do! I'll meet you at the café tomorrow at 9 then? Get me the usual? Thanks, you're a doll. Love you too! Bye!" Flipping her phone back shut she looked at the chestnut haired boy sitting comfortably on the couch. He stared right back at her, and Sakura sighed. She knew he was trying to be polite, and not pull anything that might insult her. Although she approved of this improvement, it did feel a little eerie.

"Is Natsuki-san back?" she wondered out loud. Syaoran shrugged.

"She wasn't when I checked." He muttered. Sighing once again, Sakura trudged up to her refrigerator and opened it.

"You want some cake?" She asked, head still stuck in her fridge. Syaoran mumbled affirmative and she pulled out a plate with half a cake on it.

"Tomoyo helped me bake it yesterday," she told him. "It's chocolate, I hope you don't mind." Syaoran shook his head, conveniently avoiding telling her that he actually liked chocolate. His strict upbringing had allowed only a few indulgences, and he had permitted himself the pleasure of chocolate. He gratefully took the large slice Sakura passed him and took a bite. It was delicious.

"This is good." He told her appreciatively. She smiled up at him and took a bite herself. Her slice was relatively smaller than his. She watched him looked at her plate.

"I'm not much of a sweet-tooth. I like spicy things." She explained. He nodded, wondering how one could possibly dislike sweet food. The phone started ringing again, and it made Sakura leave her comfortable spot on the floor to reach for it. Flipping it open, she spoke through a mouthful of cake.

"You have issues Ryu! It's been one day. I had three midterms and a very important presentation, and ergo, did not have time to see you," swallowing the cake, she sighed. "Sorry, I'm just tired. I promise, I will see you tomorrow. Alright? Mm-Hmm. Bye." Shutting off her phone, she turned to him.

"Sorry that you get to hear me spaz so much." She told him sheepishly. He shrugged and got up to put his plate in the sink.

"Don't worry about it, its kind of great that you can yell at someone like that," when she looked confused, he hesitated to explain. "I was never allowed to raise my voice at people as a kid. No matter how much I wanted to just scream at those who were bothering me, I just couldn't. It led to a build-up of anger and frustration and I eventually cracked," She still looked confused and it made Syaoran smile. "Forget it, I was just thinking out loud." She blinked, and Syaoran noticed her bright green eyes. Frowning to himself he wondered how someone's eyes could be so green. It was highly unusual, considering they lived in Japan. Sakura didn't seem to notice that she was being stared at. Syaoran felt hot all of a sudden.

"I better go see if Natsuki is back," he muttered, breaking all eye contact. Sakura shrugged and got up and brushed cake crumbs off her pants. It wasn't really that late and she still had to study for yet more exams. Syaoran trudged to the door, and opened it. Nodding to Sakura he muttered a quick thank-you and exited the apartment.

Sakura looked around her room and sighed. Walking into her bedroom and turning on the table lamp on her table she got her bag and slammed it onto her already messy desk. Pulling out two large textbooks that contained very complicated equations and began to pour over it. Flipping through the pages and scowling to herself, she realized just how much she hated Math.

"This is what I get for choosing the hardest branch of Science…" she muttered to herself, pulling out her notes and reading them over. Hours passed by just like that, and before Sakura knew it, she was fast asleep at her desk, on top of her textbooks.

Sakura had in fact, been asleep for around 4 hours, but it seemed like only about 30 minutes when she was immediately woken up by a shrill ringing. Looking around groggily, she turned off her table lamp before the reality finally sunk it. The fire alarm was ringing, and not only in her house, but throughout the building. Getting up and knocking over her textbooks she rushed out of her apartment and ran down the stairs and out the main doors and into the cool street. Several people were already arriving, just like her. She looked around, Syaoran was nowhere in sight.

The fire-truck was arriving and men were descending in a rush. It was all a blur to Sakura, who was still half-asleep. She stood there, in her day-clothes (she hadn't even remembered to change!) rubbing her arms to keep herself warm. What happened? Where was the fire?

A light tap on the shoulder shook her out of her reverie. In fact, it terrified the living daylight out of her.

"ARRRHHHHHHHH!" She yelled, covering her ears and jumping on one foot.

