Hi :D This is my first Professor Layton fanfic and I hope you injoy. WARNING Big spoilers for Professor Layton unwound/lost future. With that being said let the story begin. ( Story is told in Luke's POV...for now)

I tossed and turned in my bed unable to fall asleep. I looked outside the window, it must have been around midnight. I held my brown teddy tighter as I tried to fall asleep, which didn't work. It was a hot summer night so it didn't help when I tried to cuddle my blankets.

I herd a soft knock on my door followed by a creak which told me someone was entering my room. I glanced to the side and was able to make out the tall figure of the Professor in the darkness. He still had his top hat on which didn't surprise me, What did surprise me was that he wasn't wearing his jacket. He still had his orange shirt on but the sleeve's were rolled up. Other than that he had the rest of his usual attire.

I think he thought that I was asleep because he looked as if he was about to shake me awake. But before he did my voice broke the night's silence.

"I'm awake Professah." I could almost see his soft smile

"That's good I was afraid to wake you." I sat up a bit in my bed before yawning slightly.

"What do you need Professah?"I asked him. He seemed to take a bit before speaking

"I would like it if you could join me and Flora down stairs in the dining room to talk about a few...things." he seemed a bit nervous which was odd for the Professor.

I nodded and before he left my room he spoke once more.

"Oh and Luke" I turned my head towards him "Yes Professah?" "Don't worry about getting changed it is late and even a true gentleman needs his rest."

I knew the Professor was only being polite so I wouldn't have to change into my "Gentleman attire" but I still responded politely.

"Okay Professah." As he left my room I walked over to my dresser and picked up my hat. I put it on my head before checking myself in my mirror I was wearing my blue and white striped PJ top and the matching pants to go with. I guess this would be okay since I'm only talking to the Professor and Flora.

As I walked into the dining room which was lit dimly by a candle I saw Professor and Flora. I was about to walk up to them and take a seat when I noticed a tall figure sitting next to the Professor and Flora. I hid myself out of they're view and tried to listen to their conversation but I could only hear the muffled voices of Flora and the Professor

"Why it's...nice to see you again." Came the soft and shy Voice of Flora...She seemed nervous."I must say I'm also glad to see you again too."

That voice belonged to the Professor.

"Now Luke should be here soon and we can deepen our conversation.."

A few moments passed and there was nothing but dead silence "Where is Luke? I should go and check to make sure he didn't fall asleep-"

"Here I am Professah." I Said stepping into the dim light and cutting off the Professor at the same time. The Professor smiled and offered me tea which I accepted. I Stood near the chair were I was going to sit when the Professor started talking

"Luke I would like you to say hello to-" The Professor was once again cut of as the dark figure from before turned around in his chair flashing an evil grin at me before saying "Why hello Luke, it's been a long time hasn't it?" he then sipped his tea.

I knew that voice anywhere


I dropped my tea and the cup shattered into little pieces near my feet. The floor and my feet becoming wet with burning tea.