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Fragments of Our Friendship


"Aomine-kun, please sing properly. You're giving me a headache."

The power forward paused in the middle of the song, giving Kuroko a puzzled look, but the teal haired boy knew that he wasn't as innocent as he looked. Kuroko exhaled in relief and rubbed his ears as if he had just listened to an hour of continues fingernails scraping against a chalkboard instead of a minute of Aomine singing. "You're doing that on purpose, I know you can sing better." I know you want to ruin my hearing was left unsaid.

"Shut up, Tetsu! The fans love it! Have you seen the reaction to my Seishun Tip-off?" Aomine scoffed, and adjusted the sheet music on lying on Kuroko's bed so that he could see it more clearly from his position on the carpet, arms draped on the mattress. "They love me! Especially the girls from America!"

"Really, now?" Kuroko deadpanned, eyes scanning his own music sheets for the duet that he and Aomine were supposed to do together. "Would you like me to ask if Kagami-kun would introduce you to some of them?"

"...hell no!"

The wan boy didn't look affected, and he shuffled through the papers, pretending not to notice the hesitation Aomine had shown. "Get serious, Aomine-kun, the CD's due to be out in a few weeks. The studio will be mad if we don't get it done, and then you'll owe me a lot of vanilla milkshakes for getting me in trouble."

Aomine grumbled, and he rested his head on the blanket, face hidden by the fabric. The two had spent the morning practicing together at Kuroko's house, harmonizing and getting the tune perfect, learning to become one just as they had years ago on the basketball court as light and shadow. "You just want me to buy you milkshakes," his words were muffled, but it was still loud enough for Kuroko to hear, and thus he was reward with a jab to the area beneath his rib cage. He jolted from his lazing position, and glared at the stoic faced boy, who was staring at him nonchalantly. "Stop doing that! I swear, the one day I end up in the emergency room it will be because of you."

"I'll stop if you take this seriously," Kuroko said in monotone, and then informed him, "Kise-kun and Takao-kun were very amused by your Seishun Tip-off, by the way. You're so tone deaf that you're a natural at killing off perfectly good songs. Honestly, Aomine-kun, I have no idea how you even pulled off 'Netsu no Kakera'."

Aomine narrowed his eyes, and snatched the papers from the bed. "What does that mean?" Kise and Takao were different, they were idiots, so their opinions didn't matter to him. But for Kuroko to think so lowly of him? He had been fooling around, for goodness sake!

"You know what it means. But it actually sounded decent," Kuroko bluntly concluded. "So let's practice one more time. We're recording after tomorrow―"

"Wait! Are you saying that I can't sing?" Aomine asked disbelievingly, and the shorter boy had to roll his eyes. "Because I can so sing! Better than that idiot blond anyways!"

Kuroko sighed. "Shut up, Aomine-kun. Let's just get on with this already, I still have to go shoot for season two after this. And please do not interrupt people in the middle of their sentences, it's very rude."

"You're the one who told me to shut up!" Aomine threw his arms up in exasperation, completely ignorant of the fact that he had also said "shut up" just a few minutes ago. It was true that Kuroko was very busy nowadays, finishing up the for the first episode of Kuroko no Basuke's season two, and since he was the main character, he didn't get many breaks. Although they were about to graduate from high school soon, all the two talked to each other about these days were things to do with the show, whether it was song recording or filming.

It was a dramatic change from the end of middle school, when they either behaved like complete strangers towards each other or rivals, sometimes even enemies. Well, at least, that was before life happened and even bratty Akashi got proven wrong more than once ― actually, more than a few times, which probably didn't end well for the Rakuzan team, knowing the redhead's pleasant surprises of torturous training regimes.

Aomine had to admit, watching the show and watching the way the each of the 'Generation of Miracles' had changed, grown up, it was neat. Studying his past actions and words through the show, both encouraging ones and hurtful ones alike, he could only imagine the loneliness he must have made his 'shadow' feel back then. Though it had dramatized some events quite a bit (mostly the matches), the show had gotten the point across and left Aomine feeling guilty the way he should have been back in the first year of high school, instead of the narcissistic butt that he had been. Now he owed it to Kagami for being there for light blue haired boy when he wasn't.

Maybe he should have listened to Momoi's insistent blabbering, but it was too late now, anyways. Or maybe he should have paid more attention to Kuroko in their last year in Teikou, and then the teal haired boy wouldn't have been so hurt. He had known something was wrong, but he was too caught up in his own selfish rants about how boring basketball had become.

Though, another possibility was that it had been inevitable for them to all fall apart, that it had been just waiting to happen. After all, Teikou's regulars had been too talented, and therefore arrogant, for their own good at that time, so maybe it was all for the better when they went down their own separate paths, off to different high schools. Part of him was glad for the way that thing had gone, for the way that everyone had turned out after three years.

Seeing Kise's admiration for that shorty captain of his at Kaijou, the horoscope freak and Takao's weird friend-slave relationship, Murasakibara and Bakagami's childhood friend's interactions, Aomine felt a little nostalgic for his own team from two years ago. Even four-eyes Imayoshi he missed playing with, though now he was in university in Kyoto, and was someone the dark skinned boy saw only a few times a year on the set when the ex-Touou team was filming. Likewise with everyone else's senpai's who were busy with studying in a far off city.

At least he still had Sakurai's bento boxes to steal out of, but by the time summer came around, it would mark the end of that as well, after Aomine had been offered a scholarship in America for his basketball skills. He had accepted, of course, but as much as he didn't want to admit it, he would miss everyone.

"Hey, Tetsu?" Aomine inquired, realizing that the room had fell quiet after his outburst, his mind still swimming with the past. "Are you going to keep playing basketball when we get out of high school?"

Azure eyes met sea blue ones, and Kuroko blinked owlishly. "Of course. How about Aomine-kun?"

The former Touou ace set down the music he had been fiddling with onto the carpet, and nodded. Kuroko gave a genuine smile that got as wide as it had ever gotten ever since they had met, taking Aomine's breath away for a brief second. For some reason, he thought of the lyrics in their duet, and it amazed him how fitting it was for their relationship, both back then and now.

"Does that mean you'll still like basketball, or does it mean that you'll just keep playing?" The pale boy questioned further, and Aomine wondered if it was because Kuroko was afraid of him losing his passion for the sport again. The thought didn't sit well with him, and he shifted into a more comfortable position before letting out a quiet chuckle.

"Do you even need to ask?"

Kuroko's dazzling grin grew even more noticeable, if that was even possible at this point. "No, but I just wanted to hear it."

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