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Fragments Of Our Friendship


Kuroko sees his figure by the curb, but Aomine hasn't spotted him yet, so he takes some time to adjust the strap of his bag, breathing deeply to calm his buzzing nerves before stepping out into the pool of orange created by the streetlights. Like he expected, Aomine immediately notices him, senses honed by their time together in middle school, and scowls as Kuroko nears.

Aomine's eyes travel from his pants up to his warm-up jacket, getting more and more disgruntled. Kuroko guesses that it may have something to do with the fact that it clearly reads 'Seirin' on the fabric.

He waits for the other to speak first as his gaze finally lands on his face and meets his eyes.

"Why'd you call me out so suddenly, Tetsu?" Kuroko keeps a blank demeanor as Aomine narrows his eyes.

Obviously because I'm trying to confess to you here, you idiot. Let's get married. "Where's Momoi-san?" he asks instead, because sardonic comments might not help in this situation.

"Huh?" Aomine looks a bit disoriented, but Kuroko doesn't provide any explanations and simply waits for the gears of his brain to start spinning. "Oh! Yeah, I thought she'd be annoying so I just left her…"

A pause.

"Wait, no, how'd you know we were together?" No, Aomine-kun, I'm not a stalker.

"She texted me," Kuroko squints at the streetlight a little as he tries to remember what it was that she had written in the message. "'Dai-chan's taking me out, I'm getting ready right now' is what she said."

"I didn't invite her! What's that idiot saying?!" Aomine protests, and Kuroko sighs. Maybe they should get back on topic before they set up the wrong type of atmosphere.

"I'll get straight to the point here, Aomine-kun," Kuroko says, and he sees that Aomine's trying to resist the urge to continue badmouthing Momoi. "Please teach me how to shoot."

"…why should I?" Aomine's voice is dripping with fake spite, and makes Kuroko wonder if their middle school team fell apart so horribly only because everyone sucked at communication and liked to keep problems to themselves.

Kuroko pauses to think, racking his mind, and zips open his bag to pull out his cell phone. "Because I have the picture."


He flips through the photos, all the while being stared at suspiciously, and when he reaches the one he's been looking for ―the one where Aomine is standing in the rain with a really pained expression, in which he should have maybe visited a therapist or at least someone for consultation― he turns the screen towards Aomine. It's amusing to observe as his glower slowly dissipates, receding to reveal a horrified expression.

Kuroko pulls the phone away from Aomine as he tries to grab the device. "The fuck, Tetsu! Give me that!"

"Not unless Aomine-kun teaches me how to shoot."

"Who the hell did you learn this blackmailing from?!" 'And why the hell would you take a picture of me at a time like that' is left unsaid. Aomine makes another vain attempt to snatch the phone away, and Kuroko shoves it into his pant pocket, giving Aomine a pointed look.

"I have more pictures," he deadpans. "Aomine-kun, I know you need to keep your image of a douchebag up, so let's try this again."

"Did you just call me a douche?"

"I'll get straight to the point here, Aomine-kun," Kuroko repeats, pretending not to hear Aomine's remark. "Please teach me how to shoot."

"No, no, no. Wait a minute, at least give me time to recompose myself you little―" Aomine groans loudly, rubbing at his eye with the heel of his hand. Kuroko raises an eyebrow, and watches Aomine's entire thinking process flash by in the form of facial expressions as he ponders over whether to comply or not. After thirty seconds or so, Aomine throws his hands up into the air in frustration and glares at Kuroko. "Ahh! Whatever, ok, just delete that picture and I'll teach you."

Kuroko takes out the phone again, showing Aomine as he presses delete, and hears the distinct whoosh of air as the other exhales in relief. Aomine turns, and leads him into the fenced outdoor court as Kuroko puts the phone away.

It's quiet for a moment, with no cars passing and no pedestrians nearby.

"Say, Tetsu, how did you know if I'd really teach you?" Aomine shoots him a glance over his shoulder.

Kuroko blinks. "Aomine-kun didn't look away."

Aomine stops walking, head lifting so that he's looking at the night sky. Kuroko follows his movement and glances up as well. The city lights wash out the stars, and leaves an unnatural, eerie glow. He wonders if Aomine is recalling that time in middle school, the time that he and Kuroko and Momoi walked home together, and the time that he had first noticed something off about Aomine.

"Yeah," he says. Kuroko shifts his feet to shuffle over to Aomine. "I owe you one, Tetsu."

Aomine turns his head to look at Kuroko, who's now beside him, and has an almost serene expression on his face. Oh, no, the nostalgic Pure!mine memories. Kuroko jabs his hand into his side, and Aomine yelps as he hops away with a renewed look of hatred and revenge.

"Aomine-kun, I think you're better off as a douche," Kuroko smiles a little as profanity begins to spill out of Aomine's mouth like there's no tomorrow.

After all, he thinks, the present is what really matters

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