And of course, a lemon is the most common and most tart of all the citrus fruits. Lemon juice is acidic and thus, when combined with a metal that has electric potential, can produce electricity. That is, there's sparks inside every lemon, just waiting to come out.

Natsu snapped fully awake from his spot on Virgo's back, and clambered down her.

"Well, crap," Lucy muttered, staring at their nemesis who was still just a spot in the road. She grabbed Natsu and dragged him into the bushes, grateful that his early warning detector nose had allowed them to sense their prey before the prey saw them.

"I'm gonna really beat him up this time," Natsu said, snorting fire and looking vengeful.

"You're probably not at full magic capacity yet," Lucy said, shaking her head. "Although I'm almost full again." The professor did seem to be right about her magic refreshing more quickly than others, at least when she wasn't seriously injured. "We need a plan."

A thought was tapping against the inside of her head, trying to get her attention. She closed her eyes and focused on it, and suddenly remembered what Cana had told her – alcohol is a mild poison, and poisons can prevent sleep spells.

"Virgo," she said to her most resourceful spirit, "I need sake or beer or wine. Or better yet, whiskey."

"Is this really the time for a drink, princess?" Virgo asked calmly.

"This is absolutely the best time," Lucy said, narrowing her eyes at the pervy bandit who was approaching them ever more closely, whistling. What luck for them that he had decided to start robbing from Bristlecone at the same time they were here!

Virgo winked out to go find some stiff drinks from the celestial realm. In the meantime, Lucy summoned Gemini, and made a clone of herself.

A plan, a plan…

"I'm back, princess." Virgo held a tray with what appeared to be two perfectly prepared martinis on it. Lucy grimaced and grabbed one for herself, and quickly handed the other to Natsu.

"What's this…?"

"Drink up," Lucy said, and braced herself to take the bitter liquid in with one shot. She was surprised when instead of vermouth and gin, she found herself drinking what tasted like fruit punch. The green blob instead wasn't an olive, but a grape.

"It's a distilled wine from the Celestial Realm we call eaux-de-vie," Virgo explained. "It was the most potent thing I could find on such short notice."

"Good job!" Lucy regretted having to finish the tasty drink off so quickly, but she was glad that she hadn't been forced to do a whiskey shot.

Natsu, on the other hand, had a grimace on his face. "Waaaaay too sweet," he complained.

"Chug it like a man!"

She could feel the alcohol in her system – she was much more of a lightweight than Cana – but the few ounces of the precious liquid were just enough to make her more alert and aware.

"Okay. Virgo, Gemini – I need you two to head down the road. "Pervy bandit will recognize you – me – and probably try to subdue you and do…" she shuddered, "things to you. In the meantime, Natsu and I will come from behind while you distract him." She looked sternly at her partner, who was enrapt in her explanation. "This time, I want you to knock him out cold, Natsu."

He gave a terse nod, and she could tell he was one more battle cry away from his signature "all fired up!" line.

"He's going to try to charm you," she warned her avatars. "I'll force your gates closed if he succeeds. But," and here Lucy took a deep breath, "I believe in you and I think that this time my avatars will be immune to puppetry spells!"

Sometimes that fight on Galuna Island with Taurus still rankled her. Strong Celestial Mages were supposed to have absolute control over their avatars. And yet she had lost control of Taurus instantly.

"You can count on us!" Gemini-Lucy said cheerfully.

The two avatars stepped onto the road, trying to look as though they were just another rich girl and her maid out for a stroll. The pervy bandit was rapidly approaching, but after he spotted Virgo and Gemini, he gave no indication that he recognized "Lucy."

"Good afternoon," Virgo said to him politely once he was in an appropriate distance.

"Gemini, act cautious. This is the guy that took possession of your body not two days ago," Lucy thought hard. The avatar could hear her thoughts when they shared a form.

"Shit," Gemini said, taking a few steps back. "It's you!" She pointed a shaky finger at their target.

"Princess, what is wrong?" Virgo said on cue.

"My my, what a coincidence to bump into such lovely ladies on the road. We meet again, my pretty blonde one."