"What the actual fuck." Came a familiar voice. She blinked and turned around, only to see Syaoran wearing a gray shirt and black basketball shorts. His hair was wet, as if he'd taken a shower and his feet were shoved into lime green flip-flops. She looked him up and down before lowering her hands.

"You scared me!"

"You scared me! What are you, 12?" Sakura shivered as a breeze overtook them. Syaoran seemed fine, despite the wet hair and shorts.

"Sorry. Do you know what happened?" she asked, trying to stop her teeth from chattering. "And do you take showers in the middle of the night?" He grinned at her, flashing his even teeth.

"As far as I was told, Mrs. Chu on the first floor was cooking an early breakfast and it ended up in a disaster," He looked at her, and his grin widened. "Remind me to never eat at her house, He looked at the fire truck raising up their ladder to the first floor of the building. "And it's not 'middle of the night', it's 5 am." Sakura blinked.

"You wake up at 5 am?" she asked, incredulous. He nodded slightly.

"And then I go for a walk." Sakura shook her head, muttering under her breath about crazy insomniacs. The cold was back. It chilled her to the bone and made fine goose bumps rise up on her skin. She suddenly felt an arm around her, the cold vanishing in an instant. Looking into Syaoran's dark brown eyes and feeling the warmth radiating off his skin, Sakura couldn't believe that this same man had bothered her not too long ago.

"Why are you being so nice?" she muttered.

"I'm always nice. Especially to anybody freezing his or her butt off."

"No you're not. You're a moron." Syaoran chuckled at her words and Sakura could feel his skin vibrate.

"Only to other morons." This earned him a smack on the shoulder, but he felt Sakura closing in on him and he held her tightly.

"I can't believe I woke up at 5 am today!" Sakura said. She was sitting in a café, across from her boyfriend, Ryu. A large cup of coffee twirled in her hand and she stared at her boyfriend of 6 months. Ryu was a law student, with a natural love for photography. He grinned easily at her, his shaggy dark hair making his dark eyes stand out even more.

"Well you're up early for once!" he said, only earning a smack from the girl sitting across from him, in retaliation. Laughing lightly at her, he took a quick look at his watch and got up.

"Do you need a ride to the university?" he asked, with a knowing smile on his face. Sakura smiled back and squeezed his hand.

"Please and thank you."

Sakura stepped out of Ryu's car after giving him a quick peck on the cheek. Swinging her bag over her shoulder, she waved at the car until it drove away. Turning around, she ran straight into a hard chest.

She muttered an 'owww' at the same time when she heard a snide voice.

"You're so small, you're out of my line of sight" She looked up to see Syaoran standing over her. Scowling and pushing past him, she made her way towards the main doors. Syaoran did not take the hint and followed her inside. "So was that your boyfriend?" he asked, jogging to keep up with her quick pace. When she didn't reply, he grinned. "He's pretty cute. You should be proud." When she stopped abruptly, it was only Syaoran's martial arts training that made him not run into her.

"Do you have latent homosexual feelings toward my boyfriend Li?" she asked through gritted teeth. Syaoran kept his easy smile on his face.

"Why do you ask? You don't feel threatened do you?" When she continued walking, he continued to follow her.

"What do you want?" she hissed. He stopped, making her stop too.

"Natsuki gave me a spare key last night," he said, a little sheepishly. "She told me to keep it somewhere safe, so we don't repeat last night's…uh… incident," The corners of Sakura's mouth twitched. Syaoran dug his hand into the pockets of his faded jeans and pulled out a tiny key. "I want you to keep it."

Sakura blinked. That was unexpected.


"Because you're the only person I know that lives remotely near me? You're my neighbor so it's highly convenient. And, I also want to give it to you… in thanks for last night." Smiling faintly and walking up to the tall boy, Sakura snatched the key from his hand and looked up at him. Syaoran did not fail to notice once again how green her eyes were.

"You're not half as bad as I thought you were Li." She said, maintaining eye contact. His smile faded and he ran a hand through his messy brown hair.

"Please, call me Syaoran." He muttered, looking at anywhere but her.

Sakura's smile only widened.

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