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It's always him

Blue eyes, like the sky and the ocean and everything worth seeing follow me while I grab my backpack and tie my bike.

They're always watching.

Those blue eyes of his.

I blush and blush and tip toe to the front door, it's raining and I don't want to fall on my arse. It's already pretty flat as it is.

I grab my books and consciously put them inside my brown well worn backpack. I've had the same one since seventh grade and I know I should change it, but I doubt Charlie will give me money for a new one.

I make my way to my first class, right at the end of the main building, still consciously. I can feel it, his eyes, on my back.

I hurry, still tippy toeing and look to the ground.

Don't let them see you, don't...

"Hi Bella!" Long thing but surprisingly strong arms hug me to a warm slender body.

Alice has been my best friend since eighth grade. That counting you can call your only friend your best.

Alice is a tall girl, around 5'8, and has all the right curves considering how thin she is. She models for a few agencies, and with a face like hers I know one day she'll be all over the magazines and not only in the country. Her eyes are greenest than grass during spring and framed but the longest and thickest black eye lashes. Alice's skin is so pale and flawless it looks surreal, and her jet black hair makes her look like taken out from a Japanese anime.

Which brings me back to trying to stay unnoticed.

Alice is a popular kid, everyone loves her, some girls envy her and most guys want to date her. I'm honestly intimidated by her but I love her nonetheless.

"Hi, Aly girl." I hug her back, awkwardly putting my head over her chest.

I'm a midget. Standing at 5'1 with boring brown hair and dirty hazel half honey coloured eyes, I'm nowhere near being beautiful. My skin is equally white as Alice's but whilst hers looks this pretty glowing soft creamy alluring white mine looks pasty.

"Another bad day, huh?"

She knows I deal with stuff on a daily basis. From my dad's oblivion to anything but his work, my mum leaving with her co-worker two years ago, my non-existent social skills to my lack of self love.

Aly is the only one who knows I tried to OD back in eighth grade, and funnily enough, that's the way we became friends.

We were at a party when I got the call saying my mum was finally gone.

She had been arguing with dad for as long as I could remember and that night, enough was enough.

Mum left with Brian, her younger co-worker, to God knows where in an attempt to leave her old life behind. According to dad's words that night, she was tired of being a devoted wife but mostly a mother. It was my father who had always wanted kids. Being ten years my mum's junior he rushed her into having a baby. Mum never hided her distaste, she was never affectionate but her leaving my dad broke the last decent piece of him, pushing him to the depressed bitter man he now is.

After thirty minutes locked in the second floor bathroom of the Newton's house with my dad on the phone I broke down and emptied every bottle I could find.

Aly was the one who found me, I had forgotten to lock the door. She made me puke and held me while I cried and just like that, I had my first friend since forever.

"Oh Bella." I hear Alice's voice at my side and look at her, who is now sitting by my side.

"Sorry," I apologise. It is a tendency of mine to slip into memories or day dream. It always gets me into trouble.

I feel a burning sensation in my head that goes down, lower down to my spine and makes chills appear from whitin me making my skin rise. Turning my head I can see his blue eyes again, he's watching. He always is.

Mr. Mc Carty enters the classroom and as usual all noise stops. Emmet Mc Carty is probably the nicest yet strictest teacher this school has ever seen. He's in his forties and his black hair has disappeared from half of his head, but not today. Mr. Mc Carty has shaved his head and surprisingly enough he looks better that way. He's a good looking man, about Aly's height and a bit on the lanky side, but with the most beautiful baby blue turquoise shinning eyes. Anyone would think he and Alice are related.

The class is boring but it's not. It's an advanced class and Aly and I are the youngest here, her being a junior, me somewhere around being a freshman. Most of the boys and girls are seniors already. He is a senior.

I try to do my best, this subject is hard. Even though I'm smarter than most and the school has given me permission to try quicken my studies I'm still fifteen whilst most of them are turning eighteen soon. It intimidates me as much as Alice's beauty does, as he does. I'm the baby in the class, I'm an easy target. They know this.

By fourth period his eyes are still on me. They've been these past two weeks. I don't know what it is but it makes my stomach turn and knot and all over again until I feel icky sick.

I can't eat my lunch and try to rush and tip, tippy toe to my bike.


I stop, sneakers covered by muddy water and turn until I'm looking so high up my neck hurts and so does my chest.

It's him.

It always is.

Sunny Tells.