The real Lucy and Natsu had circled around them in the woods, taking advantage of the noise of conversation to move undetected.

"This is the guy that made me kiss Natsu! How gross!" Gemini said, trying to sound as disgusted and horrified by the memory as she could.

"It wasn't that bad!" Lucy hissed aloud, knowing that Natsu could hear the whole conversation.

Natsu said nothing, but he gave a little smirk. No, it hadn't been bad at all.

Lucy's hormones suddenly remembered just how "not bad" it had been, and then all it took was a single glance at Natsu – his bare arm glinting with muscles in the afternoon sunlight – for her libido to kick back into overdrive again. Damn aphrodisiac!

They emerged back onto the road in time to see the pervy bandit trying to charm both Virgo and Gemini. The two avatars were resisting quite well – Lucy was proud to see that they were already that much stronger compared to where they had been just a few months ago.

"Ready?" she asked Natsu.

"Always," he said, and punched one flaming fist into the other palm.


They took off together, all pretense of silence gone as they built up the necessary momentum for their attacks.

The pervy mage turned around and blinked when he saw the second Lucy, along with Natsu this time. He raised his staff and started to cast a different spell.

"Slee-, "he managed to croak out, before he was cut short.

"Fire Dragon's Fist!"

"Lucy kick!"

Their simultaneous attack was too much for him, and he was knocked out flat.

Lucy dismissed Gemini after giving her doppelganger a high five. "Virgo?" she said aloud, panting as she caught her breath.

"Yes, princess?"

"Punish this guy."

Sometime late they resumed their trip back to the town proper. Taurus followed behind Lucy carrying a bound and gagged bandit – Virgo had taken a certain relish in ensuring that the outlaw would not be able to see, hear, or speak. In fact, he could barely breathe, probably, although she'd left his nose free against her better judgment. To put it bluntly, she'd trussed him like a turkey.

Virgo had also found the flask that contained the liquid he had splashed Lucy with, and Lucy was taking that for herself. She wanted to know what it really was, and surely there was a mage in this research town that could figure out what was actually in it. It didn't look like she was going to get the opportunity to ask the bandit directly any time soon.

They dropped the bandit's sorry ass off at the city police station, and collected a receipt for the bounty they'd missed out on a few days before. They'd get that from the city of Harjuan tomorrow.

"He's a wily one," Lucy warned. "Approach him with gas masks."

The booking officer raised an eyebrow, but nodded. They'd probably have to call in the Magic Council to deal with him anyway – the local police was only really equipped to deal with the civilian, non-magical population.

A grunt from the pervy bandit caught their attention, and three officers rushed in to gingerly remove the duct tape that had been placed over his mouth.

"Where the fuck am I?" he muttered after he was freed. "Stop pulling my arms so hard." It was Virgo's scarily practiced bondage that was pulling him, not the people, but he obviously had no memory of his capture.

"You're in the Bristlecone City Jail," the booking officer said sternly. "You're under arrest for theft, magical crimes against civilians, assault, battery, and resisting citizen's lawful arrest."

"Now you face justice!" Natsu crowed, standing proudly with his arms crossed. "All that stuff sounds really really bad. Cuz you're a bad guy!"

"Oh, whatever," the pervy mage said. Lucy could see him trying to find a capsule in his mouth, no doubt sleeping gas, but Virgo had also stoically searched the bandit for such things before they'd arrived. Which is why Lucy now held his mysterious flask.

"What did you splash me with the other day?" she asked him. "I'm the mage you attacked in Harjuan."

"Heh, blondie. What do you mean, splashed you? You mean the water I threw at your face? Just water, officer," the blindfolded man said easily. "The little girl is upset about some water."


She held up the flask, and unscrewed the top. She gave a sniff. It was odorless.

"Natsu, smell this," she said, and handed it to her partner.

The dragon slayer obliged and gave it a long, thoughtful sniff. Then another one. He made a face for a brief second, but then shook his head.

"Water. Pretty gross water, but just water."

Lucy could feel her face burning a bright crimson. She hadn't been splashed with an aphrodisiac?

