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Fragments of Our Friendship


Whenever Kuroko passed to Aomine, it was a fast blur of feelings. He would watch as the other did a lay-up like he'd been doing it from birth, and then jog back to line up for the three man weave again. Routines, routines. He moved through drill after drill without thinking anything, and only felt.

He felt like he was leaving a mark in Teikou's history, something to be remembered by after he was gone ― the phantom sixth man.

The first string would separate into different courts to practice one-on-one, two-on-one, three-on-two. Aomine was always the first to step up out of the regulars, and Kise would excitedly hop onto the court as someone threw the ball against the backboard for one of them to rebound. The teal haired boy would take a swig out of his water bottle as Midorima stepped on after Aomine's showy dunk, and he would notice Kise's focused expression as he ran back down the court, the whole drill getting screwed up as the blond forgets who was supposed to be on offense with the shooting guard.

There was no more trouble with Haizaki, whether it was harassing a fellow teammate or just not showing up for practice. Kuroko could only speculate about the passage of time and its wonders as he joined the drill with Murasakibara to complete the three-on-two formation.

Near the end of practice, Akashi would stop all the players to assign them into teams for scrimmaging. Kuroko always got placed with Aomine, and then Aomine would always place him in a headlock, ruffling his pale locks of hair.

He felt that feeling of a team, of being able to contribute. It gave him a light feeling in his chest, the sort that could probably lift him right up and he could be walking on air for all he knew. The burning of his lungs was satisfying, the exertion no longer nausea-inducing. He looked forward to staying extra minutes after official practice to play with Aomine a bit more, and the walk home with melting ice cream.

He pondered over what it would have been like if he had never met Aomine Daiki.

The regulars played together, pushing each other harder and harder to get stronger, better. Kuroko liked watching the way his light's face lit up with each new challenge, if Kise was to jump in front of him or if he had to run around a screen.

His eyes would slide over to where Akashi stood with Momoi, the latter with a clipboard in hand. He wondered what it would have been like if it had still been Nijimura standing there, not the second-year who had to take on the responsibility of captain before his time. He wonders if it would have changed what had happened, if it had been a captain with someone by his side, because managing Teikou's basketball club is hard enough with a coach who only valued victory, add onto that the players had come to be known as the Generation of Miracles. Players who had become too genius for their age group, and the boredom with all that came with it. Boredom that drove them to skip practices, to depend on themselves, until that victory didn't even matter anymore in a school where winning is everything.

Kuroko glances at Teikou's empty grounds, his vision being shrouded by fluttering cherry blossom petals, the epitome of something ending. His hand feels empty without the slip of paper that he has been fiddling with for the past week, and he breathes one quiet exhale before turning to head home.

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