All these hormones and feelings… they were just a product of her own imagination? Or worse, they were her own actual feelings for Natsu?!

"Natsu, let's go," she said suddenly, and grabbed his hand. "Thanks for the assist, officers!" She waved hurriedly goodbye to the police station crew, giving one final glare to the pervy bandit, and then high tailed it out of there, dragging Natsu behind her.

"Where are we going, Lucy?" Natsu asked.

"To the hotel," she said. "We have a lot to talk about."

By talk, Lucy meant that as soon as they'd checked into their hotel room, she was shoving Natsu toward the bed, no longer willing to hold back the tide of desire that had rocked her for the last few days.

It was still the bandit's fault that she felt this way, but only because of the kiss he'd caused her to share with Natsu. He'd intended to merely embarrass them – and he'd succeeded – but he'd also apparently shown Lucy that everything she'd ever wanted in a man was right beside her all along.


Natsu barely squeaked her name out before she was climbing on top of him, kissing him fiercely.

He was so hot and so hard and wonderful beneath her. Aphrodisiac or not, she wanted nothing more than to strip him down to bare skin and impale herself on him. Oh Mavis, just the thought of it was making her whimper and mewl.

She broke the kiss, gasping.

"Are you okay, Lucy?" he asked. Stupid oblivious dragon slayer.

"Shut up Natsu, I'm having my way with you now."

To drive this point home, she began to rapidly undo the buttons on his shirt. He watched her with a mixture of frank curiosity and rapt attention, as if what she was doing was the single most important thing that had happened to him in months. Maybe years.

She flung his shirt open, baring those washboard abs she loved so much to her eyes.

"Natsu," she hissed beneath clenched teeth, and ran her fingers up and down his stomach. "I can't help…. I want you," she tried to say, but she was completely overwhelmed by her desire.

"But you have me," he answered simply.

"I want to make love to you, Natsu," she explained, trying not to grow exasperated with his innocence.

"Okay," he said, and grinned at her. "I've always wanted to try that at least once."

How could someone be so damn clueless and so adorable at the same time? If she had things her way, they'd be doing it a lot more than just once.

She would need to prod him into action, it seemed. "Will you… take off my shirt now? We can take turns."

She slid off him, so that she was posed prettily beside him on the bed. He sat up and reached over to take off the tiny heart shaped shirt she always wore. Despite his cheerful bravado, his hands were shaking. He was nervous.

"Haven't you ever wanted to do this with someone before?" she asked him, genuinely wondering. "Like Lisanna?"

Natsu's hands stopped.

Lucy immediately regretted the question.

He was giving her a look that was unfathomable. It wasn't hurt or anger, but something else. He seemed to be really thinking hard about his answer. Lucy knew that Lisanna had been precious to him, but she'd never quite understood whether he'd gotten over his childhood sweetheart or not. Or, maybe it was as she'd suspected, and the relationship with Lisanna had been viewed not as a romantic one by Natsu, but simply as a strong friendship.

"Lisanna is very important to me," he started slowly, figuring out the words as he said them. "She is family, just like everyone in Fairy Tail. When I thought I'd lost her, I felt like I lost a sister." He shook his head. "But I've never wanted to…. do anything like this with her."

He seemed to notice that his hands were resting against her breasts, still clutching the fabric where he'd unlatched it.

"You're the first person I've wanted this way as well," Lucy admitted. She'd had plenty of crushes, and lots of failed dates, but Natsu was the only one who had made her blood sing and her lower bits quiver quite the way they were now.

That matter settled, Natsu resumed unfastening her shirt. She had one of her good bras on (women of a certain bust size always designate "good" bras versus the worn out ones where the underwire had snapped and been removed), and although it was nothing he hadn't seen before, Natsu stopped and stared at her chest.

And then he leaned forward and gave her another motorboat.

All the tension in the room dissolved as Lucy fell back onto the bed in a heap of giggles as Natsu buried his face in her bra, making the funny noises.

"Help me get this off," Lucy gasped, and tried to get the straps off her shoulders.

"Nuh-uh, I'm having too much fun right now," Natsu argued in between raspberries.

"For someone clueless about sex, you sure do like boobs," she muttered, exasperated.

"Oh, I love boobs," he affirmed, pausing in his motor boating. "But Igneel said that I wasn't supposed to touch them unless I got permission, or it was an emergency."

She thought back to when he covered her breasts during the Grand Magic Games – his expression had been so serious. Maybe he had considered it an emergency.

"Well, I'm giving you all the permission you need, and I want you get help me get this bra off."

Natsu reached around and grabbed the clasp. By some stroke of luck he managed to get it right (Cana was always complaining about men who didn't know how to take off bras) and her breasts fell free and heavy.

Natsu sighed blissfully, pushed her down onto the bed, and buried his face between them.

Lucy closed her eyes and enjoyed the attention he was giving her for a few moments, but she was feeling greedy and wanted more. She wanted to touch all of him, and have him touch all of her too.

Instinctively, she ground up against his hips, and felt his erection there, firm. Instantly, her blood sang in response. She felt things in her pelvis quiver in anticipation.

"Natsu," she moaned.

"Can I… see the rest of you?" he asked tentatively, breaking away from where he had been suckling her nipple.

"Please," she said, and reached down to try to wriggle out of her skirt. He helped her, and was about to dive back into her cleavage, but she held him back. "You too," she said, trying to sound firm and commanding, but somehow sounding strange and throaty instead.

For the first time during the last ten minutes, Natsu blushed. But he complied, and took off his pants and boxers so that they were both completely naked.

Lucy looked at him greedily. There were those tight abs she loved so much. Thick ropey muscles lined his arms and his legs, but his was a lean, toned physique – all working muscle, none for show. Natsu's physical strength was only rivaled by his magical powers.

"Since Igneel told you about breasts," she said softly, "did he tell you about… the other stuff?"

"A little," Natsu said, scratching his head and looking really uncomfortable. "I asked where babies came from and he told me, but also said I wouldn't have to worry about it until I was older."

Lucy reached out to touch one of his legs. "You're older now."

He smiled finally, giving her that giant grin that always took her breath away. "I guess I am!"

And now he wouldn't let her say another word, because he reached forward and kissed her solidly. It seems that he was finally getting used to the idea of sex.

He gave her a flurry of kisses along her jaw and her neck, and when his mouth reached her ear, she squealed and twisted beneath him.

"Huh, I didn't know ears could be so sensitive," he said. "I wonder if there are any other parts of you that do that!"

"Natsu- oh!"

It turns out that the back of her neck, the base of her spine, just above her hip bone, and behind her knees all turned her in to a quivering pile of jelly. Lucy felt helpless to do anything but accept his quest to find all the erogenous zones that worked on her, because each time he found a new one she'd end up twitching and moaning, unable to do anything except flail at him.

And of course, he found the most potent spot of them all after that, and for Lucy it was all over. Just a few flicks of his inexperienced tongue and she was gripping the sheets, gasping for breath and dealing with the fact that her blood had just been turned to liquid fire.

It wasn't her first orgasm, but it was the first one that had involved another human being and not just her overactive imagination in her dreams.

"You okay, Lucy?" he murmured huskily next to her ear.

It took her a few moments to choke out, "Yes."

He kissed her again, gently, cradling her as he mounted her. She snapped out of her daze just in time to cast a quick contraceptive spell, a handy thing that Cana had taught her one drunken and embarrassing evening. It wasn't fool proof, but then again the only fool proof method was not having sex at all, and it was getting a little too late to stop that now.

"You smell so good," he murmured. "I hope I'm doing this right."

Natsu, it seems, was running on little more than instinct at this point, but dragon slayers are pretty good at trusting their instincts. He was poking around, and Lucy would have giggled at the thought if she wasn't still drunk off her orgasm and eager for him to have his own.

Finally he seemed to find the right spot, and she was so slick that he entered without much resistance. Lucy still felt it – large and alien and male and a slight stinging that followed, but it wasn't nearly as bad as she'd heard and she was rather relieved about that.

"I'm so happy, Natsu," she said on a sigh, and he began to move in and out of her. No more words were necessarily.

They've had this potential for a long time, she thought dreamily as he made love to her. Unresolved sexual tension, they called it. They'd had it in spades. Well, it was finally getting resolved, and it felt wonderful.

This time Natsu finished, and she smiled gently and cradled him as he practically passed out on top of her, breathing heavily. A sweat drop trickled off his nose.

He looked at her, his eyes hooded and his mouth slack. Gone was the signature grin and the sparkle of adventure in his eyes. It was replaced with something cooler, more adult.

He disengaged wordlessly and rolled off, lying flat on his back next to her. She reached down and grabbed his hand, amazed at how such a simple contact could be stronger than the physical connection they'd shared just minutes before.

He spoke slowly after a while. Lucy could tell he had been thinking hard about what had happened between them.

"Now I kind of understand why Gray and Laxus and the other guys talk about doing this all the time," he said.

She sat up on one elbow so she could look at his face. "It is rather nice," she said, feeling that "nice" was such an inadequate word for everything she felt about Natsu.

Natsu just smiled at her, the grin on his face returning although not completely replacing the newfound maturity in his eyes.

"Yeah," he agreed. "That was nice."

The duo returned to Magnolia the next day after a brief trip to Harjuan, both looking significantly worse for the way. Much to Lucy's horror, she had learned that Natsu's own libido, now that it had been awakened, was nearly insatiable. He was ready to go again less than an hour later, something she'd heard was just… impossible for men. And he wanted to experiment and try all sorts of wacky positions he'd seen in magazines. He had no sense of privacy, either, which is why she'd found herself taken up against the wall in the bathroom on the train when it had stopped for a brief twenty minute layover at one station, then again in an alleyway in Harjuan. (Exhausting him sexually did seem to quell his travel nausea a little, so she didn't fight too much.)

They walked into the guild, slightly more flushed and sticky than she would have liked, and she was relieved that none of the other dragon slayers were around. They'd definitely be able to … smell their activities.

"Here you go, Kinana," Lucy said, slapping down the complete mission sheets on the bar. "Here's one for the record books. We finished two missions on this trip – our Harjuan thief as well as the work for the university. We got our guy and got our money, too!"

And got plenty busy, her mind added.

"That's great," Kinana said, giving them her usual gentle smile. She pulled out the "Completed" stamp, marked each of them, and set the mission broadsheets aside to be filed with the Magic Council later. "I'm sure Master Makarov and everyone else will be happy as well. The usual for you two?"

"Did I hear you finished the mission? Did you bring me a fish ~?" Happy said, swooping down from the rafters.

Natsu grabbed the paw of his friend in greeting, and then pulled out a package. "We sure did! Eat it fast cuz it came all the way from Harjuan, though."

"Hooray!" Happy said, and absconded with his favorite treat.

"Hmmm," Lucy said, her eyes wide as she watched Happy flit away. "I've got to remember that trick for whenever we want some alone time."

"So, what do you want to do now?" Natsu asked casually, grabbing the flame drink that Kinana had mixed for him. Lucy likewise grabbed her iced tea.

"Well, first I need to pay my rent," Lucy admitted. "Just get that out of the way. Then I was hoping to do a little shopping."

"Eww, girl stuff." Natsu made a face. Then he gave her his thousand watt grin. "You sure you don't want to go back to your apartment so we can play some more?"

Lucy's face reddened immediately. At least he'd taken her advice and used a euphemism instead of saying "let's fuck like bunnies!" like he had this morning.

"We don't have to do that all the time," she hissed, blushing down to her toes.

"Sure we do! In fact, let's go do it right now!"

Before she could protest, he grabbed her hand and dragged her off to the side hallway where the closet they'd made out in was. She squeaked in horror, terrified of being seen, but if anyone in the nearly empty guild had noticed them ducking into the supply closet together, they wisely chose not to say anything.

It seems Natsu was intent on exploring every avenue of their potential together, and she loved him enough to let him.

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